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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. Your positive feedback and success stories are what keep us striving to get even better!

The Integrity of Our Testimonials

King Brand Testimonials are 100 Percent Accurate

ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

This product lives up to its name, because it has softened my funny, bumpy, Achilles tendon, and the bump is smaller. It's working... This has been a very good purchase, I tell you that.

Dorene from Washington - BFST Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Jul 11, 2024

Sarina's been fantastic, I'm really impressed with her.

Paul from Texas - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - May 16, 2024

I have De Quervain Tenosynovitis and I ordered your product, I'm definitely loving having it. Your product is great, It really is. Sometimes I wake up and I even try to fit in a treatment in the night too. You guys are awesome. I don't have as much of the nerve type pain anymore and for that, thank you.

Frank from Florida - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 02, 2024

Thank y'all for your prompt shipment. I think I ordered a week ago, I got it Tuesday, and it's already starting to help my situation.

Cleburn from Georgia - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - Mar 08, 2024

Before, I was wrapping ice packs on just with regular ice, but this(Coldcure) is much more convenient. I'm probably doing it four or five times a day, and because of the nature of it, it's much easier to do and I can continue to do other activities, which I do appreciate.

Patrick from Florida - ColdCure Wrist - Dec 07, 2023

I had tendonitis in my wrist and found you guys online, and it healed it, believe it or not. I used it four times a day for two months and it healed it. It's the only thing that worked, even though they gave me shots. Your company is fabulous.

Yvette from North Carolina - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Aug 11, 2023

I have owned this equipment for about 5 years. I am replacing the old one. It is so effective, it has been a Godsend.

Guillermo from Texas - BFST Wrist - Jul 21, 2023

I am very happy with the BFST and Cold Cure treatments! The schedule and instructions for use are great. After having a broken ankle and femur, I have not walked for 1 year. After one week of using the treatments, I can see a remarkable improvement in my joint mobility, bending and walking. I am grateful to find your website and products.

Brenda from California - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|Wide Roll Tape - Jul 15, 2023

I've been using your braces for a long time and they are wonderful. I had golfers elbow and I haven't had it since I did your treatment. I'd been to doctor after doctor and they couldn't do anything.

Donald from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Ankle|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Ankle - Feb 16, 2023

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

I've been using your wrist wrap, and it's been doing a lot of good for me. I've had great success with your products.

Judy from California - BFST Wrist - Feb 06, 2023

The product is fantastic. I've had this thing with my Wrist for probably two and a half years. I've looked at this so many times and thought "that isn't going to work", and it really does! I'm very happy with it.

robert from Nevada - BFST Wrist - Jan 24, 2023

I have to tell you, your product is very good. Your phone support is very helpful. Thank you.

Jean from Arizona - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Dec 16, 2022

I knew after my knee got better by using the BFST that ordering the BFST for my metatarsalgia was the route to go.

Cindy from Mississippi - BFST Wrist - Sep 12, 2022

it's a wonderful product. I've used it for my wrists, even though it's been 1.5 years, I'm almost healed. I'm very happy because surgery was apparently my only option! I'm so happy with the products.

Denise from Minnesota - BFST Wrist|BFST Side Shoulder - Aug 16, 2022

when I put the tape on the very first day, I felt a difference right away

diana from Florida - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Apr 21, 2022

Your products are awesome! The cold wraps are so effective!

Lawrence from Nevada - ColdCure Wrist - Apr 15, 2022

It's working really well. My hands are doing a lot better and I'm very pleased! I appreciate your website so much. It really helped me.

Elizabeth from Texas - BFST Wrist - Feb 26, 2022

Thank you Dillon. You guys have the BEST customer service that I have dealt with in years. Very impressed with your quick response time and excellent explanation for everything concisely. I am looking forward to do more business with King Brand.

Romeo from New Mexico - ColdCure Wrist - Dec 09, 2021

I do just want to say, the fist time I had this tendonitis flare up a few months ago, I came across the site and said, "Yeah that probably doesn't work". I regret now that I didn't spend the money and buy it then because in just a few days- first of all I didn't believe a cold therapy couldn't do anything different. Yeah it does. I was totally skeptical, I bought it this time because I was desperate and I knew I could get my money back if it doesn't work. The first time I put on the cold wrap I was like oh my God. Like within 5 minutes. It was obvious there was a difference. Cold really does help the pain. It was better even than an ice pack. It stayed cold for 20 minutes.

LaTasha from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 10, 2021

Your company's very good. I literally found you guys through a Google Search. I think I Googled carpal tunnel and you guys were one of the top that came up. Super helpful, I got this stuff and everything's fine and I've been using the leg one for for my knee as well. I have meniscus tears, I'm all beat up.

James from Wattana - ColdCure Leg|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Knee|Wide Roll Tape|... - Sep 13, 2021

Hello. I ordered my products a couple of days ago for quick shipping & I have not heard if they have shipped yet. Will I get a Shipped Confirmation when my products are on the way?

Jeremy from Indiana - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 16, 2021

"I have arthritis in one of the joints in my thumb and it's pretty well-alleviated and I'm pretty pleased with it!"

Valerie from Saskatchewan - BFST Wrist - Jun 16, 2021

They're working great.

Pamela from Virginia - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - May 03, 2021

Well I'm walking now, I couldn't walk for months. I was in the worst pain ever, I bought the little brace on Amazon that you sleep with and keeps your foot up- I tried everything. Using your products, I mean I would do a commercial for you guys, I just love everything about it. I'm walking now and it's great.

Katherine from Nebraska - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|Pre-Cut Tape - Apr 22, 2021

It's been very helpful and you know, I'm glad I purchased it.

Paul from New York - BFST Wrist|BFST Foot - Apr 14, 2021

"I think it's definitely helping." "It's more mobile and not bothering me as much."

Janice from Tennessee - BFST Wrist - Apr 13, 2021

The other day she sprained her ankle. I didn't use the heat on it at all because it was inflamed. I reviewed your site, I'm a big reviewer so I reviewed everything and it helped with the information that was out there to know what to do.

Melissa from New York - BFST Wrist - Apr 09, 2021

"I like that they are easy to put on and I can use them on different places of my body, I like the velcro straps, and I like the Cold how it has the 3 little packs to go with it."

Hallie from California - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Mar 24, 2021

I love my BFST wrap! The convenience of the 20 minute built-in timer made it so easy to use. I used it 3 - 4 times a day and after about 3 weeks on a torn bicep tendon, I was able to start a gentle work out! Now I use it 1 - 2 times a day as I continue to heal, and I am now up to level 2 on the controller. This is an excellent in home treatment! Thank you! Carol in Montana

Carol from Montana - BFST Wrist - Feb 27, 2021

The ice packs are incredible. Those are really, really nice so I am glad I had gotten those too. They feel really good when I put them on.

David from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 11, 2021

I purchased the BFST and Coldcure wrist wraps several months ago. After several weeks of use the carpal tunnel I was treating improved and I continue to use the wraps daily which offer continued relief from the pain I had been experiencing.

Steven from Washington - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - Jan 04, 2021

I am currently using your product for the wrist, the wrist wrap. I just want to say, first of all, its really helped a lot because I have been using it since, I think, May. My wrist has, I'm not exaggerating, tremendously gotten a lot better because I couldn't even turn it certain ways. So it has gotten a lot better.

