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Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy® Wraps

These Devices Heal Soft Tissue Injuries

BFST® Wraps work to actively heal soft tissue injuries by stimulating additional blood flow to the injured area. When we're injured, blood flow deep down in the soft tissue is reduced. This isn't good, because blood flow is the most critical element in rapid recovery. While physical activity stimulates blood flow, this can lead to further injury. The BFST® Wrap allows you to avoid re-injury and stimulate the healthy blood flow you need to heal at the same time. BFST® treatments feel great. Most people notice a slight tingling sensation and warmth from the increase in blood flow. Since the effects of each 20 minute BFST® treatment last for up to 4 hours, it's best to spread your treatments out throughout the day. We recommend 3-4 treatments daily for best results. This is the healing solution you've been looking for, and you can only find it at King Brand®.

  • Accelerate the Healing Process
  • Repair Soft Tissue Damage
  • Stimulate Healthy Blood Flow
  • Class II Medical Devices
  • Prevents Further Injury
  • Feel Better Faster
  • Soothing, Relaxing Treatments
  • Unique Technology

ColdCure® Wraps

These Devices Relieve Pain & Swelling

Our ColdCure® Wraps provide superior relief of pain and swelling. ColdCure® gel packs contain 3x more gel per lb than standard wraps, for maximum coverage of the injured area. When stored in the freezer, our gel packs have 10x more cooling power per lb than standard wraps, meaning faster relief of pain and swelling. Bigger packs with more gel inside, plus more cooling power equals an overall better, more effective treatment. The ColdCure® gel packs contain our unique XC Gel® formula. XC Gel® moves the cold energy in the pack where it's needed, eliminating the potential for hot spots. This means your injury will receive the cooling power of the entire pack every time.

  • Relieve Pain & Swelling
  • Contains 3x more gel per lb than other products
  • Has 10x more cooling power per lb than other products
  • Faster and More Effective Cold Compression
  • Class I Medical Devices

XC RigiGel® Packs

ordinary gel does not hold its form king brand rigigel holds its form

The gel packs contain our unique XC RigiGel® formula. XC RigiGel® is non-migrating, meaning it always stays in place to treat your injury, unlike other gels that move around.

  • Firm Yet Flexible
  • Won't Move Away From Your Injury
  • Molds Comfortably to Your Body
  • No Hot Spots for Even Cooling
  • Stay at 32°F (0°C) Longer for Safer Treatments

King Brand® Treatment Advisors

Free Professional Guidance

King Brand Advisors

When you buy our products online you will receive the complete support of our King Brand® Treatment Advisors for as long as you need it. Our helpful Treatment Advisor team can provide you with any treatment advice or guidance you require. They're extremely knowledgeable when it comes to using the products to treat a variety of injuries and ailments. Our Advisors are the best at what they do. All of their time is spent dedicated to helping people just like you. They truly care about your recovery and they're here for you through every stage of the healing process. One of our Treatment Advisors will contact you 2-3 days after your order has been delivered. This is to ensure that you have received your products and to answer any questions you might have. You are also welcome to reach out to us at any time.

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High Quality Wraps

Medical Devices

  • FDA Registered
  • Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic Materials
  • Extremely Safe, High Quality, Effective Devices
  • Meets the Highest Standards in the Industry

Our line of BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps are FDA Registered medical devices. This means they've been designed, manufactured and tested to the high standards the FDA has set out.

This is our top-shelf line of products. If you're suffering from a soft tissue injury or chronic condition, the BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps are what you need to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process. We have custom designed BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps for the Foot, Elbow, Knee, Achilles, Shoulder, Back, Ankle, Wrist, Leg and Arm.

Track your recovery

Join our Symptom Tracker program at no extra cost and keep daily logs of your progress with the treatments. Track your symptoms and healing and receive feedback from our King Brand® Specialists. This will help you improve the performance of the treatments so you can feel better and heal faster. Links to your Symptom Tracker can be found in your initial emails from King Brand, or sent directly to you, by Calling Us today.