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ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

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I believe this will help. Very impressive customer service.

Paulette from Ohio - ColdCure Elbow|Roll Tape|BFST Elbow - Jul 11, 2024

Very impressed with your service. Thank you!

Manette from California - BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jul 02, 2024

It's pretty cool you guys texted me... Thank you so much, it's a great help and a great service, I really appreciate that. Great product.

jason from Virginia - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 29, 2024

I cannot believe I found King Brand, I really don't know how I found it. I had never heard of BFST, but something about it, about the quality of your website, about the way it was presented - I think this is the real deal. So I'm extremely grateful. You're doing great work. Review after review spoke of the customer service, it's amazing, and I have 100% had the same experience. I'm extremely happy that I got the model I did, the side shoulder wrap, and it is ideal. To me it's not heavy at all, it's a delightful treatment. It's really covering all of the area that I need to cover. It's been totally managing the pain, and it's just been marvelous. I just love your company.

Mary from Maryland - BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder - Jun 28, 2024

Thanks very much for your great customer service! I like the products I purchased and I have recommended them to others.

Krista from Pennsylvania - - Jun 26, 2024

We spoke with rep on Sunday all good he was helpful don't hesitate to follow up again love the products

Joseph from South Carolina - ColdCure Back - Jun 26, 2024

Thank you for your customer service, and being available consistently.

Marie from Texas - BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back - Jun 20, 2024

I really appreciate this kind of service from the company. You just taught me something. I didn't know that the reason I'm getting so much relief from the cold pack from my freezer is because it's pushing the fluid back from the bursa sac. I never knew that's why the pain went down, but it makes sense. Thank you very much Talia, I really appreciate it, you've been a big help. This is very good customer service. Thank you very much, this has been a godsend.

Ellen from Maryland - ColdCure Back|BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jun 06, 2024

I just wanted to tell you how awesome Talia is as a customer service rep. May 8, 2024 I called and I had lots of questions about your Knee BFST and I thought Talia was incredible. She patiently listened to me with a positive spirit and expertly answered all of my many questions in a joyful manner throughout our entire 35 minute conversation! So on the very next day I went online and purchased your BFST for my knee. I used to train customer service reps for many years and I can definitely say Talia is definitely one of the very best!!! Thanks 😊 again for Everything! Sarina, Thanks 😊 so much for your incredible help with my torn knee meniscus! I bought your BFST machine a few weeks ago and I re-injured my left knee meniscus. You were so kind and patient and expertly answered all my questions with Great compassion. I greatly appreciate your incredible customer service!! Theodore "Teddy" Dimas

Theodore from Florida - BFST Knee - May 16, 2024

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

I think this is the first company I bought products from that offers the service that you do. I appreciate you and your company calling back, and it's really a great company that I will recommend, definitely.

Maria from Oregon - BFST Knee|Basics Cold Knee - May 04, 2024

Well I think that its all working. With everyone else and the reviewed I read, its like "This might be just a little bit of ice packs and a heating pad" but it has made a HUGE difference. This has been awesome, I can't tell you all enough how much I appreciate your customer service too.

Dr from Texas - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Feb 26, 2024

You have a great company. I was totally not expecting the text offering the personal help. I'm glad I got this. Nowadays most people just google things, I really appreciate your text and follow up. You gave me good information, I really appreciate it. I think your company is just awesome. I've never had this kind of service before. I spoke with someone before when they contacted me to see if I had any questions. Just the follow up and information is amazing. I'm very impressed, so thank you again.

Elizabeth from Ohio - BFST Knee|Roll Tape|ColdCure Leg - Feb 21, 2024

I am very impressed with your company. Your website is great, and now I see that your service is extraordinary!

Eric from Arizona - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Feb 20, 2024

I started using both the cuffs, the cold and the BFST, and yeah, I was really impressed. After only a few times using the BFST I could tell that my pain was significantly diminishing and I was getting more mobility, as far as being able to move my leg in different directions more, so that was very good. So I'm telling people about it! Once I got the products and started using them I could tell a difference really fast. I got more mobility, was able to put my leg back and forth more, just mobility all around without as much pain. I was able to sleep better at night and didn't have to thrash around for an hour or two trying to get comfortable. I felt like it was very very helpful. I am definitely impressed with these products, and your service. It is so nice to be able to not only use the products, but have somebody who knows give me information - that is really worth a lot.

Evelyn from Kansas - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Feb 17, 2024

Thank you and I want to say the customer service from you is outstanding.

Cameron from Nevada - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape - Jan 27, 2024

I want to thank you for the wonderful job that the King Brand shoulder wrap was doing for me - now, I don't have any pain, and I don't have to go to surgery. After five months, now I'm going to the gym and lifting weights, and before I started, I couldn't even comb my hair. That's pretty amazing. I loaned it to a friend of mine who has a problem with his shoulder, and he's using it. I think it's helping him too. Thank you for your service, and for your wonderful product.

Dan from California - BFST Top Shoulder - Jan 25, 2024

I am extremely impressed with the way this company runs its business. You have an excellent website with helpful information for guidance in healing. customer service is outstanding!! I have passed your information on to others and will continue to do so. Again, it’s a pleasure doing business with King Brand.

Jeanne from Florida - Pre-Cut Tape - Jan 17, 2024

This is fantastic customer service.

Manuel from Florida - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jan 06, 2024

Your customer service assistants are fantastic to date. Great job answering my questions, getting best pkg deal pricing, and just being so helpful and courteous. A real pleasure to work with. And they actually knew the answers to some complicated questions. Great training obviously.

Jacquelyn from New York - BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder|Accessory Sli... - Dec 30, 2023

You've got great customer service. My doctors don't even follow up like you do.

Diana from Ohio - BFST Leg - Dec 12, 2023

I want to give a review for Talia. I called in today and she was the representative I got. She was amazing. It had been a couple of years since I ordered a product from your company. She searched by address and found my order. She stayed with the search until she found my past order. I was able to Purchase the same product. This sounds like it didn’t take much time. It did. She was determined to find the older order and I know there are ones that would not have taken the time to find what I was wanting to order again. She was so kind, friendly and I just wanted whoever reads this to know she gave great customer service. I did tell her this and she thanked me. I feel she needs to be thanked by the company for going above and beyond. Oh give her 5 *****!

Dane from Texas - - Nov 15, 2023

This week, I had the most extraordinary experience. Having recently been diagnosed with a complex meniscus tear, I was researching non-surgical treatments when I had the good fortune to happen upon the King Brand website. The information presented on their site was so logical and detailed that I decided to order their Knee OTG Pack, which includes the BFST Wrap and ColdCure Wrap. I’d just started my treatments when I received a text message offering consultation and help in managing my treatment. Upon responding, I immediately received an extremely helpful phone call from a knowledgeable and interested representative of the company. Talia willingly spent considerable time on the phone explaining every aspect of recommended treatment and answering my many questions. So professional. So knowledgeable. So considerate and respectful. That experience is exceptional in this day and age where true customer service is nearly unheard of. I would recommend the King Brand company and their products to anyone. It is a rare opportunity for a quality product and extraordinary customer service.

Glenn from Pennsylvania - - Nov 11, 2023

I ordered your BFST for my knee, and I've had it two weeks, and it's wonderful. I love it. I would say I'm 75-80% better. I'm very pleased with the product. In July, I couldn't even make it six or seven steps sometimes. My pain was when I stood, and now I do have a little pain - but I didn't expect it to go away in two weeks. And your customer service is fantastic, I love it.

DOROTHY from Ohio - BFST Knee - Oct 18, 2023

I think your customer service is brilliant.

Fiona from Massachusetts - ColdCure Elbow|Roll Tape|BFST Elbow - Sep 28, 2023

I'm very pleased. This is my sixth treatment, and I've noticed a difference. It's much better than what Western medicine has shown me so far. I really appreciate the service that your company is giving.

neal from Massachusetts - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Aug 26, 2023

I've never had anybody say, "Give us a call to see how it's working" before, I think it's great that you guys provide this service.

Bob from Virginia - BFST Achilles - Jul 29, 2023

This thing is awesome, I've got to tell you, it's absolutely incredible. The BFST has been awesome, this is now my second day and it's significantly improved the pain in my shoulder. I have a torn supraspinatus. From the customer service to the quality of the product, I'm exceedingly happy so far.

Kurt from California - - Jul 14, 2023

I have been using it for about four days now and I'm following the instructions, and I can certainly feel a difference. I'm not done using it because my plantar fasciitis is bad on this one foot, but I can certainly feel a difference from when I first started using it. The biggest reason why I bought this device is because I've had this off and on for years, and two different times it got so bad I had steroid shots. Nobody told me that I needed to continue taking care of it, so it just kept coming back. When I found your site and read through everything, I found that this healing takes time and just because you feel better doesn't mean you can stop. I really appreciate your follow up. I'm very impressed with this device, and I'm very impressed with your company.

Terra from Indiana - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jul 06, 2023

You've been very helpful, and I don't know what they pay you but it's probably not enough because if you didn't have this service, I'd probably just send it back. So I really appreciate it.

Winston from Florida - BFST Achilles - Jul 06, 2023

You guys are awesome. Your company has super customer service.

Kurt from California - BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jul 06, 2023

Great service and fast processing!

Steven from California - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 19, 2023

You're a great company. This kept me from having to have orthoscopic surgery. They like to give you two or three of those, and then they tell you you have bone on bone, and we better go ahead and give you a new knee. They did some strange things to my poor leg, and made me walk forever to get some x-rays. I didn't even go to the first orthoscopic surgery - I thought, let's see if we can do this naturally. So I started looking online. Using it (BFST) three times a day, I didn't have surgery, I have no pain, and my meniscus grew back. And I sing the praises of this company to everybody who tells me they're in pain. If you have questions, the awesome ladies are there to answer, and it's like calling customer service in the United States in the 60s or 70s. Thank you so much for being so helpful.

Lauren from California - BFST Knee - May 20, 2023

Thank you! Your customer service is awesome!

nicole from Kansas - BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Elbow - May 18, 2023

What I am learning in this, there are times in life when you have to be very proactive, because the medical establishment will let you slip through the cracks. You guys are extraordinary with this follow up, thank you. I never recommend anything - but I'm recommending you.

Sheila from California - BFST Ankle|Pre-Cut Tape - May 05, 2023

It's very nice to talk to customers and see how they are doing with your product, it's a very good thing and I appreciate your service.

Afi from Virginia - Roll Tape|BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder - Apr 29, 2023

I don't know how you could improve it, it worked wonders 8 years ago. I recommend your product to people all the time. I tell them to call this company, call their customer service and they'll tell you if they can help you. One thing I will commend you on is, you have excellent customer service. When I first found your website, it was three o'clock in the morning and I was in severe pain, I was googling non-surgical treatments, and your site came up, and I thought, "No way is this stupid little thing going to work..." So I called and talked to you guys, and you said, "Hey, try it, it's got a money back guarantee." I tried it, and I was out of pain within two weeks. So I will swear by your products at any given time.

Catherine from North Carolina - BFST Back - Apr 28, 2023

Thanks for the quick reply and the detailed voicemail. I can't say I'm used to this level of customer service lately. You guys are rockin so far, thanks for that.

James from Georgia - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Apr 26, 2023

You guys are awfully caring. It's a very nice, personal customer service touch. I had bought the shoe for the plantar fasciitis from King Brand a couple of years ago or so, and it worked great for me. I think it took about 2 months before I was completely healed, and then only a couple of times during the following year did I need to put it on for a day or two.

Patrick from Texas - BFST Back - Apr 22, 2023

Incredible customer service to date. Thank you

Shawna from California - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Mar 28, 2023

I was really impressed with how supportive you guys have been. I really appreciate the follow up call!

Deborah from Kentucky - ColdCure Side Shoulder|BFST Side Shoulder - Feb 25, 2023

I couldn't be more happy with the whole program, your ice gel is far superior to anyone else's I know about. It's better than substituting it with an ice machine. My wife had a knee replacement, and these ice wraps are fabulous, they're unbelievable, which is making the experience easy to deal with. I have nothing but good to say. The large body cold wrap is perfect for after a knee replacement. It's been a totally good experience to buy that. And it's really cool what you guys do with the follow-up call too, so I'm totally happy.

Joseph from South Carolina - ColdCure Body - Feb 25, 2023

This has been fantastic, I really have enjoyed the service and follow up since I purchased it, and the customer service by you today is refreshing and I really appreciate it.

Timothy from Minnesota - BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Feb 11, 2023

I think it is helping. I really appreciate you having such great customer service, because sometimes when you order something and don't know how to use it, it's such a pain, so the follow up is great!

Linda from Florida - - Feb 09, 2023

Your company amazes me, that you do this with the follow up call, that actually sold me on it. I looked into red light treatment, and I was like I don't know...yours came up on google and I finally decided, this sounds more legit, and I went with it.

Mary from Pennsylvania - BFST Knee - Jan 27, 2023

Thank you again for your outstanding customer service.

Louis from Massachusetts - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jan 12, 2023

You are so kind. It's always good to know that there's really good customer service people that still exist.

Derek from California - BFST Knee - Jan 07, 2023

You are a gem. I have been a manager, and in customer service, and I would do anything to keep you working for me. You're a good listener, and you respond to what I'm saying and you don't make assumptions. Please pass that on to management. Thanks to all who have helped me with product info & use guidance! Your customer service & philosophy of are fantastic!

Debra from Wisconsin - Roll Tape|ColdCure Ankle|BFST Ankle - Dec 23, 2022

I think your customer service is really excellent, and it's really refreshing given some of the other companies I've dealt with.

Mark from Washington - ColdCure Ankle - Dec 23, 2022

I've had such great customer service with you guys, when I ordered it, someone even called me because I had questions about shipping and they talked with me about my injury and treatments. Within a week I feel completely healed. You guys have been great! A week and a half ago I couldn't even walk without leaning on something, now I'm walking. I just can't believe the difference with the BFST! I went through this with my other knee before and it took me 6 months of Physical Therapy to walk decent. This came last Friday, I started using the BFST and I feel pretty good!

Lori from South Dakota - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Oct 30, 2022

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain and ordered it. It's very easy to use. It's been wonderful. I'm really thrilled to have it. And top notch customer service!

Edith from Kansas - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Oct 01, 2022

I think this is really good customer service. It's been very helpful.

Barry from Indiana - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Sep 24, 2022

Thank you very much for the "SUPER" customer service and support provided! It is rare in today's world. It's been a sincere pleasure to do business with the King Brand company.

John from Hawaii - BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Sep 23, 2022

I think your products are wonderful. I just spoke With Megan in Customer Service, She was very Professional & Kind Please keep her around, Thanks For all your help a Positive Product With Healing Results!

Scott from Florida - Accessory Sling|BFST Side Shoulder - Aug 22, 2022

Thank you very much. Appreciate your great customer service. Your company's professionalism is well appreciated. I will recommend your product to anyone who needs it.

Kay from Illinois - BFST Knee|Roll Tape - Aug 17, 2022

I was going to reach out to you today, and then I received your text message inviting me to call. That's pretty great customer service!

Bonnie from Virginia - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Aug 08, 2022

Your customer service is impeccable. I'm very impressed.

Maria from Iowa - BFST Foot - Jun 28, 2022

"You've been very helpful. Do you get anything for selling me this? Well you tell your boss you did a bang up job, I'm very happy with my service with you."