Daniel from New York - BFST Wrist - Sep 21, 2020

It's wonderful!

Cathy from Illinois - ColdCure Wrist - Jul 24, 2019

I've been in pain since 2014 and I cannot tell you what a relief I have had since last week when it arrived. It is just wonderful. I've told everybody about it since they know how much pain I've been in... Thank you so much, you've been a blessing for soft tissue. It's amazing, simply amazing.

Pamela from Texas - BFST Wrist - Jul 16, 2019

It healed me !

William from Iowa - BFST Wrist - Jul 16, 2019

My wrist feels better already!

richard from Ontario - BFST Wrist - Jun 08, 2019

I am so thrilled to have found them. First time I've found relief in 6 months.

GWYNNETH from Ontario - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Wide Roll Tape - Apr 06, 2019

I really like it a lot, 4 treatments a day and I'm feeling better. Being able to sleep at night now. Much much better, I do recommend this product. After a few days I could tell the difference.

Bonnie from Louisiana - BFST Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 14, 2019

My son said they are an absolute miracle

Christy from Oklahoma - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist - Feb 19, 2019

I really love the BFST. It feels like it's deep within the shoulder and it feels great.

Sharon from Massachusetts - ColdCure Top Shoulder|BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Wris... - Feb 11, 2019

I've been using them and they're working quite well.

Jacob from California - BFST Wrist|BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 11, 2019

Doctors refused to operate on my wrist because of glucose levels. I was able to repair both wrists so that they are not painful anymore. It was so bad in the morning that I would almost cry from the pain. It really has helped me.

Ron from Washington - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Feb 08, 2019

I'm super happy with your product.

Charlotte from New York - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 24, 2018

It worked, it was like a miracle, I couldn't believe how well it worked. It's a good product and I like how you call and check up.

Diane from Florida - BFST Wrist - Nov 15, 2018

I just spoke with Megan who was incredibly helpful. She was efficient yet compassionate. For the first time I feel a glimmer of hope. Thank you so much. I am looking so forward to yur product.

Anne from Washington - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Oct 23, 2018

It works so good, I absolutely love it. That's a wonderful product. It's one of the best products I've ever bought, it has brought so much relief to my tendonitis. It has taken care of it so well. I'm so glad you called to check because I do, I love that product. And it really truly does help with tendonitis.

Jane from Kansas - ColdCure Wrist - Sep 19, 2018

Wow, I've never experienced this kind of customer service before you guys are really on top of it.

Michael from Virginia - BFST Wrist - Sep 13, 2018

Yesterday I spoke with a representative about my problems and she was extremely informative actually went beyond great customer service by looking things up talking with me giving me suggestions on what to do with the cold wrap. Never rushed me thru it. I have purchased products before for wrist and for shoulder and it did work very very well I'm going to take her advice on how to do the knee and how often to do the knee. That is the second customer service person I have talked to on a injury and treatment and both times they were extremely helpful. They definitely do a good customer service job and should be recognized for it. Thank you Carol Visconti.

Carol from Connecticut - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Sep 05, 2018

there are a lot of peole out there with these types of problems. I had actually stumbled onto King products by looking up things on the internet. I have tried several things and then after getting the advice from the first couple times I called you and saw how absolutely great it did end up working I then realize your place really goes beyond just selling. I am the type of person who doesn't want surgery to be the first thing and although I might not cure all my problems I want to control it as long as I can. Actually the hand wrist injury was so responsive I have not had to do it again, altho I did spend approximately 3 weeks treating it. If it happens again (because I do tend to overwork sometimes) I know what to do right away. Thank u for being there so willing to help. Carol

Carol from Connecticut - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Sep 05, 2018

I have a lot of wonderful news about it, it's been great. I'm glad I ordered it. I have a lot of areas on my body that's been hurting and the cold is all that helps, and it has been absolutely awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Leda from Oregon - ColdCure Back|ColdCure Wrist|ColdCure Knee - Sep 05, 2018

helping quite a bit

Clifford from Massachusetts - BFST Wrist - Sep 02, 2018

its amazing

William from Wisconsin - ColdCure Wrist - Sep 02, 2018

Well gosh you guys are terrific... It's nice to deal with a company that's terrific!

Jennifer from Nevada - Roll Tape|ColdCure Top Shoulder|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 30, 2018

I wanted to say it's going really well. In a week I've been just utterly amazed at the improvement. I'm thrilled actually.

Dee from Arkansas - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Aug 18, 2018

They were wonderful! I couldn't even.. I couldn't get anything from my doctor that compared. I'm really pleased with your product it's really great and the instructions were fantastic... Gold star for you guys!

Margaret from Ontario - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Aug 14, 2018

The cold is great, I love it

Imelda from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 13, 2018

I'm very pleased with it and the fact that there's three of the cold inserts makes it really nice for swapping them out. And I like the fact that it kind of conforms its pliable to conform so it stays on better. So far I am very happy with it.

Linda from California - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jul 02, 2018

It's a very good product

Lily from California - ColdCure Wrist - Jun 27, 2018

It works fine, it helps great. I had tendinitis in my wrist and it's working excellent.

Edward from Florida - BFST Wrist - Jun 06, 2018

I love that gel pack though, I just love it. It is so wonderful and convenient. Thank you so much.

Joan from California - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - May 19, 2018

I like the wrist thing a lot. I do the treatment when I wake and it makes it feel so much better.

Darnell from California - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist - Apr 04, 2018

I really like the product, I think it's really helpful

Patricia from Wisconsin - ColdCure Wrist|ColdCure Knee|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - Mar 31, 2018

I love the product

Judith from Minnesota - BFST Wrist - Mar 27, 2018

They're awesome

Vineet from Illinois - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist - Jan 12, 2018

The ColdCure is great, it's really working

Eileen from New York - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jan 12, 2018

Great customer service

Juan from Virginia - ColdCure Wrist - Oct 23, 2017

It's worked wonders. My tendonitis is feeling better.

Irene from California - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Oct 16, 2017

Thanks for the Wrist Wrap. I did receive it in June. I have been using it 2 to 4 times a day depending on my schedule. I can feel some improvement in the strength of my hands but know it will take a while. My doctor figured it would take a whole year to be totally better but I am hoping that by using King Brand wrist wrap, my healing time will be less. I will let you know. Thanks for this product

Jenny from Washington - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 08, 2017

Appreciate the follow up...I do see some improvement and hopefully that continues

Mary from Colorado - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Aug 03, 2017

They are wonderful, It is really doing what it said it would do!

