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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. Your positive feedback and success stories are what keep us striving to get even better!

The Integrity of Our Testimonials

King Brand Testimonials are 100 Percent Accurate

ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

I have a meniscus tear. I can honestly say, I've used it(BFST) no more than six or seven times, and I think my knee is cured. I don't even think I need to get surgery for it! I'll hear some crackling in there and it'll still hurt, but I think with enough time and more rest this could easily be knocked out in two months. Like, wow. You guys saved me a knee surgery!

Valbona from Oklahoma - BFST Leg - Nov 24, 2023

It's a very nice, conforming unit. It goes right where I need it to be. It's better than a heating pad.

Steven from New York - BFST Top Shoulder - Nov 18, 2023

You talk to the doctors around here about the BFST and they're like "I don't know what you're talking about," and I'm like, "Well, maybe you should." Because it saved me from several unnecessary surgeries - which may have been necessary if I hadn't found the BFST several years ago. It's my first go-to, and when they say, "How did you fix it," I tell them, and they just stare, with this blank stare, and I'm thinking - Look it up!

Tiffany from Utah - BFST Side Shoulder - Nov 17, 2023

I've only had the knee one(BFST) for about a week, and I've been dealing with this problem with my knee for about four months. Within two days I was able to walk. I've been using crutches in my house, because I can barely walk. I couldn't step off of a curb, or into the threshold of my house, or into a car without struggling. But now, I've been able to actually climb a few stairs. This is amazing to me. A friend of mine, I brought it over to her house last night, and I let her use it on her back, and she said that her back feels so much better. She might actually be buying one too. I can't say enough about it.

Darlene from Texas - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Nov 15, 2023

I want to give a review for Talia. I called in today and she was the representative I got. She was amazing. It had been a couple of years since I ordered a product from your company. She searched by address and found my order. She stayed with the search until she found my past order. I was able to Purchase the same product. This sounds like it didn’t take much time. It did. She was determined to find the older order and I know there are ones that would not have taken the time to find what I was wanting to order again. She was so kind, friendly and I just wanted whoever reads this to know she gave great customer service. I did tell her this and she thanked me. I feel she needs to be thanked by the company for going above and beyond. Oh give her 5 *****!

Dane from Texas - - Nov 15, 2023

Thanks so much for the quick response and for the integrity with which you are handling this minor issue. So uncommon in today’s world, dominated by mega-corporations. Believe me, I’m appreciative and it will compel me to recommend King Brand to any acquaintance at every opportunity.

Glenn from Pennsylvania - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Nov 11, 2023

This week, I had the most extraordinary experience. Having recently been diagnosed with a complex meniscus tear, I was researching non-surgical treatments when I had the good fortune to happen upon the King Brand website. The information presented on their site was so logical and detailed that I decided to order their Knee OTG Pack, which includes the BFST Wrap and ColdCure Wrap. I’d just started my treatments when I received a text message offering consultation and help in managing my treatment. Upon responding, I immediately received an extremely helpful phone call from a knowledgeable and interested representative of the company. Talia willingly spent considerable time on the phone explaining every aspect of recommended treatment and answering my many questions. So professional. So knowledgeable. So considerate and respectful. That experience is exceptional in this day and age where true customer service is nearly unheard of. I would recommend the King Brand company and their products to anyone. It is a rare opportunity for a quality product and extraordinary customer service.

Glenn from Pennsylvania - - Nov 11, 2023

Having this wrap now is really a blessing for me.

Jennifer from Pennsylvania - BFST Knee - Nov 10, 2023

My knee was paining me so I couldn't walk on it. I saw King Brand online and I said "I'm going to try that." And it healed me! I don't know what it did, but my knee pain all went away. I still use it when one knee or the other starts bothering me, I put it on for a few days and man, it's a miracle!

Charley from New York - BFST Foot - Nov 10, 2023

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

I've been dealing with this issue on my knee for about four months now. I actually had to quit my job because I couldn't walk too far. I've been using the product four times a day for two days already, and yesterday I didn't have any pain. I'm resting, and doing all the things I should be doing, but my mobility has increased already and I've only had two days of treatment. So I'm telling everyone I know about it. I'm thoroughly pleased and surprised at the results I've gotten so far.

