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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. Your positive feedback and success stories are what keep us striving to get even better!

The Integrity of Our Testimonials

King Brand Testimonials are 100 Percent Accurate

ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

I could not be more impressed with your company and your products. I found you by chance when clicking on a link for "what you're doing wrong when treating plantar fasciitis". What I found was a wealth of information that made perfect sense to me, I was doing a number of those wrong things, and your information explained why they were wrong and how your treatment was different. I was so impressed and engrossed in the information that I clicked "place order" before checking your website with trustpilot or scamadvisor as I normally do with unfamiliar sites. I immediately got a text asking the color of tape I wanted...SO fast, in fact, I thought this was either great customer service or an indication I should still be wary of who I'd just dealt with. Thankfully, it was great customer service. The product arrived quickly, and I was so impressed with the high quality of all of the products... the ColdCure, the BFST, KB tape, and rechargeable pack. Mostly, I truly appreciated the wealth of information on your website and paperwork with the devices. You have texted a few times, providing your phone number in case I need help, but you explain things so well in your printed information, I haven't come up with the need to call. Thank you very much for providing such a high quality product and helpful information. I truly feel this was the absolute right choice for my healing, and I am fortunate to have found you.

Anne from Idaho - Roll Tape|BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Jul 20, 2024

I used your products during Covid... I had plantar fasciitis, and it was miraculous.

Tisha from Illinois - BFST Foot|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot - Jul 19, 2024

Thank you for the Foot BFST wrap and for the advice from your service line. I am seeing an improvement in my symptoms.

Gordon from Oregon - BFST Foot - Jul 19, 2024

Great products, by the way!

Jack from Missouri - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Jul 18, 2024

I've been using your product for quite a few years, I've written some reviews in the past because you make such a tremendous product. The doctors where I am... don't seem to know what to do with me, so I said, "I know what to do with me," and I ordered the BFST. I have one for my knee and I have one for my elbow, but I didn't have one for my leg so now I've got all three.

RUBEN from New Jersey - BFST Leg - Jul 18, 2024

I'm very pleased with the product and the way it feels. I appreciate this opportunity to talk to you, that's a great service.

Richard from Pennsylvania - Basics Cold Knee - Jul 18, 2024

You've got wonderful customer service, I'm telling you. If your products work as good as your customer service, I feel good about it. How many places can you go where you get to talk to someone who actually knows something? You know, you don't push, you just explain things, and it kind of sells itself. I'm just really happy that you're taking care of me, it's very nice.

Victor from Oklahoma - Wide Roll Tape|BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Jul 18, 2024

It's a really good product, the one with the heat just works wonderful. You have great customer service!

Jane from California - BFST Knee - Jul 17, 2024

I believe this will help. Very impressive customer service.

Paulette from Ohio - BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|Roll Tape - Jul 11, 2024

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

This product lives up to its name, because it has softened my funny, bumpy, Achilles tendon, and the bump is smaller. It's working... This has been a very good purchase, I tell you that.

Dorene from Washington - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Wrist|BFST Wrist - Jul 11, 2024

You guys have been so great with helping us, and so patient! You win Saint of the Day!

Ferah from South Carolina - - Jul 08, 2024

The ColdCure is better than anything I've ever used, its been helping a lot!

David from Massachusetts - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Jul 08, 2024

I just wanted to say that King Brand is freaking awesome! You guys healed my plantar fasciitis after a few years of having it, and I'm excited to get your back and hip products soon!

Jacob from Texas - ColdCure Foot - Jul 03, 2024

Your products are great.

Brian from Pennsylvania - BFST Back - Jul 03, 2024

Very impressed with your service. Thank you!

Manette from California - BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jul 02, 2024

Love, love, love your products!

Monica from Tennessee - Roll Tape|ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee - Jul 02, 2024

Actually I like it very much, I feel like it's helping.

Kathleen from Florida - BFST Leg|ColdCure Leg - Jun 29, 2024

I have purchased several of your BFST wraps since I severely injured my hamstrings and hip abductors two years ago, then my husband got into a motorcycle accident more recently. They have helped me IMMENSELY and I continue to use them on a daily basis. I have recommended these to several of my friends and I know at least a couple have found success with them after purchasing them from you.

Barbara from Wisconsin - BFST Back - Jun 29, 2024

It's pretty cool you guys texted me... Thank you so much, it's a great help and a great service, I really appreciate that. Great product.

jason from Virginia - ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Knee - Jun 29, 2024

Thank you, you really went above and beyond to help me.