Mary from Arkansas - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 01, 2017

At 66, I was shocked to learn I had acquired arthritis in my right hand. I have discovered how painful arthritis can be. Gardening, biking and everyday tasks became frustratingly painful. I was prescribed heavy duty ibuprofen and eventually a cortisone shot in my right wrist. Unfortunately, the shot and ibuprofen are short term remedies and are not meant to be long term solutions. I investigated braces, copper wraps and elastic supports. The best pain relief I have found it the ColdCure wrist wrap. There is no permanent solution to arthritis. You just have to find something that allows you to live your life. I have used to wrap for a month now, and some days are better than others, but the daily use of the cold wrap reduces my pain very effectively to be active. Hugh Hudson Charlotte, NC

William from North Carolina - ColdCure Wrist - Jul 19, 2017

I had a tear in my meniscus. My knee was locking constantly on a day by day basis by just doing menial tasks, ( getting up or down ect). I was used to playing hockey 3 to 4 times a week, now it was almost impossible to play without locking my knee. I was on a wait list for seeing a surgeon, but it was 8 months. I saw the King Brand ad on Fox and decided to try it since the info made sense, ( increase blood flow to injured area). Sure enough after a couple months my symptoms were reduced , another couple months and I was playing hock regularly again. I finally saw the surgeon early,after 5 months at which point I no longer had symptoms, so he said no need for surgery unless symptoms come back. I continued to use my King Brand Knee Brace regularly every 4 hours, and a year later my knee is practically 100%, I never missed anyy hockey the whole time and did not need surgery. I recently had another knee injury in the same knee, ( another player plowed into my knee from the side, and sprained both inside and outside ligaments and hurt the meniscus.) I immediately used ice and the Kings brand Knee brace, every 4 hours again and 8 weeks in, I have been skating for 4 weeks and am almost ready to jump in again to play full speed, but my physio therapist was saying it would be another couple months. I told him ( as well as the specialist), about the King Brand product but they were sceptical. I just laugh inside, because I love hockey and want to heal and be back as soon as possible after injury and do not want surgery, if it can be avoided and I can confidently say after my experience the King brand wrap has helped my healing by at least 40% and in the case of the meniscus, it actually healed it, even though practically everyone was telling me it was not going to happen and that surgery would be necessary to fix a meniscus. I even use the pad on other parts of my body,(like low back, other knee, ect) when I am feeling discomfort or injury, and the increase in blood flow helps and heals those sections as well. I would recommend looking into it and reading the info for yourself and not let other people discourage you, even if they are surgeons or doctors and consider giving the product a try. It has worked for me.

michael from British Columbia - BFST Wrist - Jul 10, 2017

I received it and it's a winner excellent served my purpose

maggie from Nevada - ColdCure Wrist - Jun 05, 2017

I'm not interested in returning you products, I love your products, I would recommend your products to everyone. I am really happy with your products.

Amber from New York - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 04, 2017

Thank you very much. Have received my order and am very happy with the Wrist BFST wrap

Pam from British Columbia - BFST Wrist - Apr 22, 2017

I am very pleased with the product and transaction. I would purchase from this seller again if the need arises.

Nancy from Florida - BFST Wrist - Apr 20, 2017

King Brand Strikes Again! These guys must either be doctors and/or therapists, or consult with them regularly! This product arrived yesterday as promised and does everything it says it does. And again, having 3 packs it the way to go...there's always a cold one at the ready!

Isiah from Michigan - ColdCure Wrist - Apr 02, 2017

Works are described. Reduced swelling and pain caused by tendonitis. Easy to use and effective.

Rosie from New Jersey - ColdCure Wrist - Apr 02, 2017

I like the products and its making a big difference and since using it I feels 80% better

Georganne from Massachusetts - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Mar 28, 2017

I finished the cold cure treatments, now I'm working on the BFST. For the cold I didn't have any pain but I wanted to make sure I was okay before doing the BFST .Now i can move my thumb!

Charles from Ohio - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 16, 2017

I'm very happy with it

Allen from Hawaii - BFST Wrist - Mar 16, 2017

So, I will say I totally love my cold cure pack so far. I am 100% satisfied. It is very convenient to use, the packs stay cold long enough for a treatment and my thumb/wrist feels great afterwards

Jamie from New Jersey - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Mar 03, 2017

It's great. I love the product

Barbara from Ohio - ColdCure Body|BFST Knee|BFST Wrist|BFST Back - Mar 02, 2017

Great seller. Would buy from them again.

Patti from New York - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 22, 2017

This product is great such relief from having constant pain from DeQuarvains works perfectly

Sharon from New Jersey - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 22, 2017

Hello! I need to rave, and to thank you for your amazing products! I work in an office where I type, mouse and write – A LOT. I'm 47, and after 20 years of this, I developed tendonitis. This past month has been extremely painful. It's slowed my productivity significantly, caused me to take time off for doctor appointments, and caused me to take high dosages of ibuprofen just so I could get some of my work done. None of which I can afford to do on a continual basis and keep my great paying job. Out of desperation I Googled tendonitis treatment and came across your website a week ago from Monday (today is Wednesday). It sounded good, but I was a bit nervous to splash out. The guarantee convinced me. First I bought the BFST for the wrist. I read up on it some more, went back and ordered the ColdCure. I went back and ordered the wrap! I received my package on Friday and started my therapy Friday night. All Saturday, all Sunday, 20 on/20 off with the ColdCure. I took Monday and yesterday off – did my BFST treatments exactly as specified at home. I've been doing them every four hours. Today, I am completely pain free!!! I can hardly believe it. It's late in the day, I've been typing/writing/mousing all day long and my hand feels great! I will use the BFST product for several months at least three times a day, I know that while I may be pain free, my tendonitis is not cured yet. I don't mind a bit, it is no hassle at all. Thank you so much!!! I've already told several people about it, so I know that if anyone develops tendinitis or carpal tunnel, they'll come asking me what I used, and I'll point them directly to you.

JULIE from Michigan - BFST Wrist - Feb 15, 2017

Yes I received my King Brand Wrap. I am very pleased with it. It is helping tremendously with the carpal tunnel. I have never used anything that relieves the pain like this. I have since recommended it to several co-workers that are suffering with the same problem. I can only hope that they order one as well. Thank you very much for the fast delivery. I ordered it on a Wednesday and it was here 2 days later.

Deborah from Texas - BFST Wrist - Feb 15, 2017

I am very satisfied with my wrap, and actually really appreciate the amount of customer service your company puts into checking that I'm satisfied. More companies should take the initiative. Thank you

Melissa from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist - Jan 25, 2017

I ruptured my Achilles on Oct. 2, 2016. After roughly 7 weeks and 5 casts I started PT. I immediately started using the ColdCure & BFST for the Achilles. As recommended, everyday I would use the BFST to heat up the affected area, then did my exercises followed up with the ColdCure wrap. A few weeks after I started PT I was informed I had tendonitis in the left elbow and left and right thumb area. I also had mild arthritis in the left thumb. I then purchased and started using the ColdCure & BFST for the hand, which I use for my elbow and hands. I believe that both of these wraps are making a difference in my recovery. A few weeks ago my wife and I went to dinner on Friday with some good friends and breakfast on Saturday with some other good friends. I of course recommended the King products to both of these couples for their treatment routines. I must also add that I have found the quality of the product to be first rate. I am definitely sold on this product. Thank you and have a Blessed Day,

Lyle from Arizona - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jan 15, 2017

Ashley was super knowledgeable. Between this and physical therapy I won't be having surgery. I've gotten remarkable results. It's quality made. I wanted to let you know how happy I am. I really like your products. It's really well made. It's high quality. I don't think you can get better.

Lawrence from Maryland - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Dec 23, 2016

I have been feeling much better after using your products in the past 2 months. I have shared it with my friends and recommended it to people who have same problem as I do!