Phil from Florida - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jun 21, 2022

Hello customer service and team. My name is Jamie Glaser and I purchased the BFST package of BFST, cold cure, and support tape about 1 week ago. I have a chronic Achilles issue. ( small tear) I would like to THANK YOU because your system is working and giving me relief for the first time in years. I have been with the best therapists who have done A stim, E stim, Tens, massage, stretching, laser and more and some of that has helped at times but I never have 100 percent relief. In 2005 I had a moped accident and broke my tibia and my shoulder and now have metal in both places, the amount of circulation to my Achilles has been greatly reduced I feel. After just one week, using the BFST 2x a day, and your ice ( cold cure) I am experiencing great relief. While I don't use ibuprofen or other pain killers often YOUR system has given me about the same relief as the pills have on difficult days. I am writing because I am truly grateful to you for the care you have put into your products and to tell you that I am benefiting. One more thing.... I have had visible veins, arteries etc around the lower leg and ankle area for 15 years, a kind of varicose vein display. Since using your system these unsightly varicose veins have almost disappeared. I am so happy to tell you this and am amazed that you were able to help me with that too. Thank you very much for helping to make my life better.

Jamie from Utah - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles - Apr 07, 2022

I really do appreciate your follow up. You could teach corporate America what customer service is all about.

SHEILA from Florida - ColdCure Knee - Mar 29, 2022

Thank you, Megan. The hot and cold therapy has been great for my husband's recovery from Achilles' tendon repair. Your products and service rock!

Marianne from Texas - BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder|Roll Tape - Mar 25, 2022

I am very impressed with your product! The detailed instructions and quality of the products are excellent! Very thankful that I discovered your products. I am healing faster than ever before. I have told other people how impressed I am with your products, service and knowledge.

Garth from New York - ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Mar 11, 2022

Your customer service is outstanding.

David from New York - BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape - Feb 18, 2022

You all have amazing Customer Service and I appreciate you very much.

John from Texas - BFST Knee - Feb 01, 2022

I didn't expect a reply on Saturday. That's great service!

Marianne from Texas - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Jan 22, 2022

This is the third or fourth time that I've called today, and I've gotta tell you, everybody I have spoken to is like you people have THE BEST customer service. I'm going to give you such a good rating. You're all so... I don't know... patient and kind and nice and you just don't find that anymore. That's the truth, that's the doggone truth. No comparison, no comparison.

Linda from New York - BFST Side Shoulder|Wide Roll Tape|Accessory Sling - Jan 17, 2022

I really appreciate the follow up calls asking how the product was working. I will keep this company in mind should others have a problem with a Baker's cyst.

Carolyn from Virginia - ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Jan 15, 2022

Thank you! Appreciate the fast service. This is my third King Brand device. The other two, wrist and arm have worked so well, my wrist and arm do not hurt when I play tennis. Now I have a knee I feel when I ski so have already started using it. Thank you. Ps - I also recommended King Brand to my sister for her ankle/foot. I hope she ordered it.

Heather from Ontario - BFST Knee - Jan 04, 2022

It's great customer service to receive that text and a phone number to call to ask some questions so I appreciate your time.

RONDA from Indiana - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Dec 29, 2021

I'm impressed with your customer service and calling. That's impressive to do that.

Robert from South Carolina - Wide Roll Tape|BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Dec 23, 2021

I was really impressed with your service and your products. Thank you very much. Everything has worked out well and I'm using them as we speak.

David from Florida - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Dec 15, 2021

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it! It's definitely really nice to be able to call you guys. I'm sure you guys get this a lot but your customer service is just unheard of. I really appreciate your guys' help.

Geoffry from Washington - BFST Elbow - Dec 09, 2021

Thank you Dillon. You guys have the BEST customer service that I have dealt with in years. Very impressed with your quick response time and excellent explanation for everything concisely. I am looking forward to do more business with King Brand.

Romeo from New Mexico - ColdCure Wrist - Dec 09, 2021

One of the reasons I did purchase this cause I'm really big on reviews and it got really big reviews but everybody raves about your customer service and I'm witnessing that first hand right now.

Tom from California - BFST Knee - Oct 15, 2021

I have bursitis in my hip and a sore lower back. The King wrap-around made a difference immediately! Low heat is what I needed instead of ice. It's easy to wear at home, slip the battery pack into your pocket and get more done! I am very impressed with the quality of the product and the professionalism of the staff to any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!

Marcia from Arizona - - Oct 11, 2021

"Amazed to feel relief after the first heat treatment and have been using all of the products with success ever since. I have been struggling with tendonitis and associated ankle/foot pain. So glad I ordered your products, and thank you for the follow up!"

GAIL from Indiana - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape - Oct 03, 2021

I really appreciate your company and the technology. And your customer service has been fabulous.

Justine from California - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Oct 02, 2021

Thank you for the prompt service in replacing this unit. I can't say enough good things about Sam- Very professional and a pleasure to speak with.

JOHN from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Leg|BFST Leg|Wide Roll Tape - Sep 08, 2021

I love these products, I appreciate it. The first product that I ever bought from y'all was a cold pack for a knee injury I had a couple years ago and that was great... Again I just want to thank you for the follow-up. When I send an email you actually answer it. Do you know how unusual that is? That's huge. This is huge for people that are struggling to get back on their feet and stuff, somebody actually cares enough to call you back?! It's huge so please don't stop doing that.

Debra from New Jersey - BFST Knee - Sep 07, 2021

I appreciate your follow-up on the thing. In todays day and age if you get something and it doesn't work or you don't know, even get someone to talk to is impossible.

Robert from Washington - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg - Aug 27, 2021

Hello, shout out to Megan from Customer Service. Both my interactions with Megan were very positive and professional. Knowledgeable and helpful about various products. She phoned me a week or so after I was using the knee products to be sure I was happy with product and check if I had any other questions. That was a nice touch in the lost art of customer service. Much better than an email. Plus it lead to me ordering another product that we talked about a few weeks later. Knee therapy products are very helpful. Thanks

Ralph from Iowa - Accessory Strap|ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Jun 17, 2021

I love the material, its a really beautiful durable material... I like when I find a company that's there for you because you know some companies you order a product and you try to reach them later on, there's nobody available. They don't respond to your email, they don't answer your phone calls. That's poor customer service and that is really discouraging. So I'm so happy you guys are always available to talk to and to give advice or encouragement.

Jameela from Colorado - BFST Knee - Jun 14, 2021

You can tell your owners that I'm not usually happy with anything I order customer service wise but you guys are unbelievable. I mean I got the product in a real short period of time, I'm happy with it and my leg is feeling so much better since April 19th when I fell. Now for you to answer the phone and not have to wait 10 minutes for somebody to answer, I am very impressed. I will definitely tell people that have an issue, which I have already been telling them, to get in touch with you guys.

Brenda from Maine - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Jun 08, 2021

Well I'm really impressed with the follow up that your company has given me since I made my purchase. I've gotten a couple of emails that have prompted me to ask any questions I have and things like that so it's very high quality customer service so I appreciate that.

Sharon from Florida - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Roll Tape - May 06, 2021

You guys are awesome. Everybody's been great. Follow-Ups have been great. I can't say enough positive. I'm glad I made the choice.

John from New York - BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder - Mar 29, 2021

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the BFST Elbow wrap: It is of very high quality and I like that the heating automatically cycles on and off so it does not get uncomfortably hot and the 20 minute auto shut off. I 'm also very impressed with the customer service I've received from King Brand I will defiantly be ordering more products.

Todd from Minnesota - BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Elbow - Mar 25, 2021

I absolutely love it. You guys have amazing customer service by the way.

alanna from Georgia - BFST Knee - Mar 17, 2021

I was impressed number one with how quickly I got it, the quality of it. It fits well, it seems to work pretty well, so I'm a pretty happy guy and I think you sealed the deal with a follow-up phone call.

Steve from New York - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Mar 16, 2021

I talked with Nick who is extremely helpful and knowledgeable great customer service, the cold wrap and the BFST work wonderful would recommend them to anyone!

Dirk from California - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Mar 10, 2021

Oh, I just can't get over your company. It's just I think you are marvelous. Customer Service is like out of this world good.

Pam from British Columbia - Accessory Strap|BFST Back - Jan 17, 2021

I want to tell the story of an injury to my achilles tendon, that after 14 weeks of ice, heat, rest, stretching, and ibuprofen; still wasn't even hinting that it was healing. I saw your achilles wrap device while strolling through the internet, looking for an aid, ordered the wrap, and waited for this "miracle device" to arrive. 5 days later, it arrives, I speed home, slap it on my ankle, and turn it up to notch #3, totally dismissing the recommended slow migration process, and instantly am totally disappointed! No pulsation, no burning heat, no vibration, no noise, no NOTHING! I call customer service, and the rep has me try a few things to make sure that the device is working properly, and she explained to me that all of the things that I was waiting for the device to do, weren't going to happen; sure, I might feel SOME heat, but everything else was not a function that this device does. She asked me if I would like her to send me another one, and I told her, "no, if this is a working the way it was designed to do, I will just keep it, and give it a chance". Boy, am I glad I did. 4 -20min treatments each day, for 5 days, and my achilles felt at about 70%. 5 days after that, and now at this present time (3 weeks), my achilles is at 90%, no swelling, and now I am working on its strength endurance. This device, in it's own, quiet as a mouse way, has this 60yr old achilles feeling young, energetic, and spry again. In about 2 more months of strength training, I Invision all of my explosion being back, and basketball, jogging and tennis will be just around the corner. Thanks guys for the vote of confidence, your faith in your product, your wonderful and professional customer service, and last, but not least, your INCREDIBLE device!!! AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. Best of everything to your company and your customers! Coach Scot Smith Sr. God bless!

Scot from California - BFST Achilles - Aug 28, 2020

I just wanted to pay compliments to the Customer Service Rep (Sarah). She was a great help this Evening with our questions. So calm and informative. She is a credit to Kingbrand. Please thank her for us.

Reid from Arizona - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jul 30, 2020

Wow - that is great customer service. Thanks Scott. You folks have been great throughout the whole process and have really been the only thing besides rest that has sparked progress for my foot tendonitis.

Vincent from Arizona - ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot - Jul 21, 2020

I'm very happy with my treatment it's working great!!! I'm telling everyone about your great service and products.

JAMES from Wisconsin - ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee - May 17, 2020

FIVE STAR RATING!! King Brand BFST Back/Hip wrap was an excellent choice to relieve lower back pain in my case. My chiropractor discovered slight misalignment from a work related event and performed adjustment. I purchased the BFST Back/Hip wrap knowing how effective the BFST Top Shoulder wrap ( purchased last year) worked for me with a partially torn rotator cuff. There is definitely a healing element I have noticed as compared to 850nm near infared light therapy that works at the intercellular level with deep tissue repair of which I use together. King Brand BFST functions in a similar fashion with increased blood flow. I am living testament as both form of treatments have made huge improvement in healing and also general maintenance to remain recovered. Regarding King Brand, I have found the wraps to be of very high quality indeed as a professional medical device and are very well made with many year of use to come. The support staff is very easy to reach, quite knowledgeable in product design and can well answer any application questions. Upon purchase, I received a call from support several weeks to follow up on my experience and offer any guidance. This takes King Brand to a very high level of customer satisfaction with high recommendation.

Randall from Pennsylvania - BFST Back - May 08, 2020

so far I'm impressed with the product and the customer service

R from Maryland - BFST Leg|ColdCure Leg|Pre-Cut Tape - May 01, 2020

I was very impressed with your Customer Friendly service. The initial package was received quickly and with an option to speak to someone to ask questions or receive help with directions and use. I would and I will recommend King Brand HealthCare to my friends

Patricia from New York - ColdCure Back - Oct 03, 2019

This year I set a personal goal to climb Mount Washington, New Hampshire (6288 feet) and started training in April. In June I sustained a knee injury from my training as I increased the height and distance of my training; severe tendonitis. I ordered your products and started treatment on my right knee right away; I also consulted with your staff on the healing process. I took 1 1/2 weeks off from everything, while icing my knee multiple times a day. Into week 3-4 I started using both, ice after a short hike and heat after. In addition, I used your compression tape as my hikes got higher and longer. This past Saturday, I climbed Mount Washington and completed the climb and decent in 8 hours for a total of 10 miles. I don't believe I would have completed my goal without your products because I am 61 years old and the healing time for anything I do takes longer. I tell everyone I know about your products now. Thank you for your support for making my personal goal come through. Anyone who has climbed Tuckerman's Ravine knows how difficult a climb can be.

Pamela from New Hampshire - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Sep 30, 2019

My experience with King Brand Healthcare has been a positive one and the follow up call with a representative to make sure I understood my products was impressive.

Rebecca from California - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Sep 27, 2019

A few years ago I tore the ligament in my miniscus/knee twisting it while walking or dancing. I couldn't walk or cycle without pain. I looked online for a healing alternative and found your company. I read the info on your website and I loved the idea that infrared gets down past the skin/dermis into the ligament/muscle and helps it to heal a lot quicker. When I bought my pad/wrap I got a call on the phone from a customer service agent to help me with the wrap, she gave me instructions on the best way to use it and answered any questions I had. The customer service woman I spoke to had torn her own knee ligaments several times during skiing. She said she became a rep because of the effectiveness of the product. My own experience now echoes the same. After using the wrap twice a day within three weeks my knee was back to normal. Best product ever! Highly recommend.

Melodye from Illinois - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Sep 21, 2019

I love it. Thank you so much for calling. I'm in the middle of moving and my leg is really sore and it's been working wonders. I have shopped for weeks looking for a leg wrap until I met up with a complete stranger who provided me with King Brand health care products web site. Reviewed their site and found so much information. Within 2 days I received my parcel and found it to be top quality. No more mushy gel pals. Also received a courtesy call to see how If I was satisfied with their products. NOW that is the way the service industry should be like! I highly recommend checking out this site from Collingwood , Ontario

Anne-Marie from Ontario - ColdCure Leg - Sep 21, 2019

I think it's working. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't have to take pain relievers to get through the day. Tell your staff that they are thoughtful, curious and professional. These are amazing products. I am thrilled I found you guys

Jack from California - BFST Side Shoulder - Aug 27, 2019

Best products ever made. Use their products for injuries and talked with customer service on how to use them. The service people are excellent and instructed me on the use and the results that can be gotten. They were absolutely correct. The best part is using their product you can treat an injury without meds. I recommend them highly.

Carol from Connecticut - ColdCure Elbow - Jul 30, 2019

Thank you for your great customer service

frank from Ohio - BFST Top Shoulder|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jul 09, 2019

Your products are incredible! I had a torn meniscus that has almost completely healed itself thanks to your products! I had physical therapy as well, but I am sure that my diligent use of your products as directed for my knee, have contributed greatly to my healing. I especially love the BFST ultrasound heated knee wrap! Thanks for your excellent products and your wonderful customer service! Sincerely, Kathryn Jesionowski

Kathryn from New Mexico - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jul 03, 2019

Dear King Brand Healthcare Products: I was in severe pain as I was discovering I had Plantar Fasciitis (PF) and realized I needed relief fast. I reached out to a physician who emailed me what appeared to be a nice article about how athletes can recover from PF. The article really emphasized how a nighttime splint, stair step exercises, and arch supports would be the answer. I rushed to have a nighttime splint overnighted to me as the first step (sorry about the pun). I awoke during the first night of wearing the splint, finding it only increased my pain and symptoms. Still desperate, I searched the Internet and found King Brand's web site, products, and articles. The 10 Myths article clearly showed me I had gotten well-intended but bad advice about the night splint, which further injured my plantar. I also learned that I needed the cold compression wraps and the electrical stimulation, and that arch supports alone was not the answer. So, I had King products rushed to my home. Almost immediately I felt that I was better informed having received information that was correct, and that I had in my possession the key to recovery and pain relief. I am well on my way to recovery now. One last comment, or compliment, one evening after about a week of using the King Brand products (Cold Cure & BFST foot treatment), I received a telephone call from a King Brand employee who called to check on me. I was very much impressed that the company, which already had my money and my confidence, cared enough to call and see how I was doing and to see that I was properly using my purchases and whether I had any questions. I have NEVER had a company demonstrate that type of customer service and concern. THANK YOU, King Brand Healthcare Products! Sincerely, Richard W. Carter

Richard from Texas - Roll Tape|ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jun 16, 2019

This is a great service that you have, having the ability to talk to someone. Thank you for your information and your knowledge.