Cancelled from California - ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jun 28, 2024

Chiropractor treatments help, but it's not really relieving the pain completely, not helping to heal the muscle and the tissue. I thought, I need to do something else then, to help with the pain, just to manage it a little bit, and to help with the healing, and then I was blessed to come upon your website. So far I think your product is great, like I said, I've just used it for a couple of days.

Heather from South Carolina - ColdCure Back|BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jun 28, 2024

I cannot believe I found King Brand, I really don't know how I found it. I had never heard of BFST, but something about it, about the quality of your website, about the way it was presented - I think this is the real deal. So I'm extremely grateful. You're doing great work. Review after review spoke of the customer service, it's amazing, and I have 100% had the same experience. I'm extremely happy that I got the model I did, the side shoulder wrap, and it is ideal. To me it's not heavy at all, it's a delightful treatment. It's really covering all of the area that I need to cover. It's been totally managing the pain, and it's just been marvelous. I just love your company.

Mary from Maryland - BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder - Jun 28, 2024

So far everything has been pretty self explanatory so it's great, and we have loved all the other products. I think we have just about collected one of each!

Nathan from Georgia - ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jun 27, 2024

I like the little slipper boot with the ice packs. I think it’s doing me some good. I’m satisfied with it. Thank you.

Susan from Florida - ColdCure Foot - Jun 27, 2024

thank you so much for putting both my orders in one package, & refunding one of my shipping cost. that is so great of you & I really appreciate it alot. I'm giving you a 5 star review on Google. thanks again

THOMAS from Colorado - BFST Elbow - Jun 26, 2024

Thanks very much for your great customer service! I like the products I purchased and I have recommended them to others.

Krista from Pennsylvania - - Jun 26, 2024

You guys are awesome, thank you!!

Lucy from Colorado - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 26, 2024

Thank you so much guys! Really enjoying the products. Trying to tape for the first time today and it gives effective light support the heating sleeve and the cooling sleeve are great! my sister is also enjoying her products. Many thanks!

Amy from California - Roll Tape|BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow - Jun 26, 2024

We spoke with rep on Sunday all good he was helpful don't hesitate to follow up again love the products

Joseph from South Carolina - ColdCure Back - Jun 26, 2024

Hello, I have had wrap before and it healed my meniscus tear. I hurt my knee again and order it. I've been using several times a day and knee is feeling better already. Thank you for a great product.

Sandra from California - BFST Knee - Jun 26, 2024

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I'm impressed and encouraged by your immediate response! It speaks well of Your company! Which is very unusual in this world today! How quickly do you anticipate it will take for me to receive this product? I'm in a lot of pain and flying to visit my grandkids. This injury is very frightening for a 74 year old grandma! I want to congratulate you for your website. I learned so much from it about this injury that will help me care for my 74 year old body! I also have a disorder, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, which makes me have other joint issues. I plan to be using your products for these Other problems! God bless you!

Margaret from West Virginia - Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Leg - Jun 26, 2024

No need for a call, I've had your ankle unit for a year, have already used the new leg I just got - absolutely love them.

Sandy from Arkansas - BFST Leg - Jun 26, 2024

You all are AWESOME!! Thank you!

Joe from Minnesota - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Leg|BFST Leg - Jun 26, 2024

Have a good day honey, and thank you for being so helpful. I'll call back when I get my package.

Christine from Pennsylvania - Wide Roll Tape|BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Jun 24, 2024

Talia, As I said over the phone you were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. It was like talking with a consultant rather than a salesperson. As someone who’s been suffering with Piriformis Syndrome for almost a year, I was comforted by your depth of information as well as your personable demeanor which made it easy to decide to order. While the device won’t arrive until next week, I feel better already. Thank you.

Allan from California - ColdCure Back|BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jun 22, 2024

I used the Knee BFST for my knees when I was on crutches, and it totally healed my knees. I told my friend with back issues to get it before she gets surgery, and she said it really helps to relax her back.

Linda from California - BFST Knee - Jun 21, 2024

You're doing great by the way, Sarina, thank you for your patience with me and all of my specifics. Thanks for the 45 minutes of your time!

Jamie from California - BFST Knee|Basics Cold Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape - Jun 21, 2024

Thank you for taking my call, and being so patient with me. Maybe we can talk another day when I get my BFST. I love people, and I love to talk, and thank you for helping make the decision on which BFST I needed. You've been so kind and generous with our time and knowledge Sarina, and have a great weekend.