Alice from New Jersey - BFST Wrist - Nov 27, 2016

I am enjoying using the product

Susan from Colorado - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|Accessory Strap - Nov 25, 2016

I really like the wrap and how it is made

jackie from West Virginia - ColdCure Wrist - Nov 08, 2016

I love them!

Bruce from Minnesota - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 01, 2016

I have been so pleased with your product. I went from taking a pain reliever all day for the throbbing in my arm, to none required! I followed your directions, and with the follow-up phone calls from King Brand personnel, my issues with pain have almost disappeared. I have been using the heating pad now for about 3 months, starting 3 times a day, now to 2 times a day. There is still stiffness and some slight nudges of pain, but I am going to continue using pad, packs and tape. The tape has helped keep my thumbs from being jarred into positions that would cause discomfort. I have used the tape very infrequently. Thank-you for your continued support!

Mary from Ohio - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist - Sep 20, 2016

The fit it good, I like it a lot.

vincent from New York - ColdCure Wrist - Sep 12, 2016

Thank you for making such a great product.

Ruthan from Texas - BFST Wrist - Aug 31, 2016

On another note, the unit has been wonderful, and I have recovered probably 80% use of my left hand; (guitar/typing). I started June 6 and have only missed about (4)-20 min treatments since then

Gary from California - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 23, 2016

It feels comfortable when I have it on.

rosemary from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist - Aug 22, 2016

Spoke to David's wife. He likes them. I think we now have all of your systems. Things are fine, he is liking them.

David from Colorado - ColdCure Wrist - Aug 11, 2016

I started using the tape and it is amazing how well it has helped me. It really, really helps. I also love the way the ice packs are able to be flexible, the brace, the BFST. Actually I have been having problems with my knee and although it doesn't fit, it is so much better. I have started using the tape for both

Lu-Ann from Florida - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 09, 2016

I have used the cold pack and it has been really beneficial. I'm going to do the BFST tomorrow. It's improving. Resting and doing the treatments seem to really help. Thank you for calling and checking up because I appreciate that.

Mollie from Georgia - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 09, 2016

It's doing ok for him (I bought it for my husband). It seems to help

pauline from New Hampshire - ColdCure Wrist - Aug 08, 2016

Thank you for all your help & professional advice. I'm sure i will be ordering other therapy products, in the future.

Cheryl from Oregon - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Aug 08, 2016

I have the BFST Wrist and absolutely love it! I believe it has kept me from having surgery.

Linda from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 27, 2016

So far, so good, no questions

Kanta from Ontario - Basics Achilles Heating Pad|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 25, 2016

I love them, helping a lot, trying to avoid surgery

Annette from Michigan - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Jul 13, 2016

It has helped a lot. The pain isn't as bad as it was. I have a PHD in natural medicine and prefers these methods over pain pills. I'm gonna tell everyone about this!

Mary from Texas - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 07, 2016

Can't even express how much this has helped me

erin from California - BFST Wrist - Jul 06, 2016

This is the second time I've purchased your products and I think they're amazing

lisa from Colorado - BFST Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 29, 2016

t's working well, thank you. I'm just using and taking the time to heal my injury and following all the instructions. I like the products and I will let other people know.

Ewa from Connecticut - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 28, 2016

love it, works great

Julie from Indiana - BFST Wrist - Jun 24, 2016

I love it. I've been telling everyone about it. Wonderful product.

Phyllis from Tennessee - ColdCure Wrist - Jun 13, 2016

It's working amazingly well... had a problem for 5 or 6 years now and am pain free and am getting better every day. I'm a huge advocate. About 2 years ago my father was suffering from severe pain in both feet and ordered wheel chair for a 7 day trip to Santa Barbara, California. I was very concerned because my dad was always active and I had never seen him like this and I see him once a week. So, I knew this was fairly sudden and I knew it was debilitating. I called the hotel my parents were staying at to arrange the wheel chair so they did not have to rent one for the whole week (their original plan) about 30 days in advance of their stay. Two weeks before the trip, my dad said that he received a product he ordered from a commercial he saw. I joked with him about ordering something “as seen on TV”. One week later he was up and walking around and I told him it was a good thing we have the wheel chair ordered from the hotel. He said that he was feeling better but that wheelchair is a back-up plan now. After the trip my dad said that he was fine and never used the wheel chair and he attributed it to King Brand. I was astonished! At that time, I was suffering from a heel spur that was becoming increasingly painful. Just touching my heel was painful almost to the point of tears. I am an athlete and run races a couple of times a year. I was giving up running and substituting biking but had also started to walk with a limp due to the pain. My options were cortisone shots, surgery, suffering and hope. My dad asked me to borrow his foot sleeve and try it, nothing to lose. I told him I have a heating pad and have been soaking etc. He told me that this isn't a heating pad. I borrowed it and noticed a sensation after the first use. I did not know what it was but I know now that it was “healing” that I felt. I used it for two weeks, following as much as possible the treatment recommended and two years later I have been running races and have an occasional pain here and there. I have only used it two or three days in two years and I am pain free and running 4 days a week including races! This leads me to my hand and wrist issues I have had for about 6 years. Painful to the point that I could barely write, type at a keyboard or hold objects, like a ½ gallon milk carton. My hand strength was diminished and my thumbs and wrists were in pain. I broke down and bought the wrist wrap based on my foot experience. After 3 days use, I grabbed the milk out of the fridge for my daughter and carried bags to the car from the grocery store. I also typed for 2.5 hours straight without pain. A little tired but no pain! Now about two weeks later, my hand strength is increasing and I have typed all this tonight J no pain and feel good. One more story, my friend Mike was complaining about his elbow/arm pain he had for years. He said that there is nothing that can be done except cortisone shots or possibly surgery. I told him the story of my dad and my foot (still hoping my hands/wrist would get better) and he bought the elbow/arm wrap. I talked to him two weeks after he started using it and in his words, “it is a miracle”. He is pain free and I see him at the gym 2-3 times a week exercising and he has recommended it to people he knows. This product is not a heating pad. I have played sports my whole life and had injuries and know the time it takes to heal, with ice, heat, etc. This is nothing short of amazing!

Matthew from California - BFST Wrist - May 30, 2016

I bought the wrist wraps for my daughter and she said they are working marvellously!

Lisa from Utah - BFST Top Shoulder|BFST Wrist|Accessory Sling - May 25, 2016

You give me hope that it is going to get better. I was going to get a cortosone shot but i think this is going to help me instead

BLACKLIST from New York - BFST Wrist - May 19, 2016

The first time in a very long time I have slept all night :)

Marvin from Washington - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - May 18, 2016

hey are making me feeling better, know it is going to take a while. It does help me to feel better and takes away more than a little bit of the pain. Also the ones I have for my feet.

Charmaine from Missouri - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - May 17, 2016

Thanks so much for the reply. I'm impressed with your customer service. Ordered a BFST item. Your products are very well made. Thanks!

Brenda from Nevada - ColdCure Wrist - May 16, 2016

I love the way the wrist thing works great, so much better than anything I have tried before in terms of cold. It hits the exact spot where you need it. And my daughter, the same thing. I will keep using it. I am considering the other part of it, just deciding.

Rhonda from Florida - ColdCure Wrist|ColdCure Foot - May 16, 2016

I really appreciate the quality of your products. I had great results from the ColdCure Wrap. Thanks a lot!.