Ron from New Jersey - ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape|BFST Knee - Jun 04, 2019

It's been two weeks since I purchased the leg and ankle BFST for hamstring tightness that led to Haglund's disease/ankle Tendonitis on my right leg this February 2019, and your products have a made a huge difference in my mobility, gait, and dare say, mental status for the better. I am fifty-eight years old, and when I walk, my body mechanics looked more like a ninety year old walking. Very slow, guarded, strained. I have been fighting bilateral chronic knee DJD and OA for the past 15 yrs. due to both of my meniscus being injured/torn while running on a code in a medical setting ( I am a LVN state of Texas ). I have refused knee surgery, as in the states, you run the risk of poor fitting devices, poor surgical outcomes, and in the case of one of my former classmates, who had a knee surgery take a bad turn, she ended up with a severe infection that led to her having a major MI at the age of 54 yrs old. She is totally disabled and can not work. I am trying to postpone any knee surgeries until the FDA approves the Agili-C implant for knees. I have explored other options such as Stem cell therapy, however, it is out of reach for most individuals due to the high cost associated with the procedure. Your products are wonderful, and hopefully, I can make it walking until I can get the Agili-C implants. So I am ordering the knee BFST to aid my Euflexxa injections, and wrist BFST because I also have CTS that flares up from time to time. Great products, prompt delivery, and customer service. GO CANADA😇 Thank You, L. Hairston

loyce from Texas - BFST Leg|BFST Achilles - May 22, 2019

I couldn't have asked for better customer service!

Wanda from Illinois - BFST Foot|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot - May 16, 2019

Your representative Serena was excellent! She was patient and personable. If all your reps are like her, you have an excellent staff. Tell her thank you for being kind to an old man in Oklahoma.

Edna from Oklahoma - Roll Tape|ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Apr 22, 2019

I really appreciate your follow-up call. It speaks volumes about the quality of your services.

Marcus from Virgin Islands - BFST Foot - Mar 16, 2019

Thank you for your great customer service and the KB tape was the best I have ever tried. It saved me. Thanks again. And I will return as a customer.

Sharyl from Illinois - ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape|ColdCure Top Shoulder - Mar 14, 2019

I have a positive review regarding my recently purchased Cold Care and BFST King Brand products this past week! I developed Plantar Fasciitis approximately 4 weeks ago on my left heal! Suffering a couple of weeks with extremely painful heal pain, I was informed by trainers that I have Plantar Fasciitis! I was given the usual treatment remedies, stretching, massages, etc. I looked up the condition and discovered King Brand products! I made a call to customer service and 3 days later I started using both products immediately! Within one day I began to feel much better and after 5 days of 3 times a day with both products, I am so much better and walking without extreme pain! I am hopeful that by the end of next week to be completely pain free! That is my goal! These products are the real deal! I am about to order the BFST knee wrap to help me with my partially torn meniscus! Cannot hardly wait to start! Great Company and Outstanding Customer Service! My name is Clay Buckelew and that is my review!

Clay from Texas - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Mar 14, 2019

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your company , your products and your follow-up consultation. I am a firm believer in your product as it has helped me tremendously with healing my tennis and golfer's elbow. I was on the fence too when I was looking at the price tag but truly it's invaluable and it will be part of my go-forward recovery, so I can stay on the golf course.

Daniel from Florida - BFST Elbow - Feb 15, 2019

Thank you. Your customer service was great! We will use you again

Gary from Florida - BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles|Roll Tape - Jan 23, 2019

I think it's improving and if it keeps going the way it is I'm going to be really happy. I'm already telling other people, so I think it's good. That's really nice of you to call and to even care after you sold the product. I think that is very impressive as a company. That's great customer service.

Sandra from California - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Nov 30, 2018

I love the way the ice packs, they're not ice packs they're cooling packs and I put them in the refrigerator. I love the way it holds it's cool. I'm really impressed with King Brand, that y'all care enough to even follow up with customers. It's phenomenal.

Michelle from New York - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Nov 24, 2018

I really appreciate you all taking the time to call to follow up on the product, I'm really impressed!

Irma from Texas - BFST Foot - Nov 22, 2018

It works great, it's perfect. I sure appreciate it. Thank you so much for your service, it was first class.

John from Alabama - - Nov 17, 2018

I recently purchased the cold cure and BFST for elbow tendinitis. I am so pleased with the results. I will be using these products as long as I remain active, which will be forever! My husband is now also using it. The follow up call I received and helpful information was also wonderful. Great company. Great buy! M. Verola - Florida

Michele from Florida - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Nov 15, 2018

thank you so much I had not expected, in your mail it said someone would call me and I was not sure. but its true someone called me and I very much appreciate it, that's very good and not only to sell some products but also you have service after sale so that's very good thank you.

zhe from Maryland - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Back - Nov 11, 2018

Ya I appreciated your guy's customer service.

Peter from District of Columbia - BFST Knee|Wide Roll Tape - Nov 01, 2018

I just wanted to thank you for your courtesy, your helpfulness, your professionalism. You don't get customer service like that as much as you would like to. You're the best asset. Sometimes in a situation, you don't know the questions to ask, you don't know what you need. You made sure you told me what would help without me asking, you put my mind at ease.

Patricia from British Columbia - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Oct 31, 2018

The service that I received fro you is the best I've received in years. The item you've sent me, it's helping.

Chester from Texas - ColdCure Knee - Oct 23, 2018

this is great tape, I have been ordering for 3 years or so and the service is also good.

barbara from Virginia - Pre-Cut Tape - Oct 22, 2018

Thank you for the excellent customer service.

James from New Jersey - ColdCure Body - Oct 01, 2018

I recently ordered the Cold Cure: Large Body pad Wrap. Although it worked exactly as advertised I determined that it was just a little too large for what I needed. I contacted customer service and received their return instructions. At the same time I ordered the smaller version of the Body pad Wrap. When I took the item to the post office they originally quoted me a price of $52.00 which I decided was way to much to return an $84.00 item. I returned home and again contacted customer service and after some discussion we came to an agreement on how to return the unwanted item. When I returned to the post office today I found out that the clerk at the post office incorrectly figured the shipping cost and in fact the mailing cost only came to $32.00. I again contacted customer service to let them know about the post office error but they said they would stand by their original offer. I would highly recommend ordering products from King Brand not only because of the quality but especially the professional and friendly service you receive from customer service. Thanks again for you help Angie Phil

Phil from Louisiana - Accessory Strap|ColdCure Body - Sep 27, 2018

Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!!

Debbie from California - BFST Leg - Sep 21, 2018

i have waited for almost 2 months to write this review. wanted to rate it honestly. started 5 years ago while at work. my knees started hurting on stairs and then kneeing and walking. retired 4 years ago. the knee pain still persisted. tolerable. then 3 months ago the pain increased to the point of me dragging my knee. getting to and off my knees sent me almost to tears. it felt like bone on bone. i started to get depressed thinking i was headed for a knee replacement. it was that painful. went in for an exam. doc said cartilage was good, looked like a torn meniscus. read the KB web page and they said the meniscus is a tissue, it can be healed. i bought it. the doc wanted me to go to rehab at $75 a pop. KB? $150? i'll try it. 3 days later i had it. within 2 days i thought i felt better, but tried to ignore it. 4th-5th day, i started walking and not dragging my knee. i used the porch steps, bad knee 1st. still hurt, but do-able. with-in 2 weeks i was running my sawmill again, but cautiously. still tender. to months later- i'm back to doing everything i used to do. i'm still not out of the water yet. i'm at 90% good knee. i can go down on my knees and get up without pain for the 1st time in years. started at a work out center to strengthen the knee and other parts. I'm 58. this KB gave me back my freedom, and i cancelled my knee specialist appointment. Oh, and my dad bought a KB for his shoulder. suggest cold pak and knee support (mental and physical). costumer service. i thought i had a problem with the unit not working. they sent me a new one even after i told them to hold off, because it seemed to be working. i returned the new one. then i received a phone call at 2:00 on a sunday wanting to know if i was doing okay. she proceeded to educate me on the usage of the KB. great stuff. i received further followups in the later weeks. i've told approx 20 people my story, some just strangers in obvious pain. i'll give them permission to send you my email on request.

martin from Michigan - BFST Knee - Sep 20, 2018

You guys are truly the best. I recommend your products all the time -- great therapy and great customer service.

Mary from Tennessee - BFST Back - Sep 19, 2018

Wow, I've never experienced this kind of customer service before you guys are really on top of it.

Michael from Virginia - BFST Wrist - Sep 13, 2018

She explained SO much about how to PROPERLY use the BFST and why it was important to ICE when there was pain. I was using ONLY the BFST and on way too high of a setting. I now know that I should do a session on each knee in the A.M. and several times throughout the day as prevention and/or to address the little injuries that occur in my old and quickly getting older (I'll be 69 in a couple of weeks) knees. She also explained that when there IS pain I should ice the area before doing BFST and if I do a BFST first the icing will sort of cancel it out midstream and I should follow with another at some point after the icing. She convinced me with literally no selling tricks that I must get the knee cold cure and that I can even use one of the gel packs to sit on when I'm icing a knee if one of my sciatica/glute pains is happening. I'm all about avoiding surgery and the medical profession in general. I don't take prescription meds and self treat any ailments (INCLUDING osteoporosis) without prescriptions. SO I ordered the cold cure and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival so that I can now, after Jesse's EXCELLENT tutoring, tree my knees the way they need to be for them to be in the best condition possible. Jesse was warm, engaging, and incredibly helpful and never once made me feel that she wanted to be anywhere other than on that phone helping me. Do you even realize what a gem that is? I do not often deal with companies a second time if I have terrible customer service, but I WILL deal with companies for LIFE if the customer service is as good as what I received from Jesse today. I can always tell when a company treats it's employees well by how they sound on customer care call. Jesse sounded like one of the happiest and best informed customer service reps I've ever spoken with. Honestly, you will be added to any advice I pass on to friends and family who are equally suffering from knee problems. I have a daughter who is only 47 but has some knee issues. I will be buying both the cold cure and bfst for her next birthday. A little excessive for me for birthday gift $ but she's my kid!! How can I not spend the money to help her heal and to reduce her pain!

Marie from Colorado - ColdCure Knee - Sep 11, 2018

Yesterday I spoke with a representative about my problems and she was extremely informative actually went beyond great customer service by looking things up talking with me giving me suggestions on what to do with the cold wrap. Never rushed me thru it. I have purchased products before for wrist and for shoulder and it did work very very well I'm going to take her advice on how to do the knee and how often to do the knee. That is the second customer service person I have talked to on a injury and treatment and both times they were extremely helpful. They definitely do a good customer service job and should be recognized for it. Thank you Carol Visconti.

Carol from Connecticut - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Sep 05, 2018

You are doing something that most companies don't do and that's impressive, you do offer the amazing service and suggestions almost I feel like I'm talking to a Doctor or a nurse, ya know that's pretty impressive that is, I've never experienced that when I've purchased anything else that's for sure

Greg from Ohio - ColdCure Knee - Sep 05, 2018

It's great, it works really well cause I had a slight injury with the back of my leg and so it works really well. Thank you for such great customer service, this is wonderful.

jan from Wisconsin - ColdCure Leg - Sep 05, 2018

The reason I'm coming back to you guys, because I thought the customer service was amazing. You know, checking up on me and making sure I had the right thing.

Donna from Florida - ColdCure Achilles - Sep 05, 2018

I had plantar fasciitis so badly that it was to the point of hardly being able to walk even when using a cane. I had been to 3 podiatrists. The last one I went to 3 times, never feeling better, but worse and in more pain each time. I spent a fortune in shoes, lifts, equipment, etc. My quality of life had regressed tremendously- it's hard to function or enjoy life when your feet hurt all the time and you can barely do anything. I finally decided to research and attempt to treat and cure myself. In doing so, I ran across the King Brand information. It made sense! And was not exactly what the podiatrists had been telling me. The podiatrists all seemed to have gone to the same school and been trained in certain set treatments. I took the risk and spent money on your product. Even though it could have been wasted, I was getting desperate and you made sense. Within a couple of days, i had progressed from a cane to a walking stick, then to needing nothing on which to bear my weight. Your products are excellent and your customer service is superb. I still use your products on a somewhat regular basis. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for your knowledge,the company, your products, your customer service. You gave me my life back. Thank you!!

Elaine from Virginia - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Aug 18, 2018

Appreciate the speedy service. Been using it all summer. It works quickly.

Geoffrey from Washington - Pre-Cut Tape - Aug 08, 2018

I never write customer reviews for products, but I have to let people know about this incredible product. About 3 months ago I tore my hip labrum playing tennis. It was very painful to walk short distances and I had problems sleeping at night because of the pain. Tried resting for 4 weeks, but the pain never went away. Finally got a MRI, it showed a Hip Labral Tear, so I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon. But because the surgeon was in great demand, the appointment was a month away. Everything I read on line said a Hip Labral Tear does not heal on its own. But I saw the King Brand web page claiming they could heal Hip Labral Tears, I was very skeptical, but thought I would give it a shot while waiting to see the surgeon. I did the treatment four times a day, after two weeks my pain at night was gone. When I started treatment I could not walk a ¼ mile without pain, after two weeks I was walking a ½ mile pain free and after four weeks I'm walking 2 miles with no pain. I might be able to walk further pain free, but don't want to push it quite yet. I highly recommend the King Brand for Labral Hip Tears. It saved me from having surgery and the long recovery time associated with it. To sum it up, I had 8 weeks of pain and King Brands caused incredible healing in just 4 weeks. I cannot thank King Brand enough. By the way, there costumer service is excellent.

Gary from California - BFST Back - Jul 27, 2018

Customer service person was very helpful.

Lee from Virginia - Roll Tape|ColdCure Achilles - Jul 26, 2018

If you are in pain don't wait! Amazing Customer Service online and on the phone! So far I have purchased an Achilles Ankle Neoprene Wrap with ColdCure Technology. I received it today on a Saturday! I am thrilled with how well the wrap feels and how fast the non-migrating gel packs get cold and stay cold! Also, how easily they slide and fit inside the wrap. Once one of the three gel packs gets warm all I do is swap it out for another from the fridge or freezer. I also ordered the Pre Cut Tape and am pleased with the ease of use and stability. I look forward to getting additional items to help me knowing that good quality is what I will get. So happy to have found a place that truly cares about helping the customer by answering their questions in a friendly manner and not pushing you to purchase products but suggesting items that may work together to help your injury, pain, swelling, to give you relief! Thankful!

Tammy from Tennessee - ColdCure Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape - May 05, 2018

The product is high quality, and the customer service was responsive and went above and beyond my expectations when dealing with some issues I had with my order. Very impressive company.