Rudolph from Florida - BFST Back - Jun 21, 2024

I'm seeing remarkable improvement. This is really seeming to help me here.

Jo from Louisiana - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Jun 21, 2024

Thank you for your customer service, and being available consistently.

Marie from Texas - ColdCure Back|Wide Roll Tape|BFST Back - Jun 20, 2024

You've just been so informative, I thank you. You don't know how much you've eased my mind on this thing. Google can really get people scared when you're diagnosing yourself. But you have really really helped me, thank you so much.

Doreen from New York - Wide Roll Tape - Jun 20, 2024

I'm so glad you could help me!

Sarah from Illinois - BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Jun 20, 2024

You were wonderful, Talia! I feel very blessed that you helped me today. You have a lot of information that helped me a lot. I feel more confident now, and I cannot wait to receive the products. I want to use it as soon as I receive it!

Georgette from Minnesota - BFST Back|Accessory Strap - Jun 15, 2024

It's been fantastic and I've only used it for two days. I just can't walk very far without having to rest the piriformis spot in my hip... and the first time I used this, I used the heat pack...and I never felt anything in that hip again, and this is the second or third day. You know it was expensive. And I was at the point where I was gonna call my doctor and say, 'What do we do about this?' Well, he isn't the type of doctor who will take care of it. So he'd be recommending me to a specialist who will go through several tests, so I thought you know what, I'm going to pay that much money anyway, so I'm going to try this. It was very much worth the money. I really thank you guys for that product, and for advertising it on Facebook where I saw it. I really do appreciate you, and I did want to tell you the good news.

Judy from Oregon - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Jun 13, 2024

Thank you, this is my second King Brand purchase and I'm so happy with the treatment and pain relief! I love that I don't have to take medication and still get relief. I've recommended King Brand to many people as well. Thank you for making such great, effective products!

Holly from Illinois - BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Elbow - Jun 10, 2024

I had a complete Achilles tear with avulsed calculous (heel). I purchased the Achillies On the Go Pack with battery pack. After surgery and cast removal, I started using the BSFT and the ColdCure wrap. Not only did my pain decrease drastically but my incision site began healing faster than expected. I am only 8 weeks post-surgical and I am able to perform tasks in physical therapy that I would not be able to start until at least 10 to 11 weeks post op. I am very pleased with how i am progressing which i contribute mostly to my King Brand products.

Harold from Missouri - BFST Achilles|Roll Tape|ColdCure Achilles - Jun 07, 2024

It's definitely helping me!

Stephanie from California - ColdCure Back|BFST Back - Jun 06, 2024

I really appreciate this kind of service from the company. You just taught me something. I didn't know that the reason I'm getting so much relief from the cold pack from my freezer is because it's pushing the fluid back from the bursa sac. I never knew that's why the pain went down, but it makes sense. Thank you very much Talia, I really appreciate it, you've been a big help. This is very good customer service. Thank you very much, this has been a godsend.

Ellen from Maryland - ColdCure Back|BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape - Jun 06, 2024

I just received your knee unit. It seems to be working. I've had it the last couple of nights and there is a significant difference, I have to say.

Bruce from New York - BFST Knee - Jun 06, 2024

I'm pain free while I'm sleeping because I do a treatment with the heat thing before I go to bed, and I love that.

Elizabeth from Florida - ColdCure Top Shoulder - Jun 01, 2024

I purchased a Back/Hip ColdCure wrap and it works great... Your cold wrap certainly works well.

Marshall from California - ColdCure Back - Jun 01, 2024

I purchased the back and hip heat wrap. I can't get over how nice this product is. I'm telling everyone I know about it!

Elizabeth from Florida - BFST Back - May 24, 2024

I want you to know it was worth the wait. I love my King Brand products. They have made a huge difference in my knee and after a few weeks of use I am finally on the mend. Thanks!

Pam from Texas - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - May 17, 2024

Sarina's been fantastic, I'm really impressed with her.