Julie from New Mexico - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - May 15, 2016

It is working very well for me.

Anil from Texas - BFST Wrist - May 12, 2016

They are doing pretty good. I have used your product before. I bought it several years ago. I had the wrist and the elbow. I use them all the time. I have tendonitis, I make acoustic guitars and have been diagnosed with arthritus so my joints swell up, as well as my hand and fingers so I don't get much sleep. If I wake up I do another BFST to help me sleep. It does help me sleep at night

Richard from California - Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 11, 2016

the tape really is magic

Robin from Florida - Roll Tape|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist - May 09, 2016

The ice one is fabulous! I love it!

Kristi from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 29, 2016

I really like the bfst and cold wrap!

Virginia from California - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 26, 2016

I purchased a wrist wrap in April of '13 for carpel tunnel that helped. Thank You, The wrist wrap has been a blessing.

Wayne from Florida - BFST Wrist - Apr 26, 2016

I like it!

Charles from Montana - BFST Wrist - Apr 23, 2016

I am doing fine, I appreciate them and they are helping!

Janet from Alaska - ColdCure Wrist - Apr 23, 2016

I'm actually pretty impressed, couldn't use my hand at all and I work on cars. After 38 days of consistent use and working twelve hour days, this product has taken me from extreme pain which prevented me from working to being able to fully function. Thank you for all of your help and I will recommend you in the future to all those in need. I am an automotive mechanic who recently got De Quervain's Tenosynovitis so severe that I couldn't even hold a pen in my effected hand and thumb. Through the internet I found King Brand and decided to give the BFST and ColdCure product a chance. Within a few weeks the pain had vastly subsided and I was able to function again with minimal pain. I am now almost at the 40 day mark and I have full function back in my hand and thumb thanks to perseverance and Kind Brand. I highly recommend this item to anyone looking for a long term solution to pain. Thank you King Brand!

Jeremy from Alaska - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 21, 2016

As of right now everything is fine, I am very satisfied with the products.

Carrie from Wisconsin - Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 16, 2016

The treatments seem to be going well. Trying to do it 3 times a day and it seems to be improving

Jason from Texas - Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 14, 2016

that thing is wonderful, it really is working...saw relief the first night

Donald from Texas - BFST Wrist|Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 10, 2016

Many thanks, I received it on Saturday, great delivery. It's great it is really helping!

Naomi from Bedfordshire - BFST Wrist - Apr 06, 2016

I have only used the BFST for a few days and already notice an improvement. I received these products on Friday 3/25 and began the treatments right away. This is my 5th day and there is marked improvement in both pain and mobility in the left hand. I am on the computer all day and doing the BFST treatment through out the day definitely helps.

Teresa from Florida - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - Mar 30, 2016

Thank you for your assistance. I was impressed with the help, advice and prompt service I received from all the people who worked in customer service.

Patricia from California - BFST Wrist|BFST Back|ColdCure Back|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 30, 2016

They are very nice. I like it very much. I have been using the ice to get the swelling down and will start the other one in a few days

Mary from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Mar 26, 2016

Thank you for calling. It's doing okay. I like it, i've been using it pretty frequently. It has helped some, the swelling has gone down some. I do it in the evenings and have the next 4-5 days off so will try to do it at least 3-4 times a day as I'm off work. I am a flight attendant so have pretty long hours so tries to do it before bed

Tina from Texas - Roll Tape|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 26, 2016

Great customer service!

Glenys from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Mar 16, 2016

I did the cold treatment for a couple of days. I'm so glad I found your products!

Nan from Texas - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Mar 10, 2016

Your honest advice is appreciated and speaks well for your company; that you are giving treatment advice, not just pushing sales. This is very good service and I appreciate it.

Jane from VIC - ColdCure Wrist - Mar 08, 2016

First I would like to thank you for the prompt dispatch of my Wrist Wrap. I was really pleased that it arrived so quickly. The BFST technology is a wonderful concept and I am very glad to have your product to speed up the healing of my tendons.

Jane from VIC - BFST Wrist - Mar 07, 2016

Its working very well - glad I got it :)

Norman from New York - ColdCure Wrist - Mar 04, 2016

Thanks for your wonderful products! This is my second coldcure wrap for the wrist. I wore the first one out. It felt so go.

Michael from North Carolina - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 27, 2016

I like the inserts. It really does help me. Its a good product.

Kelly from Florida - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 26, 2016

working fantastic

GERMANIA from New York - BFST Back|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 23, 2016

We have been very pleased with the positive physical responses experienced from using the wraps. My wife has been using her BFST wrist on all 3 level with noticeable success.

Recall-Bethany from North Carolina - BFST Wrist|BFST Achilles - Feb 20, 2016

I really applaud you guys. What you say on your website about inflammation is right on the money! It's changed a lot of my healing process. Thank you.

Holly from New York - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 19, 2016

I love your product! I manufacture clothing, your unit is well sewn and it really helps! Started to feel better about a week after I started. using.

Stuart from New York - BFST Wrist - Feb 17, 2016

These freakin things are incredible!! I absolutely love them! They are just amazing, and the fact that you followed up with me makes them even more amazing!

michael from New York - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 13, 2016

My husband wanted to say "thank you" for all the pleasantness he received from your company

Clem from Georgia - BFST Wrist - Feb 11, 2016

I used it practically all day yesterday. My hands were really bad. I hadn't had a good night sleep in a week, and last night I slept 8 hours!!

Chap from New York - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Feb 10, 2016

My daughter first damaged her meniscus when she was 6 after another kid showed her a cool knee slide she had to try. Her knee got stiff and swollen, but it only lasted a couple of days. The second time was years later. I don't know what she did, but this time she couldn't bend the knee for one whole day. Then it cleared up. The third time happened two years ago. She bent down quickly to pick something up and heard a pop inside her knee. She was able to walk home, but then it swelled up, and this time, the swelling didn't go back down. She couldn't put any weight on her leg and had to borrow some crutches. Even after a week, it was still just as bad. That is when I started searching on google for a way to avoid surgery and found King Brand. I thought everything I read made so much sense that I bought the cold pack and the BFST knee brace. Once the swelling started going down, she used the BFST brace 4 times daily. The knee slowly healed, and after 3 months she was able to put away her crutches and start walking on her leg again. Now, her knee is completely healed, without the use of any surgical procedures, and I'm really pleased! Your BFST knee brace provided the best cure ever! And, it is way more affordable than useless, expensive and often dangrous medical procedures. So, now I recommend your BFST to everyone! Glad I found your website. Thanks! Janis..

MATI from Colorado - BFST Wrist - Feb 01, 2016

The calls show how much you care about your customers. It has made me think about the customer service I myself offer. It has inspired me, so thank you.

Charles from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jan 30, 2016

I purchased the ColdCure Wrap for my adult daugther. When she was pregnant last year she came down with carpal tunnel mainly in her right hand, arm. She also came down with other ailments during her pregnancy. Once she delivered everything went away?? However once my grandson turned 6 months old she got the carpal tunnel again. She does use her hands and arms etc on a daily basis. So something like carpal would be expected, but in a few years. It took me 25 years before I came down with my carpal tunnel in both hands. Anyway going back to my daughter she was in lot of pain and had a hard time just trying to pick up the baby. I jumped on the internet trying to find some kind of relief. I found King Brand Products and decided to give them a try. I ordered the tape & ColdCure Wrap. It arrived within 48 hours. We put the pads in the fridge and after a few hours she put it on and decided to sleep with them on. She got up during the night and changed the pad. In the morning she felt 90% better!! Her hands were just a bit still swollen. But the pain was gone!! That was about 2 weeks ago. She hasn't used them again. But when it comes back, as I am sure it will. We have the medical equipment that will help relive & put a stop to those flareups. So far so good. Thank you King Brand for making a product that works.