Darlene from Texas - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Nov 08, 2023

Thank you so much! I ordered the king brand knee BFST and Cold Cure last October. I was diagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon stating I had a torn meniscus. I have a friend that told me about King Brand. He had a torn meniscus and your product completely healed him and me too! Not having to have surgery was a blessing and a miracle! I can’t wait for the BFST for my foot to get here!!!

Anne from Mississippi - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Nov 06, 2023

You are a great professional and you work for a great company. I am very happy with the service I've received.

Jose from Florida - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Nov 04, 2023

I've got my routine down and it's helping me get relief. It's only been a couple days and I got up this morning being able to walk without crutches and a lot less pain. Thanks again for your wonderful products.

Lori from Pennsylvania - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Nov 04, 2023

I really appreciate your attentiveness and listening to me, because I have not been able to sleep for a whole week because of the pain... I've had little pains in my knee before, but I've never had this before... I appreciate it Talia, you did a great job. They hired the right person to do this.

Patrick from California - ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape|BFST Knee - Nov 03, 2023

We are happy BFST customers in Ohio!

Richard from Ohio - - Nov 03, 2023

I've got an elbow wrap and it has been very successful. I had tennis elbow back in spring and it's fine now.

Ron from Illinois - BFST Elbow - Nov 02, 2023

I used your shoulder wrap and it definitely helped me... so I came back for the back wrap.

Tracy from Hawaii - BFST Back - Oct 25, 2023

I ordered your BFST for my knee, and I've had it two weeks, and it's wonderful. I love it. I would say I'm 75-80% better. I'm very pleased with the product. In July, I couldn't even make it six or seven steps sometimes. My pain was when I stood, and now I do have a little pain - but I didn't expect it to go away in two weeks. And your customer service is fantastic, I love it.

DOROTHY from Ohio - BFST Knee - Oct 18, 2023

My Friend lent me the elbow wrap a few weeks ago for an elbow injury. Now I have the back/hip wrap and we've been alternating between each other. You've made it so I've been able to continue our house rebuilding. We've both done other ice and heat wraps in the past. This has all been really remarkably effective. Thank you so much.

Elise from Minnesota - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Oct 16, 2023

I understood your routine and I have been having some relief from this great discomfort. I am glad to have your product. Thank you!

Marjorie from Florida - BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder|Accessory S... - Oct 15, 2023

I own an elbow BFST and a shoulder BFST. The BFST is the best product we have ever used to help with injuries. My husband just injured his knee and we are trying this before we pursue the medical route. We hope this works as well!

Carla from Indiana - BFST Knee - Oct 13, 2023

The shoulder BFST worked for both of us and the elbow BFST I use continuously!

Carla from Indiana - BFST Top Shoulder - Oct 13, 2023

We spent $500 on an orthopedic surgeon who just sent me home with printout copies of stretches, and it was totally wrong. I did them for one day and it got worse. I mean, the pain was just so bad. The Achilles is the root of it, it goes up into my calf muscle and into my thigh. I thank God for your website. I was telling my wife today, what I really like about your website - you're honest. You aren't telling us a bunch of fluff like most people.

Jon from Missouri - ColdCure Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Achilles - Oct 07, 2023

It has made all the difference in the world. The ice pack is amazing!

Judy from Arizona - ColdCure Foot - Oct 07, 2023

That(BFST) is the only thing that's helped my hip bursitis. I had physical therapy exercises but it hurt too much to do them. It made it so much less painful, that I can actually move. When I had questions and asked what I needed to find out, your people were really good.

Virginia from Pennsylvania - - Oct 06, 2023

This Baker's cyst showed up, and my knee swells up. At night it goes down when I sleep, then in the morning I'm fine for a bunch of hours, but then it gets puffy. So I said, you know what, let me spend the money. The information you guys had on the web was really good, there's been good reviews on it, so I'm going to give it 100%. I'm trying to avoid surgery - I've talked to a few doctors and they all want to drain the cyst. So I just wanted to give you a call and thank you for helping me out.

David from Connecticut - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape - Oct 05, 2023

I'm very very happy with your product and I'm glad I got it.

Peggy from California - ColdCure Achilles|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Achilles - Sep 28, 2023

I think your customer service is brilliant.