Paul from Texas - BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Roll Tape - May 16, 2024

I just wanted to tell you how awesome Talia is as a customer service rep. May 8, 2024 I called and I had lots of questions about your Knee BFST and I thought Talia was incredible. She patiently listened to me with a positive spirit and expertly answered all of my many questions in a joyful manner throughout our entire 35 minute conversation! So on the very next day I went online and purchased your BFST for my knee. I used to train customer service reps for many years and I can definitely say Talia is definitely one of the very best!!! Thanks 😊 again for Everything! Sarina, Thanks 😊 so much for your incredible help with my torn knee meniscus! I bought your BFST machine a few weeks ago and I re-injured my left knee meniscus. You were so kind and patient and expertly answered all my questions with Great compassion. I greatly appreciate your incredible customer service!! Theodore "Teddy" Dimas

Theodore from Florida - BFST Knee - May 16, 2024

I have to applaud your company for educating me much more about my torn meniscus - my doctor didn't bother to explain fully.

Lesley from New York - ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape|BFST Knee - May 10, 2024

Listen, I received it, and I used it last night, and this morning and I'm feeling better!

Lisa from New York - BFST Knee|Roll Tape - May 08, 2024

I've only been using it about three or four days, I just got it. But I've not had to take as much ibuprofen with it, hardly any at all. I really am happy with the product, I'm glad I bought it. Sometimes when you see things on the internet you never know what you're getting, but it's a very good product.

Terry from Texas - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - May 04, 2024

I think this is the first company I bought products from that offers the service that you do. I appreciate you and your company calling back, and it's really a great company that I will recommend, definitely.

Maria from Oregon - BFST Knee|Basics Cold Knee - May 04, 2024

Love your product, I'm very pleased with the wraps.

JERI from Iowa - BFST Knee - May 03, 2024

I really enjoy it, I think it's making a big difference. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Barbara from Montana - BFST Knee|Accessory Strap - May 02, 2024

Your customer support is amazing, and your product is amazing.

Debra from New York - BFST Achilles - May 01, 2024

It's working great! I will highly recommend this to everyone.

Jeff from Arkansas - ColdCure Top Shoulder - May 01, 2024

Thank you so much for working with me on getting it replaced and everything. I really appreciate it and I can't tell you how much it helps me.

Bonnie from Iowa - - May 01, 2024

The cold pack part was amazing, it's really helped me a lot.

Cindy from Arkansas - ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape|BFST Knee - May 01, 2024

I have two tears, a lateral... and a medial... This is the second day I used the wrap, and I can tell really good improvement. I've been going to physical therapy for the longest time... I really feel like if I continue to do the treatment I think I can be ok. I'm still shocked, I can't believe I'm going to buy another one. I have to. If I just...don't have to feel like this right now, if I can just feel 50% or 25%, I'll feel like I got my moneys worth. I don't take this for granted. This is the second day, I have done three treatments, and I feel really good, and I want to keep on doing it. You guys are doing something right... All I know is I really appreciate you guys and I think you guys got a great product. I can't believe my knees feel this good, I haven't felt like this since...before I had my first surgery. My knees feel really good. I'm still stoked.

Joseph from California - BFST Knee - Apr 27, 2024

Right now I'm happy because I do feel that I have a little bit more range of motion. You never saw anybody get excited about vacuuming their rugs before, but I have been able to do that in the last couple of days without making funny wincing faces because my arm hurts so bad. For the maybe six or eight times that I've used it so far, so far I'm happy. I know it's going to take time but I also appreciate that you called... Thank you. You have made my day I think. That's what I needed, just a little assurance.

Nancy from New York - BFST Side Shoulder - Apr 27, 2024

I'm a happy customer. This is my fourth BFST wrap!

David from Texas - BFST Knee - Apr 26, 2024

I really like it, and I'm really happy with it because I was just diagnosed with a meniscus tear that can't be repaired through surgery, and it does really help with the pain management. I've only been doing it for maybe 5 days now but I have noticed a difference.

Dianne from California - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Apr 25, 2024

It's been such a relief because I've gone from hardly being able to walk without my leg caving in, to where the pain is probably a 5 or 6 but it's not to where it would cave in... This is wonderful, I appreciate all the information because it's answered a lot of questions for me.

Kathleen from Arizona - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Apr 20, 2024

So far so good. It's been taking away the pain that came with whatever I have.

Jim from Massachusetts - Roll Tape|BFST Foot - Apr 19, 2024

I think this is really helping. Before, I was waking up every two hours, so it's a big improvement. My massage therapist is very interested, she sees lots of people with tendonitis. I'm very happy so far. And those gel packs are fantastic.

