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King Brand® Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

Track Your Treatments & Symptoms

The Symptom Tracker is:

  • Designed to help you determine the most effective treatment regimen for your injury
  • Extremely beneficial to your personal recovery plan
  • Completely free
  • Easy to use

Track Your Symptoms & Treatments

Want to find out how well the treatments are working for your symptoms? Want to know how far along you are in the recovery process? Want to improve your treatment results with the help of our knowledgeable Advisors? Use our Symptom Tracker to do this and more!

Receive Expert Guidance

Knowledgeable Treatment Advisors

The Symptom Tracker allows you to track the symptoms associated with your injury or condition, as well as the performance of your BFST® and ColdCure® treatments. You'll even have the ability to involve our Treatment Advisors in your recovery. They can give you expert guidance on the products and treatments to help you relieve your symptoms more quickly and effectively. We developed this Symptom Tracker because we want you to get the best possible results from your treatments.

Downloadable, Printable Report

The Symptom Tracker is also useful when it comes to keeping a log of your symptoms, including pain, swelling and mobility. This information will be easily downloadable and printable so you can take it to your appointments to give to your healthcare provider(s). This will help them understand how your recovery is going, how you are feeling, and how the treatments are working for you.

Using the Symptom Tracker

Click on the link below to access the Symptom Tracker. All you have to do is click the "New Participant" button, submit your email address (if you submitted an email address to us upon ordering, please use the same one), and create a password. Then you can click "Start Symptom Tracker", where you will fill out a quick survey with questions about your injury or condition and your treatments. Complete the survey once a day or as often as you are able, and you will receive email reports highlighting your treatment performance. This will be displayed in a graph like the one below. A link to return to the Symptom Tracker is included in each email report.

Click here to go to the Symptom Tracker!

Symptom Tracker Results Graph

Example Results

The Symptom Tracker allows you to:

  • Keep an ongoing record of your symptoms, including occurrence and severity
  • Keep an ongoing record of your treatments, including duration and modality
  • Download and print the results of your treatments in the form of a report
  • See which treatments are the most effective at relieving your symptoms
  • Submit comments and ask for help from our Advisors
  • Receive professional guidance from our Advisors
  • Track multiple injuries and conditions

Start tracking your symptoms today! You don't need to wait until you receive your products. If you start tracking your symptoms now, you can compare your results after you start your treatments. This will allow you to see how much our products have helped you and how well you have improved.

In order to maintain the integrity of the data, you cannot submit more than one set of data per day.

Even if you don't opt into having our Advisors review your results and give you feedback, you will always be able to request a review and receive contact from a Treatment Advisor.

No product purchase is required to participate in the Symptom Tracker program, however, our Advisors cannot offer any guidance on non-KB products or other treatment modalities. If you are not using King Brand®, you can still keep a printable log of your treatments and symptoms.



The only information you need to provide in order to use the Symptom Tracker is your email address and a password. This information will never be shared with anyone else. If you are a participant, you have the ability to remove your personal data from the system at any time. Simply sign into the Symptom Tracker and click on the "Click here to delete your Symptom Tracker data" link at the bottom of the page.

Our system may use automated and personal reviews of individual data to flag individuals who, in the opinion of King Brand®, can benefit from additional guidance. Individual users will only be able to see their own data, along with our Treatment Advisors. Personal data such as names, addresses and contact information will never be disclosed or shared publicly nor privately nor for any commercial purpose outside King Brand® and the individual user. Regulators such as the FDA and Health Canada may require access to some data to ensure compliance with all federal and regional laws. We will not share personal information with other healthcare providers. King Brand® reserves the right to discontinue the collection and monitoring of any person's data and the Symptom Tracker service at any time.

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Track your symptoms and treatments with our Symptom Tracker. Find out how BFST and ColdCure treatments are working for you. Find out how far along you are in the recovery process. Using the Symptom Tracker will help you relieve your pain and swelling more quickly and effectively. The Symptom Tracker is designed to help you get the best possible results from BFST and ColdCure. The Symptom Tracker is completey free and easy to use. All you have to do is complete a survey with questions about your condition, treatments and symptoms. We will send you email reports that show your treatment performance. You can even compare your results to the results of other participants.