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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is BFST®?

The Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) device is designed to bring nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to your soft tissue injury. This increase in blood flow works to heal your damaged tissue. Visit our BFST® Home page for further information.

Why do I need BFST®?

BFST® Wraps actively work to heal your soft tissue injury. Stop re-injuring the area over and over again - use BFST® to heal for good and get your life back on track. After a full recovery, do a BFST® treatment prior to any physical activity to prevent injury.

How does BFST® work?

The BFST® device uses our patented Energy Web® to output stimulating and incredibly safe EMR energy. This energy envelops the area you're treating and easily passes right through your skin and fat. The energy focuses itself deep within the injured area, stimulating blood flow in the underlying tissue (your muscles, tendons, ligaments) to heal your injury.

What do BFST® treatments feel like?

BFST® treatments are very pleasant and relaxing. You will not feel any vibrating, shocks, pain or discomfort from BFST® treatments.

BFST® treatments are not designed to produce a lot of surface heat - this is not a heating pad. The treatments are designed to heal your injury or condition. People often notice a warming sensation and slight tingling sensation from the increase in blood flow, as well as a small amount of surface heat from the Energy Web®. The more BFST® treatments you do, the less warmth you will feel. This is good. As the warmth lessens from treatment to treatment, this is an indication that your circulation is improving.

When will I start to notice that the BFST® Wrap is working?

After about 2 weeks of regular BFST® treatments (Note: Many people will notice results sooner), you should start to notice less stiffness, soreness and muscle fatigue. Your mobility should be improved as well. If your injury has had a negative impact on your sleep, you should also notice an improvement in your sleep pattern.

Can the BFST® Wrap heal a complete ligament/muscle/tendon tear?

No, the BFST® Wrap is not designed to heal complete soft tissue tears. When you have a complete tear, you have 2 separate pieces of tissue (the tissue is no longer touching). If the tissue isn't touching, there's nothing blood flow can do to heal it. However, the BFST® Wrap can heal partial tears. If you have a complete tear, please talk to a healthcare professional, as surgery may be required to repair it. If you do undergo surgery, you can use our products post-surgery to relieve your inflammation and accelerate healing.

What is the difference between the BFST® Wrap and a heating pad?

Consumer grade heating pads don't heal soft tissue injuries. BFST® Wraps do. Heating pads are far surpassed by BFST® Wraps in terms of therapeutic benefits. Heating pads heat the surface of the skin, bringing blood to the surface. Heating the surface of the skin does nothing to heal the damaged tissue below the dermal (fat & skin) layer. BFST® penetrates deep below the skin to stimulate blood flow in the area of injury, creating an ideal environment for healing. The difference is significant.

Is it safe to do BFST® treatments back to back?

While it is completely safe to do BFST® treatments back to back, there is no additional benefit. The effects of each 20 minute BFST® treatment last for up to 4 hours afterwards, so doing a treatment every 4 hours is sufficient. However, if doing treatments back to back feels good and you do not experience any discomfort, you can continue to do so.


What is ColdCure®?

The ColdCure® device uses a compression wrap and cold gel packs to quickly eliminate the pain, swelling and inflammation associated with soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions. Visit our ColdCure® Home page for further information.

Why do I need ColdCure®?

Using ColdCure® is the first step towards healing. You can't heal your injury until you've brought down the inflammation and swelling. Most of all though, ColdCure® relieves the pain quickly.

What do ColdCure® treatments feel like?

Most of all, you should feel relief from your pain. The ColdCure® XC RigiGel® packs should feel cool and provide relief from swelling by using compression, as well as the cold. The gel packs should feel as rigid out of the freezer as they do at room temperature. This ensures that the cold is evenly dispersed over the affected area and optimal compression will be reached without having it pre-formed to your body. The gel will not move around inside the pack. When pressure is applied the gel will move, but retain its original form to provide even cooling.

Can I buy ColdCure® gel packs by themselves?

You can only purchase individual gel packs if you already own a ColdCure® Wrap of the same style. The gel packs are not designed to be used without the Wrap.