Dale from Virginia - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape - May 05, 2018

About two weeks ago, I injured the achillies tendon on the right leg,for the next week I experienced a pain in that heel and foot that felt like a nail in the bottom of the heel. Being in pain, on a cane, nearly immobilized, I was looking for relief on the internet, then stumbled on a site, explaining therapy involved to heal the injury, included on site was info about a products called King Brand, including Cold Cure wraps and BFST wraps. On calling the number I spoke with an advisor (Adrienne) who was more than helpful, she was actually knowledgeable about the injury, and made recommendations, two days later I was using these devices which are designed to fit the area of pain, the ColdCure wrap is more than an ice pack because of the gel longer lasting, more effective. The BFST is therapy I don't understand but it works. A week into therapy and I've experienced substantial pain relief, regained 90% mobility. Today received a follow-up call from King Brands (Payton), was advised how to proceed with therapy, am totally satisfied with this product, and impressed by the company. Thank You, Mark

Mark from Wisconsin - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Feb 19, 2018

Thank you for your excellent service

Mark from scotland - BFST Knee - Jan 29, 2018

I am a 62 year old former powerlifter that performed at an elite level. I am only saying that because, over my career, I have seen a lot of claims for injury recovery products, most of which do not work. I am a skeptic. Last August I had a partial knee replacement and have had a kot of trouble regaining range of motion. I have tried many methods to aid that including accupuncture, K -Laser, hyperbaric chamber and others, to little avail. I saw the ads for your knee wrap and decided that the theory of BFST was valid. Long story short, when I use the BFST wrap and do ROM exercises, the results are greatly accelerated because the muscles have better blood flow and are more supple. It is far superior to a conventional heat pad. I have already recommended it to several people, including my PT. I plan to use it faithfully through the healing process. It had exceeded my expectations and even your claims, a rarity in this day and age. Your customer service is superb! Jeff Beck

Jeffery from Pennsylvania - BFST Knee - Jan 29, 2018

I am a cardiac RN /Pilates instructor who now instructs patients and clients on how to have a better quality life through exercise , nutrition and management of cardiac health issues . My background as a triathlete keeps me on the move as well as being on my feet all day . I've had several episodes with plantar fasciitis in the past which took me away from doing things I love . However I have found that king brand has gotten me back into my activities and feeling better in much less time than it would normally take . I can definitely tell a difference and I use it now on a regular basis for preventative . It's simple and fast which is what we need in our busy lifestyles today . The fact that I could call and discuss any problem with the staff was so beneficial as the staff provided me with direction in management of this painful condition based on their expertise in the field . I recommend king brand to my clients and friends would recommend king brand products to anyone . Thanks so much !

Lisa from Mississippi - BFST Foot - Jan 15, 2018

I am so thankful for the BFST Knee Wrap. I injured my knee during aerobics class in June 2017. I had an x-ray that showed my knee was not broken. But going up and down steps was painful and hazardous. Getting in and out of a car and even driving hurt my knee. Walking was difficult. Running was impossible. For the next 4 months, I tried rest, weeks of physical therapy, chiropractic and K-Laser therapy. No improvement. Finally an MRI showed that I had 2 baker's cysts. I started the BFST Knee Wrap in September and within a week my knee was improving and after 2 weeks I was so much improved that I hardly noticed any knee issues. It was truly amazing and I am back to normal activities. I am happy to tell everyone who has knee pain how well this works if your pain is due to Baker's cysts. Thank you for your excellent and caring customer service as well. Carolyn Graves

Carolyn from Kansas - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Pre-Cut Tape - Dec 21, 2017

I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your Customer Service Staff. I spoke with Megan and one or two other Staff members this past week. All were helpful, and cordial, and I am very satisfied with the service that I received. I spoke with Megan several times and follow-up to a voice message that I left, and clarifications about the product I was ordering. It was a pleasure dealing with all of them. There was a time in the past when timely, cordial and competent service were not unusual. I believe that it is unusual in today's world to have quality service from all members of the Staff. Your company must have good leaders. This was my second contact with King Brand. The first was my initial purchase several years ago I was struggling with a nasty case of tennis elbow. I have switched arms for this injury, but confident that the recovery will again by speedy.

Leo from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Elbow - Oct 26, 2017

Great customer service

Juan from Virginia - ColdCure Wrist - Oct 23, 2017

good quality product and fast service!

Sherry from Minnesota - Roll Tape - Oct 05, 2017

Wonderful customer service!

Melodie from Virginia - BFST Leg - Oct 04, 2017

I really appreciate your great customer service!

Paul from Hawaii - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Oct 03, 2017

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email. Just busy. I did want to take the time to let you know how happy I am with your product, company and service! It is too bad that it is so unusual to have such a wonderful experience buying something on the Web but from the beginning of my research to receiving your product and then having it work as advertised and exactly as you said it would actually changed my life. For years I have had problems with my arches and have used inserts so my heels would not hurt. About two years ago both my heels began to hurt again and I had them examined and found I needed to increase the lift in my insert but they told me, because of the severe pain in my right foot, I might have Plantar Fasciitis and the new arch insert might not help until the Fasciitis was cured. After trying the new arch inserts I found it helped my left foot but not my right foot. The pain was so bad I had to stop walking when I golfed and could not go on hikes with my family or spend any time exercising my lower body. Aspirin did not help and anti-inflammatory drugs stopped working. I was miserable and my doctors didn't seem to know how to cure it other than stay off it. So, about three months ago I started doing research on Google to see what might be available. I looked at so many sites and one was yours. I have to say your site is wonderful! It is easy to read, understandable, and very informative and in plain English. It sounded almost too true to believe until I read the reviews. The site seemed so honest it made me a little wary as websites are not always what they seem to be. Needless to say your site convinced me so I purchase both the Plantar ColdCure® and Plantar BFST® medical device and your site made it easy and quick to place the order. It arrived when you said it would and the products were so professional and of very high quality. The instructions were easy to understand and I started using just the ColdCure first and just the ColdCure as you suggested. My pain was so bad it took a few days more than in your instructions said for the pain to subside but the pain did go away after about 8 -10 days doing the ColdCure 3 to 4 times a day after which I started using the heat every night before I went to bed. It was great as you have a timer on the heat and it turns off after 20 minutes. It only took about 4 nights using the Plantar BFST device and my pain was gone and did not come back. The week after the pain went away I was scared but had to try to play 18 holes of golf walking the course to see if the pain would come back. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I finished the round and there was no pain at all. I went through the rest of day waiting for the pain to come back but it didn't. To be honest I did use the ColdCure after playing golf as I just wanted to not have the pain come back. But I have since played golf several times and walked the course each round with no pain and no more icing. I don't know of anyone else who has used your product, but, after hiking for a day through the Redwoods with my family for a day and playing golf the day before I am a true believer in your product and company! Thank you so much for what you have given back to me! Jack

John from California - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Sep 23, 2017

Thank you so much again for your compassion and outstanding customer service, I truly appreciate it.

Cynthia from Utah - BFST Side Shoulder - Sep 20, 2017

you guys are the best and this is really making you guys at the top of the list because you're actually calling and checking on me after I've purchased it. top of the line customer service.

Michelle from Maryland - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Aug 22, 2017

I suffered a strange injury about a month ago I put my elbow on the on the table and got a sharp pain almost like a pinch. About one hour later i had a knot on my elbow about the size of an egg. I went to the urgent care clinic where they took x-rays and didn't see anything remarkable the doctor gave a diagnosis of bursitis , he said it was avery common injury that normally took six months to a year to heal. Was very depressed because even though I am in my mid sixties I am very active. The next morning I noticed the swelling had gone down somewhat after keeping it on ice for about six hours, so I got dressed to go to church, after driving about ten minutes my elbow had swollen up so bad that I could not bend my arm. It was my right arm and I am right handed. The next day I went to see an orthopedic surgeon . He said my bursitis was very severe and would probably require surgery, if I chose not to have surgery it may heal in six to twelve months but would most probably keep coming back. Again I was very depressed because I have so many projects going on. I am not a big fan of surgery and I am a big fan of alternative medicine especially natural cures. So to the internet I went and my head was spinning with all the different alternative treatments available. But there was only one product that made a claim of faster healing and that was the King brand b.f.s.t. I did a very thorough investigation and everything made sense. I ordered the b.f.s.t. and the cold wrap sleeve. They arrived very quickly I was pleased with the instructions and the quality of the product. This part I think is key to my success in my recovery I followed the instructions and I committed my self to absolute rest and minimal use of my elbow and wearing the sleeve between treatments for support. In less than a month my bursitis is gone, my elbow is back to normal. I still continue treatments at least twice daily but I am confident it will not come back. I received a call from King products to follow up on my progress about ten days after I received it I was frankly surprised and pleased. Today I called king products to ask about their carpal tunnel products and i spoke to a rep named Adrianne she was extremely knowledgable and helpful I have had this problem for many years and I am excited and hopeful that their products will help with that as well. I want to thank you for such a high quality product line and the support that comes with it. Two words describe your company and product 'WORLD CLASS'. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Ben Seda-Morales CPO United States Navy Ret

RUBEN from New Jersey - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Aug 21, 2017

Appreciate the follow up...I do see some improvement and hopefully that continues

Mary from Colorado - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Aug 03, 2017

I have been using the BFST wrap 4 times a day for a week or two now and it seems to be working as advertised because I noticed that the heat on level 1 was greatly reduced after a week so now I'm on level 2. Thank you for the customer service link and for the care in checking up on my healing!

Anitta from Ontario - BFST Knee - Jul 13, 2017

Hi Customer Service! I wanted to thank you all for your prompt and excellent service. You have given the BEST customer service, and I most certainly appreciate it!! Many Thanks to ALL,

Lisa from Missouri - - Jun 26, 2017

I will highly recommend your product and company. Great customer service!

Bonny from Alberta - ColdCure Foot - Jun 07, 2017

Thank you so much for your follow up note. I did receive the knee wrap and it is really wonderful. It is so nice to find a product that really does what it says. I'll be recommending your products to everyone I know!

Mary from Arizona - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee - Jun 07, 2017

"I was very happy with the service I received."

Linda from Ontario - Basics Cold Achilles - Jun 05, 2017

Satisfied with service. Thank you

marianne from new york - ColdCure Foot - May 23, 2017

I am delightedly blown away by your efficient, personal customer service, and all the info plusses you offer so that the treatment is successful! Thank you!

Janet from Alaska - BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Wide Roll Tape - May 05, 2017

You people have been a pleasure to do business with. I really appreciate all your help and you've been very good, very good service. Thank you so much

Shirley from Massachusetts - ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee - Apr 17, 2017

Such great customer service I love it!!! At this point in my recovery it's so hard to say how much or how little the BFST is helping. I am doing physical therapy right now three days a week in combination with wearing the BFST at least 2x a day. I have good days and bad days with it - but starting to have more good days so hopefully going in the right direction! Hi Monique!!! Thank you again for helping me with this - it is very much appreciated and I will continue to be loyal customer and tell all my clients!!! Your ability to be flexible is what great customer service means!!! Please feel free to share with your manager!!! You were helpful, professional, and timely!

Angela from Connecticut - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Mar 27, 2017

Very happy with the service from King Brand

Nancy from California - BFST Ankle - Mar 04, 2017

Good service and love to shop here.

JOHN from Alabama - Basics Knee Heating Pad - Feb 22, 2017

Great Service

Valerie from Maryland - Basics Cold Knee - Feb 22, 2017

I am very satisfied with my wrap, and actually really appreciate the amount of customer service your company puts into checking that I'm satisfied. More companies should take the initiative. Thank you

Melissa from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist - Jan 25, 2017

Thank you for your help. I really like this product as all my pastry work and rock climbing has been hard on my little wrists. Much appreciated to have a company succeed in customer service. Thanks, Tracey

Tracey from Arizona - - Jan 16, 2017

I ruptured my Achilles on Oct. 2, 2016. After roughly 7 weeks and 5 casts I started PT. I immediately started using the ColdCure & BFST for the Achilles. As recommended, everyday I would use the BFST to heat up the affected area, then did my exercises followed up with the ColdCure wrap. A few weeks after I started PT I was informed I had tendonitis in the left elbow and left and right thumb area. I also had mild arthritis in the left thumb. I then purchased and started using the ColdCure & BFST for the hand, which I use for my elbow and hands. I believe that both of these wraps are making a difference in my recovery. A few weeks ago my wife and I went to dinner on Friday with some good friends and breakfast on Saturday with some other good friends. I of course recommended the King products to both of these couples for their treatment routines. I must also add that I have found the quality of the product to be first rate. I am definitely sold on this product. Thank you and have a Blessed Day,

Lyle from Arizona - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jan 15, 2017

It is wonderful. It has dramatically improved my plantar fasciitis in only a week or two of use. I am very satisfied and appreciate the fine customer service.

Timothy from Missouri - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Roll Tape - Dec 28, 2016

I'm so happy I found King Brand when I did. The home R.I.C.E. I was doing was not addressing the pain & swelling I was experiencing. The relief was almost immediate with the Cold Wrap & when I started the BFST the stiffness eased & I had some increased mobility. The follow-up from King Brand was prompt and people I talked with were very knowledgeable so their advisory role provide add'l help in optimizing the products as well as a confidence level that I was doing some very tried and true steps to get on a path to healing and recovery. The symptom tracker was a very clever tool to have also developed. It shows a real picture of process and documentation that can be provided to a health care provider. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner. My independent search and investigation on the Internet paid off. One other thing I must add is that the King Brand web site is so thorough and detailed that I understand very well what I would be getting from the Products. The website is a great resource in understanding injuries that involve knee, ankle, elbow & other areas. I'm very grateful and appreciative of all that King Brand offers and provides. Thank you so very much.

Elizabeth from Florida - Roll Tape|ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Dec 14, 2016

I purchased the BFST for my Rt. shoulder because of a torn rotator cuff and ligaments! I am very severe diabetic Type 1 and my Dr. strongly advised AGAINST surgery. I went online to see if I could find a product that would help me. King Brand products was the 1st thing that came up. I was very impressed with what I read .I called the company and after talking with a representative I ordered the BFST shoulder wrap. It took a couple of weeks before I noticed a difference..keep in mind because of medical problems I heal slowly. I have continued to use the BFST 3 to 4 times a day and my pain is almost gone. Something else that is interesting is the fact that I took the pamphlet to my Dr. who looked over it carefully and told me the BFST was similar to the Tens units they use in physical therapy!! His next words were: "I'm impressed, keep using it." WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!! I love it and highly recommend it!! If you are not sure if you should use one of King Brand products..Please call them they have a VERY TRAINED STAFF who are more than willing to help. Please know that if the person you talk to does not know the answer, He or she will talk to a supervisor and call or e-mail you back! This is a GREAT company staffed by Caring and Knowledgeable people!!!

Jeanie from Utah - BFST Top Shoulder - Dec 01, 2016

I spoke to Stephanie tonight about my metatarsal problem. She helped me so much. She was very informative and advised me without obligation. If all customer service agents were as professional as her the world would be a better place. Thank you so much Stephanie!! Thank you

ROD from Texas - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot - Nov 15, 2016

Good customer service

Carina from Virginia - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Oct 19, 2016

I am very happy with product and service.

Jeffrey from Western Australia - BFST Side Shoulder - Oct 04, 2016

I have been so pleased with your product. I went from taking a pain reliever all day for the throbbing in my arm, to none required! I followed your directions, and with the follow-up phone calls from King Brand personnel, my issues with pain have almost disappeared. I have been using the heating pad now for about 3 months, starting 3 times a day, now to 2 times a day. There is still stiffness and some slight nudges of pain, but I am going to continue using pad, packs and tape. The tape has helped keep my thumbs from being jarred into positions that would cause discomfort. I have used the tape very infrequently. Thank-you for your continued support!

Mary from Ohio - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist - Sep 20, 2016

King Brand knows their stuff. They don't just sell their products to you, they give you helpful information on how to improve results and heal what aches you and follow up after purchase to make sure you're satisfied. That is rare these days. I've suffered with plantar fasciitis for 1 1/2 years and a bone spur for 1 year. I'm a busy mom running my own businesses. BFST and ColdCure Wraps have made relief simple and quick for a person on the go. Money well spent. My PT even liked the products and is recommending them to others.

