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Trust In The Online World

Yes, the internet is full of junk, but we're not part of that!

King Brand Legal

If there's one topic we get more emails about than anything else, it's from people doing their homework, trying to figure out if our company and our product is legit. These are VERY GOOD QUESTIONS, not because you have to worry about us, we are legitimate and so is our product, but there are far too many sites on the internet selling junk.

King Brand<sup>®</sup> Factory

King Brand® operates by utilizing the best resources we can find anywhere in the world. For example, who would be the best possible person to explain King Brand®? Probably the company president. And that is why the company president is writing these very words; because I want you to understand that when we do something, we use only the best people for the job. I want to be sure that whomever reads this understands exactly what King Brand® is about.

Engineering and R&D

King Brand Engineering and R&D

We spend heavily on R&D because we are committed to bringing you the best products you can get anywhere in the world. Our R&D is done in-house and we are constantly working on making our products even better. Whether it's a new gel formula or a new wrap design, we are always trying to improve our products.


King Brand Factory

We do not use 'sweat shops'. We inspect every factory we use and we only use factories that specialize in manufacturing each part of our product. There are probably at least 6 different factories that make components for any given King Brand® product. Each order we place with a factory is inspected before it is shipped to us. All of our products are made with medical grade materials that are biocompatible. While many of our components are manufactured in other countries, the final product is manufactured at our headquarters in Canada, and this is reflected in the high quality of our products. We only use the best materials and the best factories because we want to make the best possible products for you.

Legal Services

King Brand Legal

For all the services we obtain from other companies, we need to sign contracts to ensure we get a firm commitment that they are going to provide the quality of service we require. We put a lot of effort into bringing you the best possible products and, if anyone infringes on our technology or steals our website content or doesn't live up to the level of service they agreed to, we make sure we are protected. In turn, this protects you, our customer. If you buy a King Brand® product you can be sure it is truly the best product available anywhere, because we make sure all the companies we hire live up to the quality we expect. Every law firm we use is the best in their field. At any one time we probably have several different law firms engaged all over the world, working towards what is best for King Brand® and our customers.

Warehousing and Shipping

King Brand Warehousing

Some of the products King Brand® makes are sold and shipped directly to customers from our headquarters in Canada. There are also fulfillment companies we use that do nothing but ship direct to end users and the medical community. We use these companies because they have extensive checks and balances in place to make sure that what you order is what is packed and shipped to you. They make very few mistakes because this is all they do. They also ship through every carrier and ship frequently, so this means your order gets to you as quickly and cheaply as possible. When you are injured, you want the best products as fast as you can get them. Fulfillment companies help us do that for you.

Web Development and IT

King Brand Web

For graphics alone we use several different designers, both foreign and domestic. The fact remains that we have had so much success finding specialists who are the best of the best, that having one or two people on staff to do too many different things is just not in our customer's best interest. And IT is definitely something that should be left to the professionals.

What Is Done In House?

We spend a significant amount of our time asking and answering the one question: "What can we do to make our products better?" We ask ourselves this question. We ask our partners this question. We ask the end users of our products this question.

King Brand Quality

And we listen to all the answers we get. We use all the incredible resources we have working for us to make our products better. We make sure we engineer the best solutions. We make sure we manufacture with the best quality and lowest price. We make sure we protect our intellectual property and hold our suppliers accountable. We make sure you get the best possible product in every way.