Fiona from Massachusetts - ColdCure Elbow|Roll Tape|BFST Elbow - Sep 28, 2023

I got the BFST and the ColdCure. I had good results with it and with the therapy, I didn't have to have a knee replacement.

Lila from North Carolina - BFST Knee - Sep 15, 2023

Different people have used the wrap with us and are actually getting results. We deal with some spinal flexion patients with plantar fasciitis and everybody so far says they've gotten good results from the wraps.

Craig from Utah - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Sep 11, 2023

Nothing else works as good as these products, really.

Peggy-Sue from South Carolina - - Sep 08, 2023

I love your products, they really help.

Charlton from North Carolina - - Sep 07, 2023

This stuff really works, no question about it. It's been a godsend.

Monica from California - ColdCure Back - Sep 02, 2023

I swear by it, I think it's helped me considerably.

Phyllis from Georgia - BFST Achilles - Sep 02, 2023

The website you guys have about these products and knee problems in general, is just absolutely wonderful. It was very clear and it was really good solid information that I can trust. You can buy stuff that's a lot cheaper, but this just made so much sense. I loved the fact that there was some support, just to get this email that said "Please call us and talk about your treatment routine" was so good. I like your products and I like your website. You work for a good company!

Donna from Florida - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape - Sep 01, 2023

I appreciate all of the tips that you have been able to provide. I believe I have everything I need to move forward. Using orthopedic shoes and arch support inserts have just not worked for me. I really appreciate the matter of fact that King Brand is making resources available to me.

Michael from Colorado - ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Foot - Aug 30, 2023

Your website has a tremendous amount of really good information about the healing process and re-injuries. I've been trying to do at least 3 treatments a day and I thinks its really helping.

Penny from Texas - ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee - Aug 30, 2023

It's feeling 100% better than when I first injured it. The ice and the heat (BFST) definitely helped.

Mial from California - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Aug 30, 2023

Now when you fly they don't let you walk around like they used to, I used to be able to stretch and move around. These battery packs have saved me! For long flights and my back, these are amazing.

Renee from California - - Aug 28, 2023

I'm very pleased. This is my sixth treatment, and I've noticed a difference. It's much better than what Western medicine has shown me so far. I really appreciate the service that your company is giving.

neal from Massachusetts - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Aug 26, 2023

I like that it's convenient. I work from home, so I can put it on and not have to worry about it falling off or shifting. And it's cold, boy is it cold! I know this is going to take a while to calm down, but I've already felt a difference, it's not as painful. I was glad I found it because my doctor had originally recommended injections, which I won't do because they're very painful and can cause tendon rupture. I just kind of stumbled on this, and now I've even recommended it to a friend of mine.

Sharon from New York - ColdCure Foot - Aug 23, 2023

I've used your product on a number of injuries I've had, and it's been a great, great treatment program.

Deirdre from California - ColdCure Top Shoulder - Aug 19, 2023

You guys are great about following up. I appreciate that.

Craig from Florida - BFST Knee - Aug 18, 2023

I have had seven years of plantar fasciitis - awful, just debilitating, and I have never found anything that works before now, so I want to thank you guys for that. It was my last ditch effort before trying surgery. Now I'm back on my feet, and it's pretty wonderful.

Halley from California - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Aug 11, 2023

I had tendonitis in my wrist and found you guys online, and it healed it, believe it or not. I used it four times a day for two months and it healed it. It's the only thing that worked, even though they gave me shots. Your company is fabulous.

Yvette from North Carolina - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Aug 11, 2023

I've had it about a week. It's a well made product, and it was the right decision to purchase it, I will say that. I've already noticed, when I do it 20-30 minutes before bed, I don't have any pain at night whatsoever now.

Francis from Florida - BFST Top Shoulder - Aug 11, 2023

It seems to be helping! I like the versatility of the back model because you can use it all over.

Sheryl from Ontario - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Aug 10, 2023

It's very, very well made. I like having 3 cold packs. I think it's well worth the money, it's designed to be conforming to the knee and it's designed to relieve the swelling from my torn meniscus. I give it a thumbs up.

Ron from Texas - ColdCure Knee - Aug 04, 2023

Your products are wonderfully made and very adaptable.