Laurie from Oklahoma - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Sep 13, 2016

Thank you for this follow up. I received my order quickly and started using it the same day it arrived. I was satisfied with the results it gave me in the 7 days I have been using it. The pain has diminished and I am able to stand up easily after sitting for 30 minutes. My Physiotherapist is happy with my progress and encourages me to continue using my BFST.

Houda from Quebec - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Aug 30, 2016

Thanks Kings brand your full sized back wrap is really a full sized back wrap as I have a 64 inch chest and it fits blade to blade comfortably !!!! Wow it really works cold and fast recovery !!! It's been awhile since I have been trying other heatmat's - they supplied some relief from the back pain, but nothing like King Brand with in the first five minutes of using King Brand back wraps I was relaxed enough to fall asleep!!! It was a peaceful drift off for the first time in years!!! King Brand your products are five stars as well as the customer service representative !!!

Chris from Alberta - Accessory Strap|ColdCure Body - Aug 24, 2016

I am enjoying the products. My tendonitis is getting better. I appreciated the follow up call to see how I was coming along. I am a small business owner and appreciate that kind of service. Thank you.

Anne-Marie from New York - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Aug 19, 2016

I can't say enough. Just 'wow'! WOW the cold cure are really good and the relief was instantaneous a cold shot, great finally relief that works and 3 gel inserts, WOW now when I get home from work I have a great slippers of unbelievable relief to look forward too!!!!! The delivery was spot on 3 days and they were at my door!!! The customer service was fantastic what an incredible experience all around !!!!! True satisfaction guaranteed!!! Today is the first day in a year that my feet haven't hurt!!

Chris from Alberta - ColdCure Foot - Aug 09, 2016

I love the product! It's helping and I'm impressed with the follow-up and customer service.

Charles from Virginia - BFST Elbow - Jul 29, 2016

very pleased with product and service

David from Ontario - Roll Tape|BFST Leg|ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg - Jul 19, 2016

Thank you for your fine customer service.

Ken from Illinois - BFST Foot - Jul 14, 2016

Thank you for your follow-up inquiry. I did receive your products and have been very pleased at the relief I have received. I have a tear in my meniscus that was progressively getting worse, but after just one day of using the alternating heat and ice packs, the swelling was down and the pack reduced completely. I would recommend your product to others.

patricia from Georgia - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jul 13, 2016

I think it's so neat that you guys call to follow up. Thank you for doing that.

cindy from California - BFST Elbow|Basics Cold Elbow - Jul 11, 2016

They seem to be working quite well, I appreciate the follow up.

John from Ohio - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jun 21, 2016

Thank you Amber for the speedy response, your company has been excellent in service and product. I will recommend and buy your products in the near future.

BALJINDER from British Columbia - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jun 16, 2016

Thank you very much for the out standing customer service. I really liked having messages regarding the tracking and the number. It has been a great experience. I like the products so far.

Karl from Prince Edward Island - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 15, 2016

I'm a very active 54 year old man. I work out and cross train but about a year and a half ago I had to cut back on many exercises due to Plantar Fascitis; I had never even heard of PF. I tried many different things to ‘cure' my PF – quit all impact exercise activities, stretching for my foot, shoe sole inserts, wraps for my feet, cold packs almost nightly, and on and on. At time I would see some intermittent improvement, but bottom line I always new my heel pain was holding me back in so many ways. When I sat in the office for more than an hour and got up to walk, there was immediate discomfort – you know what I'm talking about if you are reading this. I was so fed up with this ailment that I was searching the internet and was even considering some type of surgery I was so tired of this nagging injury. I came across the King Brand web site and read about the BFST product and read many of the reviews. Sounded great, too good to be true actually, but I was ready to try about anything, however surgery did not sound like a great option. Deep down I really had my doubts that this product would work. I ordered the BFST on the weekend and was happy I received it Thursday night. The instructions indicate to try and use it 4 times a day but I new I probably would not be able to achieve that – my goal was twice a day, once in the morning and once at night when I got home from work. Obviously everyone is different so I can't assume my results will be like anyone else, but I am extremely pleased that I bought this product. I have had the BFST for two weeks as of tonight. I don't feel that my PF has completely healed, however, my foot is so much better during the day and at night that I feel ‘normal'. At times I will feel a little heel pain but nothing like before. I can actually say that after using the BFST for one time, my foot felt better – I know that will sound like I'm making that up, but it's true for me. I am using a combination of the BFST treatment and then I ice my foot shortly after that for the night time session – seems to work best for me. I will continue to use the BFST and hopefully can cut back to just once a day and then maybe not at all. I must say that I was impressed with Customer Service as well. They actually called me to make sure I received the product and to go over any questions I had – superb service. I hope I continue to show this same type of improvement. This was money well spent for me and I hope you find the same type of success because I never thought foot pain could be so debilitating

Michael from Florida - BFST Foot|Roll Tape - Jun 09, 2016

Thank you Amber for the speedy response, your company has been excellent in service and product. I will recommend and buy recommend and buy your products in the near future. Have a great day,

Warranty from British Columbia - - Jun 06, 2016

king brand products are high quality and I appreciate your great service , thank you very much

George from Pennsylvania - BFST Knee|Wide Roll Tape - Jun 02, 2016

I love the customer service and think the product is great, really high quality.

Marie from Missouri - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - May 31, 2016

Your service and customer reps were very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I will consider your products in future times.

Carol from Arkansas - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - May 30, 2016

what a great company for making a follow-up call.

Mary from New York - ColdCure Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape|Basics Achilles Heating Pad - May 25, 2016


Jean from Georgia - BFST Back - May 17, 2016

Thanks so much for the reply. I'm impressed with your customer service. Ordered a BFST item. Your products are very well made. Thanks!

Brenda from Nevada - ColdCure Wrist - May 16, 2016

I must say you guys have great customer service

John from California - ColdCure Knee - May 13, 2016

I sent it to a friend, and he likes them so thanks for the follow up. He broke 4 ribs and in a lot of pain and he thinks it works best at home so he can change out the packs. He doesn't like cold either!

Katheryn from Texas - ColdCure Back - May 09, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Frances from New York - BFST Knee - Apr 29, 2016

I am very happy to endorse the ColdCure & BFST Leg Wrap. I suffered a torn calf muscle, grade 2, high up on the gastrocnemius muscle and deep in the muscle. This was the second time with the first injury coming in June 2014. Both injuries were due to simply taking a step to run while playing softball. No major stress on the leg, yet the torn muscle happened anyway. I did not seek treatment for the first injury and the injury lingered. I am sure that is what led to the second injury. I was desperate to not only treat the problem with the current injury but to also work to keep it from happening again. I had fairly extensive bleeding in the leg from the latest injury. I saw a sports medicine doctor and had an ultrasound. The severity of the tear was confirmed with no DVT. The doctor wanted me to follow-up with PT at the sports medicine office. Then I discovered these two wonderful products. The cold wrap served to treat the pain and immediately helped reduce the bleeding. It was so much more functional and useful then the bags of ice I was using. I also felt like I was fighting back to heal my leg and doing so quickly. The alternate use of the heat wrap felt so good. Within a week there was no pain and I actually felt like the leg was healing. It has been a little over 4 weeks now and I am ready to go. There has been a lot of rain in my area so my softball games have been canceled but I know I will be able to play and enjoy myself with a healthy calf muscle thanks to these wonderful products. I can run stairs on my toes and that definitely tests the injured muscle but with no ill effect. I will continue to use the heat and cold treatment from now on as part of routine care for my legs, not just the one calf muscle. When you think of the time and money spent to get physical therapy, and that it generally does the same thing for you, this is a great purchase. You can use the wraps whenever you need to or want to and in the comfort of your home. They work!

Michael from Virginia - ColdCure Leg|BFST Leg|Roll Tape - Apr 28, 2016

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with King Brand as a company. You website was very helpful, your customer service has been excellent. and your integrity as a company has really impressed me as well. Thank you. I will recommend you to others!

Mark from Kansas - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Apr 25, 2016

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and customer service. I was so surprised that you took the time to call and check in with me after I purchased my ankle wrap.I've been suffering for a long time with severe arthritis in my ankle. A coworker told me about your products so I checked it out. I was impressed with your customer service so I decided to give it a try. I admit I was skeptical at first because nothing I tried gave me the relief I needed. To make a long story short I am so happy with the results. It's been just under 2 weeks and my ankle is feeling so much better. I can walk longer distances and it doesn't swell up like it used to. Because I work 5 days a week I only use it twice a day and on the weekends 3 times a day. I am truly impressed and very thankful. Thank you so very much! I always give credit where credit is due and your product and customer service deserves the credit and praise.

Shirley from Massachusetts - BFST Ankle - Apr 20, 2016

ou guys have a great customer service, I really appreciate it

austin from Georgia - ColdCure Top Shoulder|BFST Top Shoulder - Apr 18, 2016

I do appreciate your concern for product quality, your desire to improve the product, and your courteous concern for customer satisfaction. The efficacy of the BFST and ColdCure Foot Wraps are equalled--or even excelled--by the calibre of Customer Service.

Fisher, from Utah - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Apr 14, 2016

Desiree, I am impressed by the speed of your reply – same day, no less! And by your commitment to real customer service. I will look forward to receiving the replacement. Thank you very much.

Heleneve from Florida - ColdCure Ankle|BFST Ankle - Apr 14, 2016

Excellent, appreciate it. Its for my girlfriend, she has a bone spur, will do cold treatment post surgery and then BFST. Great follow up, really appreciate it.

BOB from California - BFST Top Shoulder - Apr 13, 2016

My knee is feeling a lot better. I've noticed a remarkable improvement so far. Just over three weeks ago when I injured my knee I called to make an appointment to see my Orthopedic Dr. It was going to take 3 1/2 weeks to get into see him. I was in so much pain that I knew that I needed to do something to help until I could be seen. This is when I found the King Brand website, after ready about the product and the positive reviews from other customers I knew I had to try it. I placed my order on a Monday and by Thursday afternoon I was using the Cold Cure Wrap and have been faithfully using this and the BFST ever since. I had my first appointment with my Dr. today since my injury, I was able to tell him how bad the pain had been and how much better it is now. He examined the knee and said that I could have had an MCL strain but whatever I have been doing seems to be helping and keep it up for a couple more weeks before trying to return to any type of strenuous activity (walking and biking OK). No further follow up needed unless it gets worse or does not continue to improve. I know that without a doubt I would not have been able to withstand the pain I was feeling without the help of both the Cold Cure Wrap and the BFST. Both have helped immensely.

Michelle from Nevada - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Apr 04, 2016

After the King Brand follow up call I began the discussed combination ColdCure and BFST Wraps for two weeks and was pleasantly surprised by the results and will continue this procedure. The ColdCure are far superior to any ice packs I have ever used. The warmth of the BFST Wraps are so soothing and I am still on Level 1. Thank you King Brand for such great products!

John from North Carolina - Basics Cold Elbow|Accessory Strap|Basics Elbow Heating Pad - Apr 03, 2016

We really appreciate the follow up call. We are a small business and that kind of service means a lot to us. Thank you.

tim from North Carolina - BFST Top Shoulder - Mar 30, 2016

Thank you for your assistance. I was impressed with the help, advice and prompt service I received from all the people who worked in customer service.

Patricia from California - BFST Wrist|BFST Back|ColdCure Back|ColdCure Wrist - Mar 30, 2016

Its a well made pad, it wraps on easily, it suits its purpose. Nothing complicated about it at all, its a good program. Thanks for calling to follow up

Bill from New Jersey - BFST Knee - Mar 28, 2016

Your company has great customer service, which is rare these days. My Achilles Tendinosis is much better. Your product obviously helped a great deal in my recovery.

Frank from New York - - Mar 18, 2016

Great customer service!

Glenys from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape - Mar 16, 2016

I'm very pleased with the service of your company. The support team has been pleasant & very informative. They are patient and really listen. Amber & Vanessa helped with both my orders. You have an exceptional company and I will recommend to others. I'm on my 3rd day of treatment and I do notice a difference. Thank you again for providing excellent customer service for an exceptional product.

Jonarene from Hawaii - BFST Elbow - Mar 14, 2016

It's just what I need for my back recovery. And I have also introduced it to my friends with back problems. I greatly appreciate your wonderful service. Thank you again.

Yongxiang from California - BFST Back - Mar 09, 2016

Your honest advice is appreciated and speaks well for your company; that you are giving treatment advice, not just pushing sales. This is very good service and I appreciate it.

Jane from VIC - ColdCure Wrist - Mar 08, 2016

Thank you for your excellent customer service and support!

Elaina from Florida - Roll Tape - Mar 08, 2016

I purchased the ColdCure & BFST Back Wraps for a hip injury I couldn't completely rid myself of. I had debilitating pain where I had to completely stop mountain biking along with other workout endeavors. Just walking was agony. I have injured myself several times over the years because of my sport but always healed; however, this time I was worried. Of course, go get an MRI or other XRay which was out of the question at that time because I had no health insurance coupled with unfortunate life circumstances. Its incredibly difficult to self-diagnose but an MRI averages $2,600 without insurance and the $100 spent on a Chiropractor was like throwing the money out the window.. I researched like my life depended on it, over nine months of reading, trying to figure this out. The good part is the incredible amount of learning one can gain from that type of research. This leads me back to why I bought this product. I was intrigued by the energy web which is *ultrasound* . I was very skeptical, but at this point in my journey (nearly 9 months) but the first time I used this turned sideways on my hip, I felt *good* after the 20 minutes. That twinge when I externally rotate my leg was lessened. I was excited about that. Fast forward 3 weeks, I use it 20 minutes in the morning and I continue to reap the benefits. I have actually forgotten to use it at times. The Coldcure wrap is a must have. While rehabbing myself, I use this on my lower hip in the evening. The items are very well made, packaged and the customer service is top-notch. I am fairly sure in the past year after everything I have learned it was a combination of several injuries, plus a pulled hamstring. I have used this back wrap on my glute, but its too big, so I have bought the Leg BFST and Cold Cure. Anna

Anita from Minnesota - ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Mar 08, 2016

After I had initially received the devices I received a customer follow-up call from your company asking if I had received the devices and how I liked them. I thought this was excellent customer service which I rarely get from other companies.

Ronnie from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Mar 07, 2016

Your service is outstanding. I couldn't be more pleased. Wish all companies would be as efficient.

Doug from Ontario - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Mar 07, 2016

I ordered the foot wrap for my planter fasciitis and I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now. The pain is starting to get better, and I actually took my 5 mile walk for the first time in about six months. I still have pain but it is getting better and I'm going to faithfully using this. I was very impressed by the follow-up call from the company, and the advice I was given, thank you,

Colleen from Illinois - BFST Foot - Feb 24, 2016

I first used the cold cure and BFST wraps for a knee injury. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the soft tissue injury healed and the pain subsided. I was back on my motocross bike much faster than I ever have after this serious of an injury. The customer service is top notch and as long as you use the products as prescribed, they are AMAZING! Since then my family has invested in the ankle and back kits and all are outstanding. As an older motocross rider, recovery keeps me in the sport. The cold cure wrap goes to the track with me every time now due to how great it fits and how well it recovers my knee, ankle and back. I also regularly use the BFST wrap in the morning to loosen up prior to working out and before bed after long rides. I strongly recommend these products for anyone that engages in a sport that is strenuous. They keep you going!!!"