Pamela from Indiana - BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back - Apr 18, 2024

The last few days I've used this, I really have noticed an improvement.

David from Ohio - Wide Roll Tape|BFST Back|ColdCure Back - Apr 17, 2024

This message from you is awesome! It’s packed with helpful information. I believe I’m using the device properly but the explanation about heat& blood flow is very helpful. Thanks for it.

Robert from Delaware - BFST Knee - Apr 14, 2024

Last night was the first night using it, and I was able to walk this morning when I got up out of bed, I usually can't even put pressure on my foot. So that's a lot better, thank you all.

Maury from Kentucky - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Roll Tape - Apr 12, 2024

You've been great on the phone, I appreciate everything. I'm on the phone with a lot of people, and you've got a great voice. Thank you so much for your recommendations and for not over selling me either, just giving me straight what I need to get done here.

Sue from South Carolina - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Apr 10, 2024

You're very knowledgeable and very helpful so thank you very much. You're much more helpful than my podiatrist was. The information on your website is really very very helpful.

Cheryl from New York - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Apr 06, 2024

I'm very happy with it, I really am. I'm a RN, and I told my physical therapist about it. It has significantly decreased my pain. I'm impressed. I really like your product. It gets me moving, and when I come home I can't wait to put it on.

Patricia from Pennsylvania - BFST Knee - Apr 05, 2024

I love your product. My first purchase was to self nurture a torn meniscus after I was told I had no other options but surgery. It worked! That was about 10 years ago and my knees are fine. I recently ordered the ankle product because I fractured my ankle. I used it again as an alternate to walking around in a huge boot for 6-10 weeks. It worked again. I was back in heels in four weeks. I have every confidence that this will help my upper arm tendonitis. I tell everyone who needs healing about your product.

Marti from Florida - ColdCure Side Shoulder|BFST Side Shoulder - Apr 04, 2024

I have De Quervain Tenosynovitis and I ordered your product, I'm definitely loving having it. Your product is great, It really is. Sometimes I wake up and I even try to fit in a treatment in the night too. You guys are awesome. I don't have as much of the nerve type pain anymore and for that, thank you.

Frank from Florida - ColdCure Wrist|Roll Tape|BFST Wrist - Apr 02, 2024

I use it everyday. My brother is a chiropractor, and he uses the one for his knee and he was getting really good results for it and I was having so much trouble with my shoulder. He recommended getting one of these and it had made a big difference with my shoulder. I work from home and am constantly on the computer with my mouse , all day, every day. This has really helped, I even ordered one for my sisters knee too as a birthday present.

Patsy from Texas - BFST Side Shoulder - Apr 02, 2024

Thank you, it has helped my hip bursitis pain already.

Claudia from Connecticut - Wide Roll Tape|ColdCure Back - Mar 28, 2024

I just want to say, I've used this now for two days. I used the BFST for the first day and I could immediately see a difference. But this ColdCure helps tremendously, and it is the first true relief I've gotten, and I've had this thing over a year. It's come and gone, but it's gotten worse and worse as time progressed. I'm only telling you this because it's just so wonderful to get relief from the pain, it's just incredible.

Margueritte from Arizona - ColdCure Back|BFST Back|Wide Roll Tape - Mar 23, 2024

It was amazing, the difference. I had done the treatment first, the blood flow, and then I put my tape on, and I didn't have any pain until the very end of the game, which was like two hours later. I was quite pleased.

Pam from Illinois - ColdCure Achilles|Roll Tape - Mar 22, 2024

I love your stuff. I had torn up both of my shoulders and I play golf all the time. And when I put the tape on there it doesn't hurt. I've been using it for two or three years.

Robert from Florida - Roll Tape|Wide Roll Tape - Mar 14, 2024

I will say the bursa is definitely shrinking. I just do my treatment, and it does seem to be working, so for me that's great. I like it. At first I was a little discouraged because it wasn't moving, I was like, "This isn't doing anything..." and now I just noticed today, like wait a minute - I feel it with my good finger and hand, and I'm like - it's shrinking a little bit. So somehow, somewhere, it's going down. And there's no more fluid, whereas before the elbow was pretty big with fluid.

John from Massachusetts - BFST Elbow - Mar 09, 2024

Thank y'all for your prompt shipment. I think I ordered a week ago, I got it Tuesday, and it's already starting to help my situation.

Cleburn from Georgia - ColdCure Wrist|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST Wrist|Roll Tape - Mar 08, 2024

I like it, I highly recommend it to everybody.