Delle from Iowa - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Aug 04, 2023

The product's awesome, I like it!

Dan from Idaho - ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape|BFST Knee - Aug 04, 2023

I've been using mine for maybe two weeks, and it's great. I'm not having pain anymore. I'm doing so much better, I'm really optimistic that I won't have to have surgery.

Janet from Oklahoma - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Aug 03, 2023

I had a torn meniscus in my knee, and I think it's almost completely healed.

Marie from New York - ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Aug 03, 2023

I have piriformis so bad I don't get to sit and my stand time is limited. When I put this belt on, it fits just perfect. I have never experienced anything like this in my life and I've been buying ice packs from my first knee surgery. For flat packs these are just absolutely insane. My skin's not getting damaged, it stays at the correct temperature - you can sit on them. I put it on, went to the store, went shopping, went to the groomers, and went home - and it was still cold. Amazing product.

Robert from Arizona - ColdCure Back - Aug 02, 2023

Thank you for responding and I also received a voicemail regarding my question. I went back into your website and found the answer and I will congratulate King Brand on such a well-written website. It's so informative and I love your products also. Thank you very much for all that King Brand does for people and for what the company represents.

Karen from Arizona - Roll Tape - Jul 31, 2023

I've never had anybody say, "Give us a call to see how it's working" before, I think it's great that you guys provide this service.

Bob from Virginia - BFST Achilles - Jul 29, 2023

I have owned this equipment for about 5 years. I am replacing the old one. It is so effective, it has been a Godsend.

Guillermo from Texas - BFST Wrist - Jul 21, 2023

You have a great product, by the way.

Vickie from North Carolina - BFST Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Jul 20, 2023

I had a terrible fall down steps and have 2nd degree hamstring tear. Your products are dramatically speeding up the healing process.

Christopher from New Jersey - ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Jul 19, 2023

Bought the treatment knee wrap several months ago. I'll give you a 10, it has done wonders for me.

Charley from Florida - BFST Knee - Jul 18, 2023

I am very happy with the BFST and Cold Cure treatments! The schedule and instructions for use are great. After having a broken ankle and femur, I have not walked for 1 year. After one week of using the treatments, I can see a remarkable improvement in my joint mobility, bending and walking. I am grateful to find your website and products.

Brenda from California - Wide Roll Tape|BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist - Jul 15, 2023

This thing is awesome, I've got to tell you, it's absolutely incredible. The BFST has been awesome, this is now my second day and it's significantly improved the pain in my shoulder. I have a torn supraspinatus. From the customer service to the quality of the product, I'm exceedingly happy so far.

Kurt from California - - Jul 14, 2023

The plantar fasciitis improved greatly with the wraps he was already using. I mean it, your company is amazing. My sister told me about you, she was going to have surgery on two feet and she was cured in three months. I needed spinal surgery and now I'm pain free. I can't believe doctors aren't giving you prescriptions for this product.

Daniel from Pennsylvania - BFST Foot - Jul 14, 2023

I am real happy with the products. Helped my knee. Cold cure is excellent

Nick from Alabama - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jul 08, 2023

I have been using it for about four days now and I'm following the instructions, and I can certainly feel a difference. I'm not done using it because my plantar fasciitis is bad on this one foot, but I can certainly feel a difference from when I first started using it. The biggest reason why I bought this device is because I've had this off and on for years, and two different times it got so bad I had steroid shots. Nobody told me that I needed to continue taking care of it, so it just kept coming back. When I found your site and read through everything, I found that this healing takes time and just because you feel better doesn't mean you can stop. I really appreciate your follow up. I'm very impressed with this device, and I'm very impressed with your company.

Terra from Indiana - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Jul 06, 2023

You've been very helpful, and I don't know what they pay you but it's probably not enough because if you didn't have this service, I'd probably just send it back. So I really appreciate it.

Winston from Florida - BFST Achilles - Jul 06, 2023

Like I said you and your company all representative, and this title doesn’t do you any justice. I should call you insightful, kind and caring great humans. So every time I’ve called I’ve been helped and mostly comforted and that’s huge! I feel tended to! Really appreciate all your insight and direction. I feel a bit more empowered. Thank you Scott!