Raquel from California - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Jan 19, 2016

Love the one I got previously (last week)! Already feeling better, want to start treating other injuries now, too!

Teresa from Massachusetts - BFST Shoulder|BFST Elbow|BFST Wrist - Jan 11, 2016

I really like the elbow cold wrap too, along with physical therapy I received for 8 week took away my pain in wrist and elbow.

William from Arizona - BFST Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Elbow|ColdCure Wrist - Dec 22, 2015

I received my bfst four days ago and have been using it on my wrists three times a day. The results are amazing. I had a couple of concerns so I contacted customer service. They are by far the best I have ever worked with which is rare today. I highly recommend their product.

Robin from Illinois - BFST Wrist - Dec 14, 2015

Very impressed with customer service being here this late

Waiman from California - BFST Wrist - Dec 05, 2015

Thanks for being so efficient. Please show this to your supervisor. Every time I call: you know the products, understand the customer's need plus you are polite and courtesy. I have shown the products to friends. Thanks.

Dr. from Florida - ColdCure Wrist - Nov 14, 2015

It really works. I love it. I tell everyone about it. It's the best money I've ever spent! You are the best customer service I have ever worked with in all my 87,years. That's how good everyone I have corresponded with has been. I recommend, that you all get a raise in pay.

Paul from Missouri - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Nov 10, 2015

really like it, I like how cold it gets

Dana from New Mexico - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Oct 18, 2015

Oct.8, 2015 - I can already feel a difference on the 3rd day of treatment with my wrist (TFCC tear)--(felt hopeless 3 days ago)it feels much better now--so hopefully this will continue to just get better and better until its a non issue (pain wise) at least. Oct.10, 2015 - Get that BFST wrist wrap--it's that new hotness! I'm tellin' you it works--if you have a tfcc tear--you would feel pain on pinky side of wrist on or around ulna styloid when turning a doorknob (this was particularly painful right after the injury), gripping, weight bearing like push ups are a no no right now for me--it sucks!!! the pain at times radiates to my forearm--but thanks to the wrap--its a lot better--hopefully I can get back to working out again by the new year-not gonna rush it though. Nov.10, 2015 - Wanted to note that I am trending upward and I do believe the BFST brace to be of help, especially after PT--where it definitely calms the area down, and i do feel better overall since using it, just still have good days and bad days. Thanks KB community! Jan.28, 2016 - 2016 new year, new wrist???--thanks to King Brand, my (significant)partial TFCC tear is still not 100% but after 3-4 months of the BFST wrist brace 3-4 times a day, I'm inching closer, feel much better now--this BFST wrist wrap for sure works!! last time I went to the doctor he said I was making "profound" progress with the injury and could see healing on the sonogram--that was 2 months ago, and I feel much better now. Thank You KB for a life changing product--I shovelled 2+ feet of snow last weekend and felt pretty good. Only thing my left forearm now is very sore as well nothing major, but it doesn't feel great--guess I'll use BFST for this injury too now! I was sceptical, but seeing the progress I've made, I'm now hopeful and thankful! Have NOT taken an OTC anti inflammatory drug. Used ice sparingly (mainly after PT) as ice and anti inflammatories (for long term injuries, ice is still good for injuries that just happened) interfere with your body's normal healing process. Also self massage and keep the faith. KB has showed me we can heal ourselves! (with the right tools). Thanks Again KB Feel better everybody! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

Tony from Maryland - BFST Wrist - Oct 08, 2015

I like the design and find it goes on nice. You have been very helpful and understanding. I do tell everyone about what a great product this is, and will continue to do this. The customer care is excellent, and this shows how a company really is. I really do like this product.

Jeanne from Illinois - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Oct 08, 2015

I bought all these new ones because I used the knee one a couple years ago and really like your products.

John from California - BFST Knee|BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder|BFS... - Sep 22, 2015

I think your product is very good and I've told everyone about it. After $6,000 of physical therapy, cortizone shots, and other doctor bills my orthopedic surgeon told me I have an unusual type of tennis elbow. He said, "if surgery can even be done on this, you'll have to be referred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN." Trying to avoid that, I searched the internet and discovered King Brand heat therapy. I have been using the elbow wrap faithfully for 6 weeks. For the first time in 6 months my elbow is making huge improvements. I have a long ways to go yet, but the majority of the pain is gone and my body is starting to show signs of healing. If I over-do it, I use the ice therapy, it feels so good. I am a landscaper and with spring approaching fast I was desperate to get my elbow feeling better. And now with spring in full swing, I am able to work. I am very cautious because I am not 100% healed yet, and surgery is still not out of the question, but if the heat therapy continues to work like it has in the past 6 weeks, I am confident that I will continue to heal without having surgery. Thank you King Brand! I have been telling everyone about your product. You made a difference.

Donna from Iowa - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Sep 04, 2015

I love the BFST and recommend it to everyone!

Glenda from Maine - BFST Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot - Aug 04, 2015

It's great. Exactly what I needed. I also have the knee wrap and think the quality of the products is great.

Timothy from California - ColdCure Wrist - Jul 20, 2015

I love them. They fit great. I will be telling all my friends about them!

James from Montana - BFST Leg|BFST Wrist - Jul 20, 2015

I love the support tape! It is absolutely the best!

mary from Indiana - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 14, 2015

I really love the BFST. It really feels good on my injured wrist & I am experiencing improvement of motion over only 2 weeks

Arlene from California - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 27, 2015

I bought the foot wrap awhile ago and it worked so well I bought these and am very pleased with them.

Charles from Florida - ColdCure Elbow|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 22, 2015

I like them. Seems to be improving already.

Larry from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 22, 2015

I love the fact that it came with three gels

Diane from Illinois - ColdCure Wrist|ColdCure Elbow - Jun 06, 2015

You have great products.

Suzanne from California - BFST Wrist - Jun 03, 2015

The cold gave me so much relief! It was so nice.

anne from California - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 18, 2015

Thank you for the follow up. I am using the BFST product on my wrist and I love it. I will use the Cold Cure as necessary. My neighbour bought these products for her ankle, and she recommended them to me for my wrist. I'm so glad she did.

Laura from Massachusetts - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 14, 2015

Things are going really good, I love them.

Heidemarie from Florida - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 10, 2015

I think they are working really well. I have gotten a lot of relief.

Joan from Ohio - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 30, 2015

love it, its a life saver

Scott from Georgia - BFST Wrist - Apr 20, 2015

I have been using it for tendonitis in my wrist and find it has been helping a lot. I have told lots of people about it.

Diane from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist - Apr 15, 2015

I used just the ColdCure for the first 48 hours and it has already made a huge difference.

Joseph from New Jersey - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 17, 2015

I love it!! I am so happy with my wrap that I have ordered a second one so I can treat both wrists at the same time.