MATTHEW from Hawaii - BFST Achilles|ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot|ColdCure Back|B... - Feb 16, 2016

These freakin things are incredible!! I absolutely love them! They are just amazing, and the fact that you followed up with me makes them even more amazing!

michael from New York - ColdCure Wrist - Feb 13, 2016

I simply love your product! I am a classical ballet dancer and had injured my knee, doctors ordered an MRI and were talking possible surgery for meniscus. Not wanting surgery I found King Brand on the Internet and had it rushed to me. Within one, yes, one day my knee significantly felt better and the doctors canceled my MRI to see if it continued to improve, and it has!!! I used it as directed along with physical therapy exercises and I am thrilled to say that I am back dancing at full strength!!! I continue to use the device for preventative purposes and have recommended King Band to several others ! And I must mention the customer service, I was shocked when they called to check on me!! I plan to continue to order from your company, great product!

Anna from North Carolina - BFST Knee - Feb 09, 2016

The calls show how much you care about your customers. It has made me think about the customer service I myself offer. It has inspired me, so thank you.

Charles from Florida - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jan 30, 2016

Mahalo Helen. We love your great customer service. Thank you.

Arapata from Nevada - ColdCure Body - Jan 28, 2016

Thank you Ashley very much for the swift follow-up.

Megan from Yukon Territory - Basics Cold Knee|Basics Knee Heating Pad - Jan 28, 2016

Great service and product!

Gary from Indiana - BFST Foot - Jan 26, 2016

With my outside shoulder/deltoid region experiencing pain consistently for months, a football and tennis repetitive injury, I went online to research treatment. That research confirmed my previous practice of icing the injured area, but added the concept of Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy. Impressed by the King Brand website and products, I purchased the outside shoulder cold wrap and the BFST wrap. After 2 weeks of disciplined application of the prescribed program, I progressed from continuous shoulder pain to almost no pain. Another 2 weeks and my shoulder feels pretty good. I am not yet completely healed, but the therapy has brought me back to a pain free condition, which has allowed me to continue coaching my son to be the next tennis star! King Brand's customer service has also been a pleasant surprise of product and application follow-up, something I have never experienced before.

Hugh from California - Roll Tape|BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder - Jan 22, 2016

I appreciate the good customer service

Stephen from Illinois - BFST Back - Jan 12, 2016

No questions, thank you for the follow up!

Scott from California - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Jan 09, 2016

Thank you for the great customer service. I never knew there was such great customer service out there.

Daniel from Illinois - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jan 06, 2016

Thank you very much, Janis! All of the customer service representatives at King Brand provide exceptional service!

Rosemarie from Texas - ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Jan 06, 2016

Overall I am very happy with your products and your level of service behind your products. Again thank you very much for the wonderful products and even better service!

Yevgeniy from New Jersey - BFST Foot - Dec 22, 2015

I appreciate the follow up and respect you guys for doing the call. Thank you.

Bobby from Georgia - ColdCure Knee - Dec 16, 2015

you have great customer service and the products are very well made.

Blacklisted from Idaho - ColdCure Ankle|BFST Ankle - Dec 16, 2015

I received my bfst four days ago and have been using it on my wrists three times a day. The results are amazing. I had a couple of concerns so I contacted customer service. They are by far the best I have ever worked with which is rare today. I highly recommend their product.

Robin from Illinois - BFST Wrist - Dec 14, 2015

I am very impressed with the wraps and with the follow up call. I am also impressed at how detailed the instructions are. You guys have put a lot of work into it which is important.

Jack from Massachusetts - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Dec 12, 2015

I first came across King Brand Healthcare Products about a year ago when I was looking for something to help my youngest "photographer" brother who was experiencing a bout of tendinitis in his elbow. It is so challenging to "ice" an elbow! I came across the Elbow CureCold as I was perusing the Internet and had it immediately shipped to him. He started using it and quickly felt results. The beauty of this product is that it could even be used while he was out on a job. He said that without this product he would have needlessly suffered for many days and likely even weeks longer. I have been experiencing terrible pain for over a year with a damaged L4 nerve. After dealing with ice bags and other messy and inconvenient sources of cold therapy, I remembered my brother's experience with the Elbow CureCold. I found the King Brand back wrap and ordered it. I am now sleeping with it wrapped around my leg at night. Relief! I use it throughout the day by taking 15 - 20 minute rest periods to prevent the pain from getting out of control. I am not sure what the gel is made of or why it cools like it does but it is amazing. This back wrap can be used on just about any part of the body. On both occasions after ordering a product from King Brand Healthcare, I received a followup call from customer service to inquire as to whether or not the product ordered had arrived and whether or not I was pleased with the product. I was assured that I could contact the company with questions at any time. This is a terrific company that provides superior products!

Patricia from Texas - ColdCure Body - Dec 09, 2015

Very impressed with customer service being here this late

Waiman from California - BFST Wrist - Dec 05, 2015

love it and loves our follow up customer service

David from Florida - ColdCure Knee - Dec 01, 2015

Thank you for your follow up on your wonderful healing devices. Yes, I am more than pleased with them and have told several friends about the very effective healing program. I have had reoccuring tendonitis in my hip for which I had several months of physical therapy last winter, but it did heal. I was quite dismayed when it returned this summer though I had continued to do the exercises consistently. That is when I found King Brand, ordered it, and used it as recommended. And as you suggested, the pain was gone in three weeks. Now I continue to use both heat and cold when I feel any back or hip pain. I know I will continue to find use for the devices in the years to come as I am 80 years old.

Marcia from Iowa - ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Nov 26, 2015

very appreciative of call and customer follow up

Sylvia from Georgia - ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot - Nov 25, 2015

so sweet of you to follow up, thank you so much for caring

Frances from California - BFST Knee - Nov 22, 2015

Thanks for your call regarding my order. You have awesome customer service.

Casey from Colorado - ColdCure Shoulder - Nov 12, 2015

It really works. I love it. I tell everyone about it. It's the best money I've ever spent! You are the best customer service I have ever worked with in all my 87,years. That's how good everyone I have corresponded with has been. I recommend, that you all get a raise in pay.

Paul from Missouri - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Nov 10, 2015

Thank you for your assistance and terrific customer service.

Marilyn from Arizona - BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder - Nov 04, 2015

I have been suffering from epilepsy for the past 3 1/2 years. My seizures are mostly nocturnal. As a result, I wake up with the most excruciating migraines I have ever had in my life. You just can't sleep through that. Nocturnal seizures usually occur as you drift off to sleep or on waking. My seizures were occurring two or three times a week (hard to deal with). When my hip started hurting at night, my sleep was disrupted, and as a result I would wake up half-way into my sleep cycle (3 hours or so) with the same seizures and migraines. Since the hip pain was happening every night, the seizures were happening every night. At one point I got 2-3 hours of sleep almost every night for close to 3 weeks -a few of those nights consisted of 30 minutes. Loss of sleep is a major trigger for seizures, and because of this worsening sleep problem, I began to have more partial seizures (and migraines) during the day. As you can see, I was dealing with a vicious cycle, mostly because of the hip pain. Since I started using the KB Wrap, my sleep has become more regular and that cycle has been largely broken. Wearing it has become a nightly routine for me. Unlike any other ice pack, I can lie on this one as I go to sleep, and it stays colder for a longer period. You can buy one of those flat blue bubble ice packs at different stores and they work somewhat, but you certainly can't get the same comfort level as the KB. Those blue ones are essentially a lumpy bag of ice. You can also get one of those expensive bags of gel, but I wouldn't try lying on it -pop! Besides, you can make one of those yourself -pop!. So those are both a waste of time and money. I've wasted a lot of money on things that don't work. Consider this too -you will not get any customer service from those companies. King Brand has the best customer service of any of those. They actually want you to be satisfied (imagine that!). If you hurt your shoulder and you buy from them, they want you to think of them first if you hurt yourself anywhere else in the future. That's the way a company should treat their customers. I'll bet that their customer loyalty is what keeps them engineering the best products out there. I know it seems odd that an cold pad can help with my condition, but I have tried everything, including some really strong narcotics from my neurologist (I already use that for the migraines), two sleep meds, large doses of steroids and the usual ibuprofen. However, I don't like being a junkie, and I would prefer not to have a hole in my stomach. I wish I would have found this first.

Philip from South Carolina - ColdCure Back - Nov 03, 2015

Your Customer Service is above & beyond. I used 3 gels today and it works! I was really very skeptical... wow what a difference! The swelling has dissipated. This is only the 3rd treatment I've had. All week long I was using a regular icepack and it didn't make a difference..... I really wish I had bought this sooner. I'm impressed already. It feels good too!

James from North Carolina - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Oct 03, 2015

Thank you for your exceptional and exemplary customer service

Enrico from Hawaii - BFST Foot - Sep 30, 2015

We are delighted with the high level of customer service. Please know that Jane seems to be on the mend - that's fantastic! ----- Jane (my wife) sought numerous treatments from a wide range of professionals. At one time or another, Jane has been under the care of a Chiropractor ... a Kinesiologist ... a Physiotherapist and her MD. While each of these practitioners likely aided in the healing of Jane's injury (plantar fasciitis) in some way, the King Brand BFST wrap was the product/treatment that stood above all others! Having witnessed my wife's healing process first hand, I would say that the King Brand BFST wrap accelerated the healing process. Please keep in mind that Jane had to be very diligent by using the BFST wrap on a daily basis for a two month period. Jane rotated between applying the Energy Web® Insert (heat) in conjunction with the Foot ColdCure wrap (cold pack insert). What also made the difference was the high level of customer support that Jane received from you ... King Brand. With a 30 day money-back-guarantee, Jane became concerned that the healing was not taking place and felt "pushed" to return the device. King Brand, being very supportive, extended Jane's money back guarantee to 60 days - this was an all-important commitment which clearly indicated King Brand's confidence and commitment to Jane's recovery! Jane continues to use her King Brand BFST / Foot ColdCure wraps and while she's not 100% just yet, it's clear that she is well on her way to being a good as new! Our sincere thanks to everyone at King Brand for the very high level of customer care/support - such dedication has been fundamental in Jane's recovery.

Peter from Ontario - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Sep 29, 2015

Thank you so much Desiree. This is so helpful. I look forward to the continued use of BFST and having healthy feet again in the near future. I appreciate your time today in answering questions. I am very happy with your customer service.

Joan from Ontario - BFST Foot - Sep 25, 2015

I have been suffering for the last three years and a half from Achilles tendonitis in both ankles. I had seen so many doctors and I have taken so many different kinds of medication. Medication from pain killers to muscle relaxants and also cortisone shots and none of them helped. Even physiotherapists didn't help. Ultra sounds and shockwaves did not help either. The last Doctor I've seen told me to keep taking medication and said " I'm sorry I cannot help you". Honestly. I lost hope. I tried king brand best wrap with cold wrap and now after 1 week, I can walk and I hardly feel the pain and I hope it will be gone soon. It's a great product with excellent customer service, I hope them success.

Ayman from Quebec - BFST Achilles|Roll Tape|ColdCure Achilles - Sep 24, 2015

I love my BFST Knee Wrap! I've recommended it to friends with knee problems. I had an inflamed Meniscus with chronic pain, started on the other knee before I started my BFST Knee Wrap, now I start my day with it and end my day with it. The chronic pain is gone. Of course, I don't know it's just that, or a combination of my morning turmeric tonic, Glucosamine and bone supplements that I take, however, I'm not stopping because it's working. And I will definitely try BFST other products! And they have great Customer Service!

Dorris from New Mexico - BFST Knee - Sep 05, 2015

The customer service I have gotten from your company has been outstanding. Thank you for your fantastic service and if I need something in the future I will certainly contact you.

nancy from Texas - ColdCure Top Shoulder - Sep 02, 2015

Thank you so much for the follow up call. I have never had a company do that. Thank you!

Nicholas from Virginia - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Sep 01, 2015

thanks for sending the follow up inquiry. i received the device less than 48 hours after you shipped, with regular shipping.

Richard from New York - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Achilles - Aug 28, 2015

The customer service is fantastic. So genuine.

Kathleen from California - ColdCure Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape - Jul 26, 2015

Wrap ordered 8 months ago, October 2014. I had a partial tear in my meniscus, a cyst and degeneration as discovered by an MRI about a year ago. It was difficult to walk for too long and chase after my 4 and 6 year old. Every time I tried something physical I would just aggravate my knee and it would swell up like a balloon. In desperation I was searching on line and I found the king brand wraps. At first I was very skeptical-there are so many products out there that claim to help so many problems that it can become overwhelming, and there are so many scams. I knew I did not want an operation as studies are showing operations are sometimes no better than a placebo. So I jumped in and ordered my knee wraps. As ice had helped me previously, I knew the cold wrap would help but was not sure about the BFST wrap. I received my products and starting using as per instructions of cold and BFST. I received instant pain relief from the ice ( as expected) but the convenience of the wrap with the inserts made it so much easier to ice. The BFST was the one that really helped. I used to put it on at night just before bed and found a huge difference the next day. If I did not do the BFST the next day I would still be sore. Together the wraps are an unbeatable combination. I can now walk with no pain. I am not to running yet but when you are older, it just takes longer. But the great thing is I am with hardly any pain and could not walk up our stairs without pulling myself up by the railing. Now I walk up without having to hold on to anything. I highly recommend the BFST and cold wraps, they have taken away hours of pain and potential surgery. Also as soon as I received the wraps I got a call from the company to see how I was doing with the product, Great customer service! many thanks

Nikki from California - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jul 23, 2015

Great service, and products. Starting to feel better slowly. Thank you for being so kind.

MARION from Pennsylvania - Basics Cold Foot|Basics Cold Elbow|Basics Elbow Heati... - Jul 12, 2015

He is very happy with them. It is a very affordable price and we got it the next day. It is fantastic...We have the ankle, knee and back wraps in both BFST and ColdCure types, and they are a tremendous help in accelerating healing. Wish I had had them for my husband's mare when she bowed a tendon a few years back! If you don't yet have products for the equine and canine markets, you need to develop them ASAP! I neglected to tell you about my son-in-law who just had laparoscopic back surgery, many incisions, and my daughter Heather bought the back wraps to help accelerate his healing. I have told her many times about these wraps and when we were in Las Vegas last weekend, I had him try the heat wrap I use for my knee to see whether or not it would help with the back pain. It did, of course, even though getting it to stay in position was tricky. They bought the back wraps, have them already, and are using them with great success. I thank you so much for your company's excellent customer service and useful healing and pain-relief products.

Janis from California - Accessory Strap|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Jun 14, 2015

Ashley was wonderful, in my service in ordering and making decisions Ashley was absolutely superb

Mary from New Jersey - Accessory Sling|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Side Shoulder|ColdC... - Jun 01, 2015

The service you provide is very good! You are so passionate and knowledgeable and I'm sorry to say that that kind of customer service is disappearing. Thank you for listening.

Roger from California - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - May 25, 2015

Thanks a lot for your great products and excellent service.

Steven from New Mexico - - May 20, 2015

Once again thanks for frank & honest customer service,a hallmark as per ur reviews.

RAJESH from SHARJAH - BFST Shoulder - May 19, 2015

Thank you for the follow up. I am using the BFST product on my wrist and I love it. I will use the Cold Cure as necessary. My neighbour bought these products for her ankle, and she recommended them to me for my wrist. I'm so glad she did.

Laura from Massachusetts - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 14, 2015

A sincere thank you for excellent service and concern for a customer. Thank you so much.