Greg from California - BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll Tape - Mar 07, 2024

Thank you so much guys! Really enjoying the products. Trying to tape for the first time today and it gives effective light support the heating sleeve and the cooling sleeve are great! my sister is also enjoying her products. Many thanks!

Amy from Michigan - ColdCure Elbow|Roll Tape|BFST Elbow - Mar 04, 2024

I've used your products before about 5 years ago on a shoulder injury, so I feel pretty familiar with them. They worked very well when I was having that other problem. I'm a firm believer in your products and I'm going to give them a shot again for this hip injury.

Gregory from Maine - BFST Back - Feb 26, 2024

I use these 3 times a day since I've gotten them and I like the way they fit around my knee. I think they've done quite well for me and My leg is feeling a lot better. Thank you very much.

DANIEL from Illinois - ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut Tape - Feb 26, 2024

Well I think that its all working. With everyone else and the reviewed I read, its like "This might be just a little bit of ice packs and a heating pad" but it has made a HUGE difference. This has been awesome, I can't tell you all enough how much I appreciate your customer service too.

Dr from Texas - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot - Feb 26, 2024

I'm very impressed with the BFST and very thankful. I really think that it's made a huge difference in how I feel and how comfortable it is for me to stand. I'm very impressed.

Audrey from Kansas - ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot - Feb 23, 2024

I had plantar fasciitis, started probably six weeks ago, totally gone now because I ordered that BFST wrap for the foot. And I was doing all the wrong things, and accidentally came upon this website, and it's amazing. I just can't even believe how quickly it worked, and I'm still using it even though I feel no pain now. I'm still using it 2-3 times a day but I'm able to do all my exercise walking as normal. Anybody that even mentions plantar fasciitis to me, I have plenty to tell them. I just hope they'll listen to me, because this is really great.

Celia from North Carolina - BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut Tape - Feb 23, 2024

I can't say it was all just this, it was a 3 part system while being cautious with the recovery. But, I had a MRI and we saw the torn meniscus a year ago, wasn't a horrible one, though wasn't too simple either. It inhibited me doing a lot of stuff though because it was irritating me all the time. I went in later for a re-evaluation after treatments with the device, when they moved my knee they said "I've never seen this before, The knee that we worked on is tighter now then your good knee!" I took the wrap in and even said I think I have to thank this for my recovery and how its been able to work so well. Very thankful.

ross from Florida - BFST Knee - Feb 21, 2024

You have a great company. I was totally not expecting the text offering the personal help. I'm glad I got this. Nowadays most people just google things, I really appreciate your text and follow up. You gave me good information, I really appreciate it. I think your company is just awesome. I've never had this kind of service before. I spoke with someone before when they contacted me to see if I had any questions. Just the follow up and information is amazing. I'm very impressed, so thank you again.

Elizabeth from Ohio - BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape - Feb 21, 2024

I bought the ice, the ColdCure and the BFST for the leg. My brother also got two of the ColdCure because I told him they were amazing. I feel like so many more people would benefit from your products. I get mad that doctors don't say "hey lets try to do this" rather then moving straight away to surgery. I could barely walk, and after three treatments I felt amazing.

Lynelle from Massachusetts - ColdCure Leg - Feb 21, 2024

I am very impressed with your company. Your website is great, and now I see that your service is extraordinary!

Eric from Arizona - ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow - Feb 20, 2024

I started using both the cuffs, the cold and the BFST, and yeah, I was really impressed. After only a few times using the BFST I could tell that my pain was significantly diminishing and I was getting more mobility, as far as being able to move my leg in different directions more, so that was very good. So I'm telling people about it! Once I got the products and started using them I could tell a difference really fast. I got more mobility, was able to put my leg back and forth more, just mobility all around without as much pain. I was able to sleep better at night and didn't have to thrash around for an hour or two trying to get comfortable. I felt like it was very very helpful. I am definitely impressed with these products, and your service. It is so nice to be able to not only use the products, but have somebody who knows give me information - that is really worth a lot.

Evelyn from Kansas - Roll Tape|BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee - Feb 17, 2024

You have been most helpful. First of all, I really like the product. I like the design, and I like the way it fits on the knee too. It's nice that you guys are available to talk to. I think that that's really rare in today's society that we find companies that will do that.

Donald from Nevada - BFST Knee - Feb 17, 2024

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