Robert from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 01, 2015

I love the product.

Thomas from Maryland - BFST Wrist|Basics Cold Knee|ColdCure Back|ColdCure Wr... - Feb 19, 2015

They are perfect! Thank you:)

Mukesh from Ontario - ColdCure Foot|ColdCure Knee|ColdCure Wrist - Jan 30, 2015

LOVE the product and have given your site to my PT and my Ortho surgeon!

Cynthia from California - BFST Shoulder|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Elbow|ColdCure Wris... - Jan 05, 2015

I am very impressed and very happy with the treatments so far!

SCOTT from Iowa - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jan 05, 2015

A year ago an intense two day session of raking and shovelling left me with a red rash on the back of my wrist. Web searching suggested tendinitis and treatment by wrist brace and BSTF. The drugstore brace helped a bit but I decided go for the $90 wrist wrap. It was a fantastic choice. Within several days I could tell it was healing - this an injury that the web advice warned could take weeks to heal if you kept it immobilized with a brace. For the next few weeks I also used the wrap on my other wrist and both elbows. I could treat a joint on my drive to and from work and at my desk during the day - any time I was sitting in one place for 20 mins. Both wrists and both elbows (one had a chronic pain) feel great now. Around the house we praise "The King Brand" and that one wrist wrap band has relieved wrists, elbows, backs, knees for other family members and several friends borrowed it. We're getting a 2nd wrist wrap for the house.

tom from New York - BFST Wrist - Dec 17, 2014

Thank you for the call, you don't find company's like you very often.

Rafael from California - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 03, 2014

I love my wraps and so I bought them for a friend as well. She also loves them and thinks they are great.

Tom from New Jersey - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 03, 2014

Spoke with husband who said that his wife is using the wraps and is very happy. She was mentioning last night that they are really helping her to her husband.

Barbara from Georgia - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Oct 22, 2014

Oct 6- Spoke with Susan and she is using the product with success. She is very happy

Susan from Florida - BFST Wrist - Oct 06, 2014

My husband loves it! He had the shoulder wraps which really helped him, so now he is using these for his recent wrist injury.

Kennard from Washington - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Sep 29, 2014

I am completely amazed that I am feeling so much better already!! The pain and swelling had been increasing daily and now all the stiffness is gone and there is relief from the pain. I am very happy with the products and will be recommending them to people I know.

Valerie from British Columbia - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Sep 22, 2014

Sept 10- Spoke with Linda and she is loving the wraps! Great success & all is well!

Linda from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Sep 10, 2014

You are awesome and very knowledgeable. I want to tell your boss all about how great you've been. I am SO HAPPY and just wanted to tell someone I knew would be just as happy. I only started using the bfst yesterday but already notice a difference. I was singing this morning and I haven't done that in a long time. The pain has subsided incredibly and I can open my fist comfortably for the first time in months. I am just tickled pink. Amber, I sincerely appreciate all of your guidance and assistance over the past few weeks. You have been very kind, patient and helpful. Your knowledge has been so beneficial to me.

Jill from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Sep 08, 2014

I am very happy with the wrist wraps. I am feeling a big improvement. I am a "real supporter" of your company

Stanley from Ohio - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 26, 2014

I LOVE them!

Kimberly from Michigan - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jul 15, 2014

When I starting using it, at first I definitely didn't give it a fair chance as I felt heat so thought it was just a heating pad, but after a couple days I actually started noticing my wrist started to feel better so knew then that there must be something else going on.

jeffrey from Virginia - BFST Wrist - Jul 14, 2014

you guys have fantastic products, I have the ankle, back and wrists

Kristine from Illinois - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jun 26, 2014

I have just completed my first two weeks with two King Brand products. I started with a rotator cuff injury that I had had for only a few days. I was impressed with how soon I saw very favorable results using The ColdCure and BFST. Within a few days I ordered treatment for a wrist injury that I had endured for three years to the day. I didn't know that swelling and inflammation that had been there for so long could ever be healed again but the remarkable relief I enjoyed within 48 hours of ColdCure followed by BFST assured me that the principles upon which these are designed are sound. It was a sweet experience to feel so good again. I am grateful to have discovered King Brand Products.

Florence from Utah - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jun 23, 2014

I just want to say I absolutely love your products!! I couldn't be happier with your product.

RENA from California - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jun 13, 2014

I just want to say that I am very pleased with the products and results so far.

Gretchen from Virginia - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jun 03, 2014

Everything is going really good.

Shelly from Montana - ColdCure Foot|BFST Wrist|BFST Foot|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 30, 2014

I like it very much, I think there's a lot of progress

Shirley from New York - Accessory Strap|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 22, 2014

they're working great, I just ordered some more for my back

Marty from Missouri - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 15, 2014

Apr 14: I am very impressed so far with the products. I have only been using them for a weekend and I think I am already feeling a difference. I really appreciate the follow up call, that's great! I will call back in a few weeks to give an you an update on my progress. Thank you!

dexter from Connecticut - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 14, 2014

I love them.

June from Florida - ColdCure Wrist - Apr 11, 2014

I am very happy with my BFST and ColdCure wrist wraps! They have helped so much in a short period of time that I believe I will be able to cancel my surgery booked for the end of the month. I am going to tell all my friends about your products. They are amazing!!

anita from Oregon - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Apr 08, 2014

I love your product and if it were not for me using it I would be 100% unable to use my hand. I stopped having cortisone injections and with the use of your product was able to use my hand again and I am not one that likes to take pain killers.

Leonor from Georgia - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 08, 2014

I have been using it only a couple days and it seems to be making a difference already. Thanks for the follow up call. That's awesome customer service!

randall from North Carolina - BFST Wrist - Mar 24, 2014

I really like your products. I have slight carpal tunnel syndrome and the BFST is so soothing.

peter from Michigan - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|BFST Wrist - Mar 18, 2014

After 2 weeks i started to notice an improvement. I can walk now without being in intense pain and can go upstairs much more easily now.

Wendell from South Carolina - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 13, 2014

Customer service has been great!

Michelle from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Foot - Mar 03, 2014

This is my first encounter with carpal tunnel and it is a most painful experience. Before I found you, I tried exercises and actually it made it worse. I do like to heal naturally. I kept returning to your sight as my sleep was interrupted every hour on the hour with horrible pain in my right hand. Then after many sleepless nights, I decided to try your treatment. Believe me, that was the "best" decision I made. Following the information you kindly included with the "ColdCure and the unique BFST", I am sleeping and feeling better. I have gotten a lot of my strength back in my hand and only wake up once during the night. I have been using your treatment one week and it is working. I call it "my miracle". I have now graduated to level 2 and it feels so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful that I found you. Your product is awesome, gives relief and really does help the body cure itself. Again, my thanks and your product is worth every penny and more! "I recommend your product, I really do... I'm thrilled with it, I will testify, it will heal, you have to follow the instructions but your instructions are really clear... I've never gotten anything from Canada before so I was keeping an eye on it, I'm so happy with your tracking... I'm very happy with your customer service and oh my gosh I'm so happy with your ice one and the one I use to heal".

Marie from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 12, 2014

I've noticed they have been working.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 10, 2014

I really like it. It has helped my wrists a lot.

Nell from Utah - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 05, 2014

Everything is going wonderful.