DJ from Iowa - ColdCure Foot - May 12, 2015

I have been using this product since it has arrived and I absolutely love it. It's been 4 months and I still use it three times a day. Great customer service!

glenn from New Jersey - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - May 08, 2015

Amber ! Such a Pleasure talking with You as well as doing Business !!! I will say that you are REALLY Great at Fantastic Fast Shipping and,,,, Your Customer /Public Relationship skills are Exemplary ! It is always nice that someone will LISTEN and HELP a Customer on their particular needs in which You have done me Super Great ! I am soooo Very Grateful. I will order out the Wrist Cold pack next month, and perhaps another Cold wrap like what you Recommended to me today !

Don from Washington - ColdCure Knee - May 07, 2015

So far so good. Both me and my wife are using them and like them. I think it is great you guys do follow up calls, that is very rare. Thank you.

Allen from New York - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - May 07, 2015

Thank you for contacting me, I really appreciated your follow up and help.

Michael from Ohio - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape - May 06, 2015

I'm very impressed that your company offers this (consultation) service to its customers.

Barbara from California - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Apr 01, 2015

Excellent customer service. They called me to see if I was happy with my purchase

Karen from Illinois - Basics Cold Ankle - Mar 31, 2015

The BFST has been my lifeline! I recommend it to everyone! I am a dog walker and hiker and talk to a lot of people on the trails about it. I think it's a great product as is the quality of customer service.

Mikell from California - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Mar 31, 2015

Thank you so much for your follow up call! More companies need to take leafs from your book. My wife loves the ColdCure and found immediate comfort and relief from using it. She is really impressed with the gel packs, the wrap itself and how well it targets the areas she needs. It is a very well made wrap and we are both very excited for her to start the BFST.

Chris from Texas - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Mar 19, 2015

I think it is so great that you guys do follow up calls! You never see that!

Paul from California - ColdCure Elbow - Mar 09, 2015

Great service! Fast shipping!

JoAnne from Florida - Basics Achilles Heating Pad|Basics Cold Achilles - Mar 01, 2015

We got it Thank you for the amazing follow-up! We are huge fans of the King Brand Wraps and it is working wonderfully.

Robert from Maryland - BFST Foot - Feb 28, 2015

Thank you so much for the follow-up! I love the product and it is working well for me.

Melissa from Ohio - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Feb 26, 2015

Amber, Thank you for all your help. I was very happy with your quick response and excellent service. I will tell my friends about your company.

michael from Illinois - - Feb 11, 2015

Everything is good! Thank you for the follow-up

Peter from Pennsylvania - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Jan 31, 2015

I think it is wonderful and just so rare that you guys call and follow up. Thank you.

Ralph from Texas - ColdCure Foot - Jan 25, 2015

Thank you so much for the great service.

Deringer-Rita from Ohio - ColdCure Elbow - Jan 19, 2015

At age 72 I suddenly found myself with a torn rotator cuff, and no idea how it happened. The doctor recommended a series of physical therapy visits in a rehab facility - or surgery and follow-up therapy. Neither one was possible for me since I am basically homebound caring for my totally disabled husband. We were introduced to the King Brand in-home therapy products and ordered the combination treatment using the BFST and ColdCure shoulder wraps. It was a perfect combination - the heat wrap relieved my pain and the cold wrap helped to prevent swelling. The wraps made my treatment so easy to manage right at home. I could do the heat treatment as often as I needed and at my own convenience - even while sitting at my computer. And the cold wrap design allowed me to be up and move about the house after doing my exercise routine. The combination of treatments worked so well that I could almost forget about my shoulder restrictions and surprised myself doing things I had trouble with earlier. I hear that shoulder re-injuries happen easily, so I am very glad to have the wraps handy any time I need another treatment.

Lois from North Carolina - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Jan 12, 2015

Many thanks for the great customer service.

karen from Massachusetts - BFST Leg - Jan 09, 2015

I think it is wonderful that you guys do follow ups calls. Thank you.

Kathy from California - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Jan 05, 2015

Since I started using the Shoulder BSFT Wrap for my rotator cuff tear injury 2 moths ago, I am feeling much better with less pain and more range of motion with my arm. When I needed the switch replacement of the wrap, they agreed to send it to me free of charge. That was an amazing customer service. The BSFT Wrap is the best thing I have ever had to heal the pain.

yoshijiro from California - - Dec 26, 2014

You and your company are to be commended for your prompt, personal service. Unusual these days. Thank you so much. I always knew I liked people from Canada.

Jeffrey from Ohio - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Dec 23, 2014

You guys have great customer service.

lorraine from Pennsylvania - Basics Foot Heating Pad|BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles - Dec 18, 2014

Thank you for calling me. I think you guys have great customer service.

Julie from Florida - ColdCure Shoulder - Dec 16, 2014

I am truly happy with the product! To say that your wraps are a miracle is an understatement! The service, care & consideration from Heather and the team has been phenomenal!!!!! Thank you King Brand

ANNETTA from Texas - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Dec 15, 2014

You guys have great customer service!

christopher from Ohio - BFST Shoulder - Dec 10, 2014

Thank you for the followup, I am working with the instructions that you sent and seem to be noticing a difference with my elbow!

Anthony from Texas - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Dec 10, 2014

The unit is working for me and I'm very happy to have found this type of treatment for my shoulder. I've referred a few other people to your products. I am a believer in your product and customer service I receive, so would like others to benefit from it as well.

Khoi from California - ColdCure Shoulder|BFST Shoulder - Dec 08, 2014

the ColdCure Shoulder Wrap is really helping a lot - really appreciated the follow up too!

wendy from California - ColdCure Shoulder - Dec 07, 2014

I have received all the products, and they work great. Thank you for your great service, and for the follow-up call!!!

Merritt from New York - BFST Achilles|Accessory Strap|ColdCure Ankle - Dec 04, 2014

I am delighted with these products - They are fantastic - I really appreciate that you too the time to call back as well.....Great service!!

sydney from New York - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Dec 04, 2014

I am a golfer and I have two ColdCure Back Wraps. I take them in a cooler on the course with me and use them as I need them. They work well. Thank you for the follow up call, I really appreciated it.

Juan from California - ColdCure Back - Nov 24, 2014

Thank you for the follow-up! The Wraps are amazing!

Roger from Alabama - BFST Shoulder - Nov 20, 2014

Wow. Amber. Impressive service and mailing speed. Thank you!

Carolyn from Illinois - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Nov 13, 2014

I love them! They are just perfect. My shoulder feels better already. These have been a complete lifesaver for me and I will recommend them to everyone I know. I also love that you guys follow up. I have never seen a company do so before. Thank you so much.

Marie from Georgia - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Nov 12, 2014

These are the best things I have ever bought! I had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and I can't believe how much this is helping. I also would like to commend your company on its customer service. You don't find companies in the US that call and follow up with people to see how they are doing. I might add that I was impressed with the quality of the material used in the shoulder wraps. It was very comfortable to wear and caused no chafing like the sling they gave me to wear after surgery.

Norman from Texas - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Nov 07, 2014

Thank you for the speedy service

Lora from Nebraska - BFST Back|ColdCure Shoulder|BFST Shoulder - Nov 04, 2014

I have plantar fasciitis and have had it for 6 months. I have been using BFST/ColdCure Foot Wraps for 3 days now and it is the best 3 days I have had in 6 months. I love the products so far and really appreciate the follow up!

Chad from Alberta - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Oct 23, 2014

Thank you for the excellent service in following up and processing my return. Because of that I will be sure to consider King again in the future.

Larry from Kansas - ColdCure Shoulder - Oct 21, 2014

Just to comment on your Customer Service! I called the number and "Patricia" was a great help to my selecting the best product for my area of healing needs! THANK YOU PATRICIA!

Cyndy from California - BFST Achilles - Oct 17, 2014

I wish every company had such great customer service like yours, especially in this busy world. Thank you.

ray from North Dakota - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Oct 17, 2014

I think it is great customer service that you follow up with your customers to see how things are going.

John from Virginia - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Oct 14, 2014

Your company has the best customer service I have ever experienced!!

Larry from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Sep 29, 2014

I appreciate the follow up so much. It is so kind and considerate and definitely the kind of customer service I like to see.

Jannice from California - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Sep 24, 2014

Thank you…I appreciate the great customer service.

RS from Hawaii - BFST Back|BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder|ColdCure Back - Sep 23, 2014

Thank you very much, your customer service is awesome.

Carlos from Ohio - - Sep 23, 2014

Thank you for your prompt service & integrity....

Mark from Wisconsin - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg - Sep 23, 2014

Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Erin from Ohio - - Sep 19, 2014

Thank you very much for your fast and courteous customer service.

Private Registration - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Sep 18, 2014

Thank you for the follow up. I appreciate it.

ALICIA from Illinois - BFST Back - Sep 18, 2014

I really appreciate the call. I never had a company follow up like that before. You are better than any other doctor I have spoken with. Thank you. You guys are amazing.

Elaine from Ohio - Accessory Strap|ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Sep 15, 2014

Thank you so Very Much for your prompt, courteous service!!!

Marti from Texas - - Sep 15, 2014

we are really enjoying the shoulder wraps so far - they fit well - and I am very thankful for the follow up call

Patricia from North Carolina - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Sep 09, 2014

I think it's great customer service that you make these follow up calls.

Kelly from Colorado - BFST Knee - Sep 05, 2014

I appreciate your good customer service.

Leanne from Georgia - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Aug 27, 2014

WOW! Thanks Patricia! I am so impressed with your customer service, AND the product is wonderful! I will use this company again and recommend you to my friends and family! I truly wish you a blessed day!

Michael from Florida - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Aug 26, 2014

I am very impressed - I didn't know what to expect but I feels that I am improving, slowly but still improving. Really appreciated the follow up call too!

Jamie from Colorado - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Aug 26, 2014

I think these are excellent products and appreciate the follow up very much.

Donna from Georgia - ColdCure Body - Aug 22, 2014

Nice good service

david from Massachusetts - BFST Back - Aug 21, 2014

Heather, Thanks so much, this is the best customer service I have had in a long time.

Jim from Arizona - - Aug 20, 2014

I do not have throbbing in my shoulder every night since starting to use the Shoulder Wraps - I really appreciated the follow up call and the quick delivery

Stuart from Georgia - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Aug 14, 2014

We appreciate very much your sending us a new switch for the wrap. Thanks so much for your help with this! I appreciate the great service your company provides!

Vicki from Maryland - BFST Achilles - Aug 08, 2014

Thanks so much for the outreach / follow up! The customer service at King Brand has been outstanding. Form the sales rep, to this follow up ... it has been terrific.

Adam from Massachusetts - BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles - Aug 01, 2014

I am very happy with the wraps - you have a great product and great customer service

Michael from Ontario - BFST Back|ColdCure Back|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jul 30, 2014

I received my wraps (BFST and ColdCure Ankle) and I am really enjoying them and I am very thankful for the follow up call

Gwendolyn from Illinois - ColdCure Ankle|BFST Ankle - Jul 29, 2014

Thank you so very much, Amber! You are every bit, if not much better, than I had heard you were! It's a real pleasure to do business with a company like King, and I'm more than sure that a large part of their success is because of your excellent customer service, which is the life of a company. Thanks again, and you will be the first one I call if my knee does not continue to improve. I would be glad for you to use my comments. I truly meant them and would be glad for others to know how very efficient and accommodating you are.

Nancy from Texas - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Jul 18, 2014

Thank you for such quick service and personal concern for me. This is a true service company! I would recommend you to any of my friends who would need your products. Thank you!

Rita from Florida - ColdCure Achilles - Jul 15, 2014

Great customer service.

WM from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Shoulder|BFST Shoulder - Jul 14, 2014

I like everything about these wraps and think they are going to be just great for treatment. I think it is terrific you called to follow up. Thank you. Thank you for your call yesterday asking about my results with the Cold Cure Wrap. Very satisfied with the product and with the Customer Service. A letter has been sent to King Brand applauding the quality of the service. Your call yesterday is another example of King Brand Service.

Leo from Pennsylvania - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Jul 11, 2014

I also would like to acknowledge you and the company for this outstanding customer service. It is truly appreciated.

Roberto from California - BFST Leg - Jul 07, 2014

I am so impressed with your customer service. I have never had a company call and follow up before. That is fantastic. I was really impressed with how quickly I got it and the phone call I received after to make sure I liked it. I was treated very good.

Karen from California - ColdCure Shoulder - Jul 04, 2014

I am very happy with the ColdCure back wrap, it is the most wonderful thing I have ever used. I am a physical therapist and LOVE this product - my mom has one as well and she raves about it too. I love the fact that you called to follow up , what great customer service.

Christine from Missouri - ColdCure Back - Jul 04, 2014

It is a pleasure to get such great customer service!

LINDA from Florida - - Jul 02, 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful and patient service personnel you staff.

Carol from Indiana - ColdCure Shoulder - Jul 01, 2014

I do think your company offers wonderful customer service, including follow up work

Douglas from Florida - ColdCure Shoulder|BFST Shoulder - Jun 26, 2014

I really appreciate the follow-up and I think you have a great product

John from Washington - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Jun 23, 2014

I was extremely impressed with your company and especially your concise explanation of the injury and your method of healing. It all made perfect sense, and has been proven correct as soon as I started using the Cold Cure and the BFST on my Plantar Fascia injury. Your prompt delivery and personal follow-up was most impressive! I have already recommended your product to numerous friends and co-workers. You folks and your product are fantastic!!! D.R. Geier

David from Washington - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jun 19, 2014

Thanks for taking care of this issue. I also would like to acknowledge you and the company for this outstanding customer service. It is truly appreciated.

Roberto from California - - Jun 16, 2014

I wish all companies had such excellent customer service as yours :-) Thanks Amber. If you are not in charge of the company you should be! ;-) I have been a runner for over 35 years and recently suffered an achilles injury that despite various professional treatments refused to heal, I purchased both a coldcure and BFST wrap from King Brand and with their continued use my injury has started to improve and I have been able to resume training which I consider a minor miracle. I have been very impressed with both King Brands products and customer service, Amber especially is beyond reproach with her speedy response to emails and cheery personality - David UK Happy Customer

David from Worcestershire - BFST Achilles - Jun 10, 2014

I really appreciate the follow up call. Most companies only care about getting your money and never bother with you again. I am very impressed that you guys care enough to call. Thank you.

Shing-Mei from South Carolina - ColdCure Leg - May 23, 2014

Your website is very informative and my chiropractor is very impressed with this concept. I am very impressed with the quality of the products and very appreciative of the follow up call.

James from Pennsylvania - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - May 07, 2014

It conforms very good to the foot. I am very impressed that it arrived in half the amount of time that was stated. Also, you have wonderful customer service.

Peggy from Alaska - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - May 07, 2014

Wonderful customer service.

Darlene from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - May 06, 2014

I LOOOVE MY BACK WRAP! I can put it on and still go about the activities in my day. I don't have to be laid up on the couch on an ice pack all day. I also like that it comes with 3 gels. If I need another wrap I will be calling you guys. I really appreciate the follow up call as well, you don't hear of that very often. Thank you.

Gail from Colorado - ColdCure Back - May 05, 2014

I am very appreciative of your company's customer service. You guys have answered all my questions every time I called. I have no complaints at all about your company.

