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Improving Blood Circulation
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Blood Flow Circulation

Improving Circulation

Better Blood Flow Circulation Will...

  • Minimize Recovery Time
  • Deliver Oxygen and Nutrients More Effectively
  • Eliminate Toxins More Efficiently
  • Provide You With More Energy
  • Improve Your Overall Health

Regardless of your injury, whether it's a tear, strain or sprain the healing of your soft tissue is dependent on your body's ability to repair itself - there's no exception. Even after the pain has disappeared, your body continues to work on repairing the damaged tissue, which may be a long and tedious task. Improving your body's blood circulation is a critical part of the healing process and will determine whether you recover within weeks or months.

Blood Flow Circulation - Important Facts To Remember.

  • Improving blood flow will help to speed up the body's natural healing process
  • Increasing blood circulation helps to deliver nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to the injury
  • Stimulating blood flow helps patients recover faster after surgery

Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery

Since the body's blood flow circulation plays a vital role in recovery, it's important we take the necessary steps to understand the various stages of the healing process. Whether you have suffered an acute injury, been suffering for months or are post-surgery, healthy blood circulation is essential to the healing process. Below we attempt to explain in greater detail how improving blood flow circulation can speed up the healing process. Developing a more detailed understanding of your body's recovery process will help you minimize your healing time and maximize your body's efficiency.

Blood Flow - How Better Circulation Helps Us Heal

Blood Flow

Blood flow is directly tied to the health of your tissue. For example, the more you exercise a certain muscle in your body, the stronger it becomes and the more blood flow you're bringing to it. The same can also be said for your circulatory system. The more you work out your circulatory system, the healthier it will become and the more efficient it will be at delivering the nutrients your injury needs to heal.

The BFST® device works by stimulating blood flow in the healing tissue. Stimulating blood flow following an injury involves a "give and take". The blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the injured area that are essential to the re-growth of your damaged tissues. The blood flow also carries away the waste by-products that are leftover from the time of injury.

Simple Ways To Improve Blood Circulation

How to Improve Circulation

Improving blood flow circulation has great health benefits. It provides us with more energy throughout the day and dramatically speeds up the healing process. By emphasizing the importance of exercise and diet, a patient can help improve blood flow, dramatically minimizing their healing time and helping them avoid re-injury.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy® (BFST®)

BFST® improves circulation in soft tissue injuries deep below the skin. The BFST® device produces Electro Magnetic Energy (EMR) to help stimulate the blood flow and penetrate the deep tissue, where it can target the affected area. This allows the body to deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood more efficiently, exactly where it's needed. This promotion of additional blood flow to the injured area helps speed up the healing process.


Physical activity is a great way to promote healthy blood circulation. When you exercise, you increase your heart rate and deliver additional oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Improved blood circulation speeds up the healing of injuries. Exercise also helps to burn excess fat, which may contribute to poor blood circulation. Through regular exercise, the body's blood circulation, metabolism, muscle endurance and overall energy will experience a positive improvement.

Good Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is important to maintaining your body's immune system and performance. It also affects blood circulation. Along with regular exercise, a healthy and nutrient-rich diet will contribute to better health and mood. Excess fat, lack of exercise and poor diets (which can lead to deficiencies), are all factors that may lead to poor blood circulation.

Benefits of Better Circulation

Increasing blood circulation provides your muscles and arteries with oxygen-rich blood, improving your overall health. The ability to fight infection, heal injuries, provide energy, and filter toxins are all benefits associated with increased blood flow.

The benefits of healthier blood circulation include an improvement in health as well as your overall appearance and mood. Better blood circulation maximizes brain function, keeping your mind sharp and focused. Healthier circulation may also result in higher quality sleep cycles, providing you with more energy throughout the day.

For more information on the body's recovery process please visit our Healing Process page.

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