Can I buy additional gel packs for my ColdCure® Wrap?

Yes, you can buy additional gel packs for your ColdCure® Wrap if they are of the same style. Please Contact Us toll free at 1-844-672-9440 if you need to purchase any additional gels.

How do I store my ColdCure® gel packs?

The XC Gel® packs included with your ColdCure® Wrap are designed to be stored in the freezer. Not all freezers are the same. If you find that the gel is too stiff from the freezer, leave it out for 1-2 minutes before inserting it inside the wrap. When the pack is soft enough to bend, it's ready to use for treatment. If you find that the gels are too cold for you when stored in the freezer, you can store them in the fridge.

When not in use, store your XC Gel® packs in a plastic bag. This will prevent shrinking of the gel that can occur over time. Gel packs that are stored in a plastic bag are expected to last for about 2 years.

How cold are the ColdCure® gel packs?

Scientifically, the 'amount of cold stored' is measured in kJ (kilojoules). Our engineers did thermodynamic calculations in June 2012 and found that when the ColdCure® Back Wrap was cooled to fridge temperatures, it typically held about 56kJ worth of 'cold' for cooling the body. A ColdOne brand Back Wrap contains about 32kJ of stored cooling power when charged in the freezer. This means one ColdCure® gel pack from the fridge contains about 75% more cold power than a ColdOne Wrap from the freezer. That's significant, but what's amazing is this:

When our ColdCure® Back Wrap is cooled to freezer temperatures it typically holds about 240kJ of cooling power. This is for a single gel pack, not combining all three.

Since we did these calculations in 2012, our gel packs have only continued to improve. They perform even better today.

General Treatment Info

What is Combination Therapy?

Combination Therapy means using the right product at the right time -- ColdCure® when you have a lot of pain, inflammation and visible swelling, and BFST® when you don't have any visible swelling or your pain is not as severe. Combination Therapy is much more effective than using just BFST® or just ColdCure®. This is because you're getting the healing benefits of BFST®, as well as the swelling and pain relief of ColdCure®. For more information, please see our Combination Therapy page.

How long will it take for me to heal?

Healing times depend on many factors: type and severity of your injury, your age, your overall health, the amount of activity you're still doing, etc. We recommend 4-6 weeks of Combination Therapy treatment with our ColdCure® and BFST® products (and lots of rest) before resuming physical activity. Please visit our Healing Time page for more information.

How tight should I wear the wrap during treatment?

BFST® - During treatment, the BFST® Wrap should be worn loosely. To be more specific, you should be able to fit two fingers between the wrap and your skin. When your BFST® treatment ends, you can gently tighten the wrap to provide the injured area with light support and protection.

ColdCure® - The ColdCure® Wrap should be snug during treatment, as compression is designed to help relieve swelling and inflammation. Just make sure you don't tighten the wrap too hard or you could cause re-injury.

I have a Baker's Cyst. Why does your website recommend the BFST® Knee Wrap & ColdCure® Leg Wrap?

While your Baker's Cyst shows in the back of your knee, this is not where the cause of your Baker's Cyst is located. Your Baker's Cyst has likely been caused by an underlying injury to the front or side(s) of your knee. First you need to bring down the swelling of your Baker's Cyst in the back of your knee. Our ColdCure® Leg Wrap is perfect for this as it covers this area completely. Secondly, you need to use the BFST® Knee Wrap to heal the underlying knee injury or condition which caused your Baker's Cyst to develop. The Knee Wrap is ideal for healing your knee injury as it covers the entire front and sides of your knee. Please visit our Baker's Cyst page for more information.

I have Plantar Fasciitis. Why does your website recommend against stretching my plantar fascia?

The internet contains a ton of misinformation regarding Plantar Fasciitis, including sources that advocate stretching the plantar fascia, claiming that this will heal it. This information is wrong. There are also dozens of products that are designed to stretch the plantar fascia. These products will only make your condition worse. Stretching the plantar fascia causes further damage and strain. Your plantar fascia is already aggravated from overuse - stretching it at this point will only make things worse. You need to rest and do 4-6 weeks of ColdCure® & BFST® Combination Therapy treatment before you can think about doing any stretching or foot exercises. See our Healing page for more information on the healing process.