Ann from Georgia - BFST Knee - May 05, 2014

I think your company is sensational, your customer service is marvellous Just the ice treatment has made my foot so much better

Jae from Illinois - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - May 05, 2014

This company has provided the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever experienced. After my item arrived, they called me to follow up and ensure that I had received my package, and that the products were working for me. I got the sense that they really care about their customers and want to know how the products are achieving the desired effect. In my case, I benefited quite alot from using the hot and cold wraps for tendonitis. At one point, the heating element in my elbow wrap had stopped working, and when I called to see if it was still under warranty, the lady I spoke with couldn't have been nicer or more patient with me as we tried several things to determine what might be causing the issue. Once she determined what the problem was, she told me that they would ship me a replacement heating pad. I received another one right away. They apologized for any inconvenience, were so helpful, and again, were concerned about my condition, and how I was faring. I cannot say enough good things about this company, and how they treat their customers. I will gladly buy from them again, should the need arise. Other companies should follow their business model when it comes to customer service. King Brand representatives answer the phone; what a rarity that is these days, and they take the time to call you! I've found them to be friendly, genuine and, if this is the business norm in Canada, I just might be moving north one of these days! *Customers reference to hot/heating pad is the BFST

Rena from Missouri - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - May 02, 2014

I love them, they save me at night from ALOT of pain, I wear whenever I need too. Huge help, keeps me from keeping oxycotin. Loves that we do a follow up call

James from Washington - ColdCure Foot - May 02, 2014

I am unbelievably impressed with the customer service your company offers. It is just wonderful!

Rena from Missouri - - May 01, 2014

Wow, I am impressed. Great customer service Amber. Yes, I received the foot wrap yesterday and have been using it several times a day. My PT says that if it provides deep heating (and it does just that) it should speed the healing. I like that although my foot feels warm during and after use, there is no burning or hot spots like I had with a standard heating pad. I also like that the heat is concentrated in the heel area, perfect for plantar fasciitis.

Robert from Florida - BFST Foot - Apr 24, 2014

Wow, thanks for responding so quickly! You have great customer service!

David from Illinois - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg - Apr 24, 2014

So far I really like it This is the first time I've ordered something like this and had someone follow up with me, I'm tickled by it

Joanie from Texas - ColdCure Knee - Apr 22, 2014

Thanks once again for all your wonderful service, I think there is no other company like yours that takes such good care of their clients

Leonor from Georgia - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Apr 20, 2014

I used the ColdCure Knee wrap for the first time this morning. The product is great! It decreased my pain just as you said it would. The gels fit in very nicely. I would recommend this product to others. Please thank Kyle for me! The wrap is really well made, easy to use, stays put whether I'm walking or reclining, and puts the cold where I want it. I don't know if I mentioned it on the phone, but I left a message on Saturday night after finding your site on the net. Kyle called me back.. on Sunday! He was a fine customer service rep, explained the product well, went over the shipping options with me, wished me good luck on my surgery and generally represented King Brand like a champ; respectful, but without any of that transparent, scripted obsequiousness that characterizes so many customer service contacts these days. Good job by the shipping dept. as well, since I got my wrap in jig time; I came home the day my surgery was to have been performed, to find the package on the porch. Good fortune to you all at King Brand.

Robert from California - ColdCure Knee - Apr 17, 2014

Apr 14: I am very impressed so far with the products. I have only been using them for a weekend and I think I am already feeling a difference. I really appreciate the follow up call, that's great! I will call back in a few weeks to give an you an update on my progress. Thank you!

dexter from Connecticut - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Apr 14, 2014

Thank you for such terrific service. Sincerely appreciate it.

jane from Arizona - ColdCure Knee - Apr 11, 2014

Patricia called me today and asked about my experience with my new shoulder cold packs. I was very impressed with this level of customer service. And your phones are open to midnight….unheard of. BRAVO!

Jack from Kansas - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Apr 09, 2014

I recently ordered and received an ankle wrap. I wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the service and with the product I am recovering from surgery for an ankle that I broke in two places. Prior to purchasing the King Wrap I was trying all different shapes and sizes of wraps to ice my ankle, never finding the perfect shape. The King Wrap is a perfect fit and gets the ice right to the needed area. I have begun physical therapy, and took my wrap to my therapist who is starting to recommend to other patients. I think that it would be helpful to your next new customer, to have your website embroidered on the boot along with your Logo to make it easy to find you or refer someone to you. I'm so happy I was able to find your product!

Janice from Ohio - ColdCure Achilles - Apr 08, 2014

Once again thank you for your wonderful service, which I have enjoyed since my purchase of my King Brand BFST. As I had mentioned to you, it has provided me with fantastic relief of my pain from a total tear of my Rt. Rotator cup. Prior to it's use, I had such pain that I had many sleepless nights. Since both shoulders were affected, I have been able to maneuver the shoulder wrap to use it on my Lt. shoulder as well.

Richard from Ontario - BFST Shoulder - Apr 03, 2014

I appreciate the awesome products and service!

Matt from Georgia - BFST Achilles - Mar 30, 2014

I think it is an excellent product and very well made. It is exactly the right design for my knee surgery recovery. I appreciate the follow up and especially how fast it was delivered. I am really happy with it.

Barbara from California - ColdCure Knee - Mar 26, 2014

After only three days of treatment I am noticing a difference in my Plantar Fasciitis, due to the cold packs and BFST heat. Also helps to wear really good shoes that promotes help for Plantar Fasciitis. I am so very grateful for this wonderful product. As of now (three days later) at least I can walk around my house in limited times without all the pain I had. Thank you King Brand Healthcare and thanks for the follow up phone call I got to make sure I was doing fine and to Amber also for offering some excellent tips to recover faster!!! LOVE these products and the customer service help I got!!

Karen from Nevada - BFST Foot - Mar 25, 2014

I have been using it only a couple days and it seems to be making a difference already. Thanks for the follow up call. That's awesome customer service!

randall from North Carolina - BFST Wrist - Mar 24, 2014

Yes, I received the cold cure wrap and am extremely satisfied! I served 20 yrs in the Navy and have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis since 1997. I have tried steroid shots in my heels, and numerous other types of treatments, as well as spent over $500 on trying to find the right shoes to help alleviate the pain. Over time and using some of the treatments my right foot is pain free I am happy to say. The left one though..... different story. I am excited to tell you that after only two days am already feeling the effects of the wrap! The fact that the gel is cold but not frozen helps, as I can walk around my house and have my foot in the wrap with little to no pain. Wish I could've found this years ago! Thanks for the follow up email and giving a satisfied customer the chance to tell their story.

Elynda from California - ColdCure Foot - Mar 19, 2014

I think your company is magic! Both my feet and my ankle are doing great. I am very happy and appreciative of your customer service and the the call to check in with me.

Robert from New York - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Mar 13, 2014

I think your company is magic! Both my feet and my ankle are doing great. I am very happy and appreciative of your customer service and the the call to check in with me.

Robert from New York - ColdCure Achilles|BFST Achilles - Mar 13, 2014

"I am impressed with the quality of the product and the service so far. Keep up the good work!"

Theresa from Texas - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Mar 05, 2014

Customer service has been great!

Michelle from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Foot - Mar 03, 2014

thank you very much for the excellent service..... my wife uses them daily. she has had back surgery so she realy uses them. jerry

jerry from Illinois - - Feb 28, 2014

I really appreciate your customer service When I heard about the products I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning, but I love them

Ralph from Florida - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - Feb 17, 2014

This is my first encounter with carpal tunnel and it is a most painful experience. Before I found you, I tried exercises and actually it made it worse. I do like to heal naturally. I kept returning to your sight as my sleep was interrupted every hour on the hour with horrible pain in my right hand. Then after many sleepless nights, I decided to try your treatment. Believe me, that was the "best" decision I made. Following the information you kindly included with the "ColdCure and the unique BFST", I am sleeping and feeling better. I have gotten a lot of my strength back in my hand and only wake up once during the night. I have been using your treatment one week and it is working. I call it "my miracle". I have now graduated to level 2 and it feels so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful that I found you. Your product is awesome, gives relief and really does help the body cure itself. Again, my thanks and your product is worth every penny and more! "I recommend your product, I really do... I'm thrilled with it, I will testify, it will heal, you have to follow the instructions but your instructions are really clear... I've never gotten anything from Canada before so I was keeping an eye on it, I'm so happy with your tracking... I'm very happy with your customer service and oh my gosh I'm so happy with your ice one and the one I use to heal".

Marie from Pennsylvania - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Feb 12, 2014

Great Customer Service!

Lynn from Michigan - ColdCure Achilles|ColdCure Knee - Feb 11, 2014

They have really great customer service!

Mindy from Oregon - BFST Shoulder|ColdCure Shoulder - Feb 07, 2014

Great service. Thank you!

Susan from Florida - ColdCure Foot|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Feb 05, 2014

"My physical therapist is extremely impressed at the rate I am recovering and I've given all the credit to you guys" "I very much appreciate the follow up"

Robert from New York - ColdCure Shoulder - Jan 30, 2014

5 star service!

Amy from Missouri - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Jan 17, 2014

"(ColdCure) Really has been helpful... I appreciate the follow up call it's been very helpful"

Nancy from Florida - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jan 06, 2014

Your service is exemplary.

Janice from Virginia - - Jan 05, 2014

Dealing with your staff has been a positive experience

Karen from Missouri - ColdCure Knee - Jan 05, 2014

I am very pleased with the results am getting from your products, as well as your customer service

Michael from California - BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles - Dec 29, 2013

I absolutely love our ColdCure Foot product! I really love the logo. If I were to wear this product in public, people will ask how I am able to walk when I am in so much pain, and I will be able to show them and say "King Brand". We have also just now informed a local high school baseball coach about your products and website. We do look forward to receiving our next order of King brand products.

William from California - ColdCure Foot - Dec 26, 2013

Thank you very much. Your customer service is one of the best I've seen. Happy holidays

stacy from California - BFST Elbow - Dec 20, 2013

Once again thank you so much for your quick response, always much appreciated. Not many companies today offer such great service.

Leonor from Georgia - - Dec 12, 2013

I am very happy with your company's customer service. I accidentally ordered an extra product and it was rectified promptly and confirmed with an email. Now you have called to follow up with my order. It's not often you can get really good customer service anymore, whether by phone or email, and your company has done both!

ROGER from California - ColdCure Knee - Dec 11, 2013

I appreciate Your courtesy and efficient customer service. Thank you

Raydene from Hawaii - BFST Knee - Dec 10, 2013

I called your toll free number earlier this evening to get answers to a couple of questions I had about using the shoulder Cold Cure wrap. I was amazed that my phone call was answered in less than five rings and by an actual human voice….no answering machines, no foreign accents no annoying request for English/Spanish, etc. In short, I was VERY pleased with the quality of service you provide and the pleasant manner in which it is dispensed. Thank you so very much. Please keep up the great work!

Marie from New York - ColdCure Shoulder - Dec 09, 2013

Not only a great product but a five star customer service. Anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis will want BFST. The relief was amazing and three weeks instead of six that is standard healing time for this condition was a blessing. It feels so good I plan to use it for tired feet at end of day. Everything you read on the site was proven true and the information they give most helpful and educational. This is one responsible company.

paula from New York - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Dec 03, 2013

1st customer email: Products ordered arrived several weeks ago and am following the treatment process recommended on your website. Missed a follow up telephone call, for which I thank you, and please extend my thanks to your product designers and customer service folks for a job well done. I am on the mend. Cheers, Dave Halloran, Altamonte Springs Florida. 2nd customer email: ....plan to stay in touch as you have really found the answer to long term strained tendons and muscles. I am finding the key is not to leave the cold pack on too long, then get the leg in this case down to promote circulation to the Achilles tendon. I am an octogenarian and circulation can come hard, but the “deswelling” then “recirculation” does the trick. A touch of the grape helps too. Thanks, Dave Halloran"

David from Florida - ColdCure Achilles - Nov 17, 2013

Let your company know that I am very appreciate your kindness customer service and also your product. It is very save my life. Is working great for all the pain that I have. I have forward your Company website to all my friends and families around the world. your product is amazing. Thank you,

Stephanie from California - - Oct 17, 2013

I purchased the King Brand ColdCure Leg Wrap for my husband, Larry Perez. I am happy to provide positive feedback regarding your products and service. You may use any of the statements below as testimony. •The Customer Service Rep, Stu, was very knowledgeable about which products to use for my husband's diagnosed condition: Baker's Cyst •He thoroughly explained the ColdCure technology and how to use the 'cold refrigerated' therapy for all day comfort without risk of 'freezer burn' from ice therapy. •Having the (3) gel packs to rotate is such a simple and wonderfully beneficial process. •The ColdCure Leg Wrap is an EASY to use, very FLEXIBLE wrap that stays SECURELY in place. This treatment has brought immense relief to my husband.

Larry from Louisiana - ColdCure Leg - Sep 17, 2013

Think your customer service is excellent, and really appreciate your follow ups and tracking.

MH from Missouri - ColdCure Knee - Jul 26, 2013

Verbal testimony from customer - So happy with the customer service at KingBrand, it says a lot about a company that cares that much! Emailed testimony from customer - "Dear Bev...I have achilles tendonitis just below the anklebone and above the heel. Rather than take anti-inflammatories with side effects, I checked into your cold wrap and BFST therapies. What impressed me most was the opportunity to help myself heal faster and get back to my running and your excellent customer service. You advised me what to do and even called back to follow-up! I am looking forward to more pain free days and to avoiding the future need for any surgery. Thank you, Jack, Florida"

Jack from Florida - BFST Achilles|ColdCure Achilles - Jul 23, 2013

I purchased a knee wrap from KBHP of the internet, and it arrived yesterday. I am post-op 18 days from my second total knee replacement. The knee wrap consists of a Neoprene insulated sleeve with hook and loop (Velcro) attachments that wrap around your knee to whatever degree of comfort you desire. On the inside of the wrap is a net pocket for one of the 3 included gel-pak U shaped inserts. Those inserts are cooled in your fridge and then one at a time slipped into the holder on the knee wrap. It's real easy to attach to wrap to your knee and Very comfortable. After about 20-30 minutes the gel-pak can be removed and now you can use the wrap as a compression device to continue to rehab your affected area. R.I.C.E. is the acronym for this type of therapy, REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION; this device works perfectly for ALL the suggested treatments. I even wore it while I was outside in the TEXAS 100 degree heat yesterday and it worked fine, never slipped down as I walked around. I wore it to bed last night and got up halfway through the night for a gel-pak change. Since it comes with three pak's, there is always a couple in reserve getting cold in the fridge. Finally, it says in the provided information not to put the gel-pak's in the freezer. I did put one in there, it did not fracture, or explode or freeze, but it did get considerably colder. If you use it this way, a simple cloth barrier between it and the skin makes sure you don't get cold burn damage. I love it. It was very reasonable, under $60.00 U.S. delivered and I will get much relief from it. I' wearing it right now as I write this. I don't work for these folks or know them at all, I stumbled onto the site on the internet looking for relief for my swollen knee. I'm a 62 year old retired Public Servant and Biker. I would not say this was a SCORE if it was not. Tim Reilly, Boerne, TX. USA

joseph from Texas - ColdCure Knee - Jul 12, 2013

I cannot say enough about this Company and its products! First of all, I placed my order on a Friday online and while I paid a little extra to expedite delivery, I was shocked when the products were delivered the following Monday afternoon. After all, I live in Maryland and the wrist wraps came from Canada. You don't see that kind of service everyday! I am a legal secretary... have been for about 40 years now. Recently, I developed tendinitis and arthritis in my right hand and wrist. Needless to say I started using the cold pack and the warm stimulator wrist wrap immediately. The tendinitis started to clear up in just a few days and the pain from the arthritis has also subsided. In fact, were it not for these two products, I would not have been able to work at all for the past two weeks. To make matters even better, King Brand called me no fewer than four times before reaching me just to ask if everything is working out for me and if the products were working to help the injuries. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell them how happy I am with their service and products. And I am just as pleased to have this opportunity to tell you as well. P.S. I just typed this entire message with my right thumb and... believe it or not... without pain! Su. in Maryland

JoAnne from Maryland - ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - May 30, 2013

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