Rosemarie from New Jersey - - Jul 06, 2023

You guys are awesome. Your company has super customer service.

Kurt from California - ColdCure Top Shoulder|BFST Top Shoulder - Jul 06, 2023

We have several of your electromagnetic wraps and we love them all. We're always amazed by how much they help, and you guys are awesome too!

Lauren from California - BFST Leg - Jul 05, 2023

I'll tell my friend about that Cold Cure Knee wrap all the time. He even ended up ordering one too. I'm a contractor and I don't stop and do what I want to do. I use it just like you guys say and my knee feels great! I think the cold is really where it is at. Thank you.

Dominic from Oregon - ColdCure Back - Jul 05, 2023

I've had this BFST for heaven knows how long. And I just love it. I've been using it for my back and when going on trips. I take it on cruises and everything. My back loves that BFST.

Deborah from Florida - BFST Knee - Jul 04, 2023

You guys are awesome. You are exceeding my expectations.

Miles from Florida - BFST Back - Jul 01, 2023

the BFST is amazing. It helps with my range of motion almost immediately after completing a treatment. I haven't heard of you guys before, but I'm glad that I found you.

Jennifer from Ohio - Roll Tape|ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Jun 26, 2023

It's a good product, it is helping, my overnights are better and I wake up with a little less pain.

Daniel from Illinois - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Jun 24, 2023

I found that it had a significant positive effect on my knee because it stabilized my knee. The stability that this gives me, I feel that it's really helped tremendously. Yesterday afternoon I was able to walk, working out in the garage unpacking some boxes, and I can do it painlessly. So that's excellent!

Irene from Illinois - ColdCure Knee - Jun 23, 2023

Great service and fast processing!

Steven from California - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jun 19, 2023

I have used it and has done the job. I had fallen on my shoulder and it took the pain away after a day. Many thanks

Leslie from Connecticut - BFST Top Shoulder - Jun 16, 2023

I tell you what, that ColdCure is already beginning to work. It's amazing, I love the way it fits the whole foot. Great product. Already I can feel a difference, and I've been using it since 5:30 this morning. I was a little skeptical, because you just don't know what you're getting, but I really love it.

Steve from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Jun 15, 2023

I purchased your miracle Top Shoulder Wrap in 2019 when I had surgery due to recurring frozen shoulder. I underwent 2 surgeries in within 3 months on my right shoulder. Your wrap got me through the most painful time period of my life.

KerryAnn from New Jersey - Accessory Sling - Jun 15, 2023

I've had it for three days, and it's working for me so far, I can feel a positive difference.

Linda from Illinois - BFST Ankle - Jun 15, 2023

They both fit and function well. My shoulder is on the mend and feels Much Better. Your cold wrap and energy web do exactly what they've been designed to do, and they deliver. My shoulder is about 80 % better. In a few days , that should be greater still. Thank You So Much.

Robert from California - BFST Top Shoulder|ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jun 12, 2023

Talia, you do a really great job, and I feel a lot better today after speaking with you. I felt like this was a gimmick at first, but I do my research. And it made so much sense. The stretching and pulling of your foot just didn't make any sense.

Carlyn from California - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 10, 2023

You do have an excellent product. I recommended this to a friend of mine, she has a little tear in the meniscus. My friend was so impressed - when she was here the other day we put the BFST on her and she felt so much better when she was done, I'm sure she's going to order it. Ten years ago I had a Baker's cyst they had to drain, and a tear in my meniscus, and my orthopedic doctor recommended King Brand. I highly recommend your product. I use it three times a day. It's such a good device.

Geraldine from New York - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Jun 10, 2023

You guys are great, you answer right away and I get a real person, so I appreciate that.

Joann from Oregon - Roll Tape|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 09, 2023

I love it. I feel like I'm getting some benefit from it. The relief lasts longer than just the time that I'm wearing it. I appreciate your call and the information you're giving to me.

Henry from Pennsylvania - - Jun 07, 2023

I have to say, you have a very soothing voice and you're very patient.