Can I walk around while wearing the BFST® or ColdCure® Wraps?

Ideally, you should be at rest during any BFST® treatment and the length of the power supply cord will also somewhat restrict walking while wearing a BFST® Wrap. You should never walk while wearing a BFST® Foot Wrap.

You can walk around while wearing a ColdCure® Wrap, except if it's a Foot Wrap. Walking with the Foot Wrap on would mean putting your weight directly on the gel pack, so we advise against doing this to prevent damaging the gel pack.

The BFST® or ColdCure® Wrap (without the electrical components or gel) can be worn by itself to provide light support and protection for the injured area between treatments.

Can I wear the BFST® Wrap or ColdCure® Wraps in bed?

While it is safe to wear the ColdCure® Wrap to bed, you cannot wear the BFST® Wrap to bed. You can, however, wear the BFST® Wrap by itself without the Energy Web® inside (so it's not plugged in) to provide compression and protection while you sleep.

Can I use BFST® with other treatments?

Do not use the BFST® Wrap in conjunction with topical creams, ointments or cortisone shots. You can use BFST® in conjunction with physiotherapy.

Do I need to clean my skin before doing a BFST® treatment?

You don't need to remove your skin's natural body oils prior to a BFST® treatment, however, we recommend you do NOT use the BFST® in conjunction with topical creams and ointments, or after applying rubbing alcohol (may also be referred to as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol based liquid, or as surgical spirit in the UK).

How should I use ColdCure® & BFST® in conjunction with my physiotherapy?

You can start seeing a physiotherapist once you've done about 4-6 weeks of Combination Therapy treatment (alternating use of the ColdCure® & BFST® devices). Be careful not too start too soon, as this can result in re-injury. The purpose of physiotherapy is to slowly restore movement and function to prevent re-injury. Continue using ColdCure® as needed to treat flare-ups of pain and swelling and to bring down any inflammation after your physio appointments or any physical activity. Do a BFST® treatment before your physio appointments or any physical activity to warm up your circulatory system and prevent injury.

Can I use a BFST® or ColdCure® Wrap if I've had cortisone shots?

Please wait 6 weeks after your last cortisone shot before using the BFST® Wrap. If you require pain and inflammation relief despite having received a cortisone shot, you may want to discuss this with your health care provider. ColdCure® is safe to use any time after a cortisone shot but, as with all cold therapy treatments, we recommend you follow the instructions provided relating to duration of use, cold contact with the skin and intervals between treatments.

Can I use the BFST® Wrap if I've had PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections?

Yes, you can use the BFST® Wrap if you've had PRP injections. As BFST® promotes nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood in order to heal tissue, this should provide the PRP with more of the ingredients it needs to do the job.

If I currently have or have had cancer in the past, can I use the BFST® Wrap?

Please talk to your family doctor or oncologist before using the BFST® Wrap if you currently have cancer. You can use the BFST® Wrap if you have had cancer in the past but are currently cancer-free.

Note: There are no known issues with cancer patients using BFST®. If you are interested in using the BFST® Wrap, please talk to your doctor first.

Can your products be used to treat varicose veins?

Neither BFST® nor ColdCure® will heal varicose veins, but cold compression definitely helps with symptomatic relief. It is particularly effective if you use the ColdCure® Wrap while your leg is elevated. You should consult a healthcare professional if you would like to use the BFST® device and have any circulatory issues.

How does the Energy Web® affect cochlear implants?

We don't have any specific testing related to cochlear implants as they are still fairly rare. But, we would not expect the Energy Web® to interfere with the implant in any way. The BFST® units do not have any magnetic field associated with their operation; the emitted energy is photonic in nature.

How does the Energy Web® affect pacemakers?