James from Alaska - BFST Wrist - Feb 03, 2014

I love them. I think they are fantastic!

Nancy from California - ColdCure Wrist - Jan 28, 2014

I love them. I think they are fantastic!

Nancy from California - BFST Wrist - Jan 28, 2014

"it works really well"

Maria from New York - BFST Wrist - Jan 20, 2014

The wrap works very well for me and my wife.

Debbie from Nevada - BFST Wrist - Jan 06, 2014

I have been able to sleep better these last few nights because of the BFST.

Suzy from Utah - BFST Wrist - Jan 06, 2014

"I was very pleased with the telephone support and found your representatives very professional and helpful. I have recommended your site to my primary physician and my chiropractor as they were very interested in your product."

Naima from New Jersey - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Dec 12, 2013

"they're freaking awesome"

jeffrey from Mississippi - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 25, 2013

I would like to say thank you for the wrist wraps I ordered. I have severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The wrist wraps I ordered work better than any form of medicine I've been prescribed. The Cold Cure wrap has allowed me to stay mobile in my classroom all day.

Jody from Arizona - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Nov 22, 2013

Love the product and am recommending your site to many.

Marilyn from Colorado - BFST Wrist - Nov 15, 2013

I am VERY happy with my results! The doctor wanted to give me shots in my hand or operate to relieve the carpal tunnel. My symptoms have improved so much in just the two days of using the cold pak! It is the first day in 3 months that I can make a fist again. I am so happy I found you! Thank you!

Trish from Virginia - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Nov 06, 2013

On another note, the wraps have been a lifesaver. I have been suffering for the last few years with Carpal Tunnel, and what to the point that my fingers were absolutely numb. The difference this made in a matter of one week!! I live on a computer (I am an accountant), therefore, having the ability to function with my fingers and hands is vital. These wraps are truly AWESOME!!!!!Thank you so much!"

Sherri from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Nov 05, 2013

Thank you for my order. It arrived Saturday. My daughter has used it on her wrists with great results. Even on her knee that was hurting. It helped. It is a very good product, thank you Sincerely Judy Lemon

Judith from Washington - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Oct 30, 2013

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to tell everyone about my experience with ColdCure/BFST Wrist Wraps. I have always had problems with my wrists, as far back as early middle school years. I do so so much with my hands all the time, from daily household chores to typing on my computer and even doing lots of projects that call for me to use my hands a lot. I have suffered all these years with pain and numbness in my hands, some days its just a little but for the past 6mths to a year I have been having sooo much trouble with just my daily routine (ex: holding a fork to eat, write with a pen and even holding my toothbrush to brush my teeth). I have held off for so long and had lots of sleepless nights due to all the discomfort but I finally couldn't take the debilitating pain and weakness in my hands no more, I finally seeked a doctors help to help me but it was going to be a long process with tests and yes surgery. Here's what's so sad, the earliest that my doctor could get to my surgery was late January. I was so upset with my self for waiting so long to get help but I was determined to find something that will help me till surgery day, I was surfing around the internet on anything I could find on Carpal Tunnel and its home remedies for some kind of relief. I came across King Healthcare Products website about these wraps, everything from back wraps to yes, wrist wraps! I was VERY interested in finding out how it worked and how can it be any different than any other wrap, brace or ice packs I have tried over the years. I was reading on how the wrap held this gel pack in the wrap itself and how it covered the whole wrist all the way around, hmm I said sounds cool and so told my husband I wanted to try this. I figured it couldn't hurt and I then proceeded to order my wrist wrap and found a suggestion for the BFST heat wrist wrap, so I looked into that as well and ordered both of them that very instant. I was so desperate for some relief that I put a rush on my order to get here ASAP, lol. After just a few days it finally got here and I was so excited to try them that I told my husband to hurry and put the gel packs in the freezer, I immediately put on the BFST wrist wrap on and found the heating pad feeling to be some relief. I thought WOW I could feel the blood flowing very well through my hand and so I kept it on for the whole 20 minute cycle and repeated the same for my other wrist but here is the BEST part I was able to use the same sleeve from the BFST wrap to insert one of the gel packs from the ColdCure wrap, I was able to ice down both wrists at the same time. My husband was concerned when he saw me crying, he thought I was in pain but I reassured him I am not in pain but I was crying because I finally found some relief. I know that this wont cure my problem but it will keep me comfortable daily until my surgery day and I also believe it will help in the healing process post-surgery. I do the recommended 3 to 4 times a day treatments faithfully, the feeling of being able to rely on these treatments versus taking medication that will eventually eat my liver up, for my pain control is WONDERFUL!!! I cant say thank you enough to those persons or person who invented this product, thank you thank you! Thank you also to your company for promoting your product and getting it out there for people like me who has suffered so long and tried everything for some relief from the aches and pains of sprains and overworked body parts. I will be letting EVERYONE know about ColdCure/BFST wraps!!!! Sincerely, Marie Philebar Tylertown, MS

MARIE from Mississippi - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Oct 30, 2013

Since I have started using the products (with Vitamin B6) I have recovered 90% from my carpal tunnel. Was told before product use that I needed Carpal Tunnel surgery, but now my doctor tells me I no longer do. Had seen so many physiotherapists in the past but nothing worked. Until this.

Mary from New Jersey - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Oct 25, 2013

I loved the results it gave. This is really a GREAT product. It's helped me immensely.

Rick from Colorado - BFST Wrist - Oct 24, 2013

I love them, they are wonderful!

Christina from Nevada - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Oct 17, 2013

"they work great, I love them"- phone testimonial "I found immediate relief using King Brand ColdCure Wraps. This is a great product that I highly recommend for others suffering from pain from carpel tunnel."- email testimonial

Janis from California - ColdCure Wrist - Oct 07, 2013

"Works so great, finally able to get a good night sleep!"

David from South Carolina - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Oct 03, 2013

I am extremely happy with the product & it's helped me avoid carpal tunnel surgery

alan from New York - BFST Wrist - Aug 25, 2013

The products work great and I'm very happy.

connie from Oregon - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jun 29, 2013

Thankyou king Brand for 2 BFST wrist wraps.My wife and I, both afflicted with carpal tunnel, have had very much relief with their use and hope to overt the surgical path. Thank you Joe & Nancy

cHARLES from Oregon - BFST Wrist - Jun 19, 2013

I cannot say enough about this Company and its products! First of all, I placed my order on a Friday online and while I paid a little extra to expedite delivery, I was shocked when the products were delivered the following Monday afternoon. After all, I live in Maryland and the wrist wraps came from Canada. You don't see that kind of service everyday! I am a legal secretary... have been for about 40 years now. Recently, I developed tendinitis and arthritis in my right hand and wrist. Needless to say I started using the cold pack and the warm stimulator wrist wrap immediately. The tendinitis started to clear up in just a few days and the pain from the arthritis has also subsided. In fact, were it not for these two products, I would not have been able to work at all for the past two weeks. To make matters even better, King Brand called me no fewer than four times before reaching me just to ask if everything is working out for me and if the products were working to help the injuries. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell them how happy I am with their service and products. And I am just as pleased to have this opportunity to tell you as well. P.S. I just typed this entire message with my right thumb and... believe it or not... without pain! Su. in Maryland

JoAnne from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 30, 2013

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