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How to Apply the Back/Hip Wraps
Treat Your Hip

Treat Your Hip Injuries & Conditions

Our Back/Hip Wrap Can Target Any Area of Your Hip

You don't have to suffer. You don't have to wait.
  • You can reduce the pain and swelling.
  • You can heal quickly.
You simply need the right treatment.

Ideal Treatment for Your Hip

The King Brand® BFST® and ColdCure® Back/Hip Wraps are designed to fit both the back and hip areas, healing injuries and treating conditions not only of the back, but the hip as well. This includes:

  • Hip Flexor Injuries
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Hip Pain & Strains
  • Hip Labrum Tears
  • Hip Pointer Injuries
  • Piriformis Syndrome

BFST® & ColdCure® Hip Wraps

Hip Wrap Coverage Zone

The BFST® and ColdCure® Hip Wraps are designed to treat any area of your hip. They can easily be applied to the affected area and adjusted to fit your shape using the attached straps. The ColdCure® Hip Wrap provides superior relief from pain and swelling, while the BFST® Hip Wrap works to accelerate the healing process by stimulating additional blood flow. You can also wear the wraps when you're not doing a treatment. This will provide your hip with light support and compression during the day's activities.

How to Apply the Hip Wraps

Whether you are using the King Brand® ColdCure® or BFST® Back/Hip Wrap, they can easily be applied to the injured area. The high quality neoprene wrap and Velcro® closure allow for a custom fit for each individual, regardless of size or location of injury. Follow the guide below to find the exact spot you want to treat.

Hip Pointer and Hip LabrumHip Pointer - A Hip Pointer Injury is also known as Iliac Crest Pain. The pain will be concentrated around the upper portion of the hip bone and pelvis area (this is called the Iliac Crest).

Hip Bursitis and Hip FlexorHip Labrum Tear - Your Hip Labrum is located in the space where the thighbone inserts into the socket of the hip joint. The pain will present in the front of the hip or groin area.

Hip Bursitis - There are 4 bursae (fluid-filled sacs) on each side of your hip. The area of pain depends on which bursa is inflamed. Trochanteric Bursitis is the most common type of Hip Bursitis. Pain associated with Trochanteric Bursitis is felt on the outside of the hip, the thigh and the buttock area.

Piriformis SyndromeHip Flexor Injury - A Hip Flexor Injury affects one or more muscles in the Hip Flexor Group, located in the front of the hip. The pain is often felt close to your groin area.

Hip Pain & Strains - Position the wrap so the treatment area is covering the painful or strained part of your hip, whether it's the side, front or back of your hip.

Piriformis Syndrome - This affects the Piriformis Muscle, which is located in the buttocks. The pain often radiates from the buttocks down the leg.

Accessory Strap

For 11+ Inches of Extension

If you have a waist that measures above 55", the Accessory Strap can provide a more customized fit for the BFST® and ColdCure® Hip Wraps. The strap provides up to 11+ inches of extension so you can use as much or as little extension as you need. We all come in different shapes and sizes and this strap will allow you to increase the size of your Hip Wrap to achieve the best possible fit and treatment. Just attach one end of the Accessory Strap to one of the Hip Wrap straps and pull it around your front. Attach the other end of the Accessory Strap to the other Hip Wrap strap. Adjust to your desired fit.

Free Treatment Advice & Guidance

Professional Consulting

The purchase of every BFST® and ColdCure® Wrap comes included with the free professional consulting services of our King Brand® Advisors. One of our Advisors will contact you 4-5 days after your order has been delivered to see how your treatments are going and answer any questions you may have. Our Advisors are highly knowledgeable when it comes to treating hip injuries and conditions. They have also been thoroughly trained on BFST® and ColdCure® technology and treatments. Our Advisors truly care about your recovery. They can even help you develop a personalized treatment plan. While one of our Advisors will follow-up with you directly, you are welcome to contact us if you need any assistance. We're here for you every step of the way.

Which Product is Right For Me?

Unsure about which product to use? Want to discuss your injury or condition with a knowledgeable King Brand® Advisor?

Call us toll free now at 1-844-672-9440. Our Advisors will help you pick the right products and can develop a treatment plan for you. We want to help you heal and feel better.

King Brand® Quality

Quality Seal

King Brand® soft tissue rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice by top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. We provide guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. Like all King Brand® products, there simply isn't a better performing option. All King Brand® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products and if you're not completely impressed, you can send them back for a full refund. We know you will love them though because thousands of people already use them and rave about the results.

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King Brand® ColdCure® and BFST® Wraps are FDA Registered medical devices. They have also passed the Health Canada, ISO 13485, ISO 10993 and IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition approval processes. These are not simple consumer goods. These medical devices are intended to prevent, treat and cure soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions. Part of being an FDA Registered company means that our products are made from high quality, biocompatible materials. These devices are manufactured and tested to the highest safety standards in the industry.

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Common hip injuries and conditions include Hip Bursitis, Hip Flexor Injuries, Hip Pain and Strains, Hip Pointer Injuries, Iliac Crest Pain, Piriformis Syndrome and Hip Labrum Tears. Hip injuries and conditions plague many people. A bad hip injury causes hip pain. There are many symptoms of hip pain caused by hip injuries and hip conditions. Treatment for a hip injury will cause your hip pain to improve and your hip injury to heal. There's no doubt that to heal hip injuries quickly you need BFST treatments. ColdCure will help with hip pain. You can cure hip pain and a hip injury with BFST and ColdCure technology. Some hip injuries require surgery. This heals the injured hip but the pain in your hip after surgery can be severe. The best hip injury treatment is BFST. The best hip pain treatment is ColdCure. These wraps are incredible. They feel comfortable. They work. So, if you want to heal your injured hip quickly, you need BFST. If you want to treat hip pain you need ColdCure. Hip injury symptoms are hip pain and swelling. A sore hip can be helped with hip exercises although hip exercises won't cure all hip injuries.