Montie from Colorado - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Ankle|BFST Ankle - Jun 02, 2023

This thing is like a miracle worker - way better than physical therapy. We tried it because of my wife's shoulder, she was desperate and we thought she was going to have to have to have rotator cuff surgery. She laid in bed with it(BFST) on her shoulder for a whole week when she wasn't at work, and in a week it was gone. For me, I like to do pullups, so if I start getting tendonitis in my elbows, I just use it for a couple days and I'm doing pull ups again! This thing really works. Whatever this guy figured out, the guy who invented this, he really figured out something.

Richard from Ohio - BFST Back|BFST Top Shoulder - May 31, 2023

It's unbelievable. I've got it on right now. My leg felt so much better when I got out of it. I love it!

Joseph from Florida - ColdCure Leg - May 26, 2023

I am so grateful for this BFST. Thank you, you really helped me. I so appreciate your company.

Rosemarie from New Jersey - ColdCure Back - May 25, 2023

I have to tell you, I've just been pleasantly amazed within a weeks time the difference. Just ecstatic actually. Today I did what I'm going to call "normal things" because I haven't done normal for over 2.5 months like biking, pickleball.

Jane from Ohio - BFST Leg|ColdCure Leg|Pre-Cut Tape - May 24, 2023

You've been very kind and gracious and I appreciate you talking me through this. Now I know what my next steps are. I'm incredibly appreciative.

Julie from Arizona - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - May 20, 2023

You're a great company. This kept me from having to have orthoscopic surgery. They like to give you two or three of those, and then they tell you you have bone on bone, and we better go ahead and give you a new knee. They did some strange things to my poor leg, and made me walk forever to get some x-rays. I didn't even go to the first orthoscopic surgery - I thought, let's see if we can do this naturally. So I started looking online. Using it (BFST) three times a day, I didn't have surgery, I have no pain, and my meniscus grew back. And I sing the praises of this company to everybody who tells me they're in pain. If you have questions, the awesome ladies are there to answer, and it's like calling customer service in the United States in the 60s or 70s. Thank you so much for being so helpful.

Lauren from California - BFST Knee - May 20, 2023

I'm telling you. Not only my hip pain, but my sciatica is almost gone. I mean, it's almost gone. I was using it every day. It really works, it worked great for me! Thank you so much!

Jacalyn from Ohio - BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Wide Roll Tape - May 20, 2023

You guys are just as dreamy as your product!

Lauren from California - BFST Leg - May 20, 2023

It has really been helping, I'm very satisfied.

Tabatha from Georgia - BFST Back|ColdCure Back - May 19, 2023

Thank you! Your customer service is awesome!

nicole from Kansas - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - May 18, 2023

I ordered a foot wrap three or four years ago now. And I mean it healed me, there's no question that it did. I do believe in it and I've sung the praises, told lots of people, because no matter where I looked, nothing helped my foot and this did. And I had to work at it, and I had to be faithful with the rules and what to do. But it really did heal me, I don't have any pain and I'm wonderful now. I think your wraps are wonderful. I did everything they said to do, and no kidding, in about four and a half months I was doing better. I've told other people about this, and they don't understand why you feel so strongly about it. But I've tried so many things that other people did - that seemed to work for them, but didn't work for me - and this worked.

Barb from Idaho - BFST Foot - May 13, 2023

Thank you to Talia for her help today- it was a blessing to reach someone on a Saturday!

Tiffany from North Carolina - Accessory Strap|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Leg|ColdCure Leg - May 13, 2023

About a year ago, I ordered the heating and cooling, and it worked really well, I'm back to normal and no pain.

Monte from Iowa - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee - May 12, 2023

What I am learning in this, there are times in life when you have to be very proactive, because the medical establishment will let you slip through the cracks. You guys are extraordinary with this follow up, thank you. I never recommend anything - but I'm recommending you.

Sheila from California - Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Ankle - May 05, 2023

It definitely works, I've been trying to use it every day, at least twice a day. I'm on my feet and work retail so its a little hard to do it all the time, but I liked it so much that I ordered another one for my opposite foot so I could do both at the same time. For the very first time in probably about 15 years, I was able to finish the treatment, stand up on my feet, and not have them hurt so bad I want to fall. That's pretty amazing to me. I know its working. It cost me 300 dollars for a shot in my foot and the shot was more painful then my foot was before. Its worth the money for me to get another one of these to have them at all times and not worry and treat both feet at once.

Kimberly from Florida - BFST Foot - May 03, 2023

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