We do not have any reason to believe that our products would electrically interfere with a pacemaker. We always recommend that people consult their physician if they have unique circumstances such as this. In particular, you should ask your cardiologist if perhaps the warmth generated by the unit would be of concern. Some people will respond to warmth with an increased cardiac rate. For people using BFST® on body extremities, there is no cause for concern if the patient uses a pacemaker. When using a BFST® (or ColdCure®) directly over the heart and a pacemaker is involved, or if there is any heart condition, the patient should always consult their cardiologist first.

Our BFST® products are Class II medical devices and are designed with so much intrinsic safety that they can be used in hospitals without concern for interference with any sensitive medical equipment, even when the BFST® and other medical equipment are being used at the same time on the same individual.

Can the BFST® be used with a titanium implant?

Yes, the BFST® is safe to use with a titanium implant.

Can the BFST® be used with an IUD?

There are no known concerns about using the BFST® if an IUD is inserted.

Our BFST® products are Class II medical devices and are designed with so much intrinsic safety that they can be used in hospitals without concern for interference with any sensitive medical equipment, even when the BFST® and other medical equipment are being used at the same time on the same individual.

Can the BFST® be used on artificial joints/implants that contain metal pins and screws?

Yes, the BFST® is safe to use on artificial joints/implants that contain metal pins and screws, as the device does not use localized heat or energy.

General Product Info

What is the difference between the BFST® & ColdCure® devices and other products I can buy in a store or online?

Our BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps are FDA Registered medical devices. Most other products available in stores or online are only consumer grade products. Medical devices are designed and manufactured to higher standards of quality, safety and performance than consumer goods.

Our BFST® and ColdCure® medical devices are intended to prevent, treat and cure soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions. Specifically, BFST® is designed to promote blood flow to heal soft tissue and ColdCure® is designed to eliminate pain and swelling. Consumer good manufacturers cannot make these medical claims about their products, because they wouldn't be true. Consumer goods cannot prevent, treat or cure soft tissue injuries like our products. Consumer grade products simply provide heat or cold.

Compared to consumer goods, our medical devices are made of higher quality material and are held to higher standards of safety and efficacy. One reason for this is because our BFST® and ColdCure® devices have gone through and passed the FDA and Health Canada approval processes. Consumer goods haven't.

Do your wraps come in different sizes?

All of our wraps are one size fits all. Our Top & Side Shoulder Wraps come with Small, Large & Medium straps included that allow you to customize the size. Our wraps are fully adjustable to fit different body shapes and sizes. Accessory Straps are also available to purchase if further extension is required.

What is KB Support Tape?

KB Support Tape is a soft, stretchy athletic tape that's designed to be applied between treatments with the BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps, or any time you want extra support and protection for your injury.

Why do I need KB Support Tape?

KB Support Tape provides ongoing compression throughout the day, so you get swelling relief that's light, comfortable and doesn't restrict movement. KB Support Tape also prevents re-injury by providing your damaged tissue with targeted support and protection. This is important because when you're not doing treatments, you risk doing further damage to your already fragile tissue.

How does KB Support Tape work?

KB Support Tape works with your skin to protect your tissue and keep it in place. It does this by making your skin much more rigid than usual. Our skin is normally fairly soft and elastic, but when you apply KB Support Tape, your skin becomes much harder to move. Limiting movement of your skin helps to reduce movement of your soft tissue, which prevents re-injury.

What materials are your products made from?

Our BFST® medical devices, ColdCure® medical devices, and KB Support Tape are all made from 100% biocompatible materials. This means they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. For example, the outside of our gel packs are made from the same material as IV bags, while our KB Support Tape is manufactured with a medical adhesive. These are medical grade devices that are manufactured with the best, safest materials possible. These materials are actually safer than those used to manufacture most baby products, including toys, clothing, and even diapers.

Do any of your products contain latex?

No, none of our products contain any latex.

Will the gel leak out if the gel pack comes open?

No, since our gel is a semi-solid it will not leak out of the pack. Our gel is food-grade and non-toxic, so even if it does become exposed, it's not harmful.

Shipping, Exchanges & Returns

Do you provide overnight shipping?

Yes, within the US we can provide overnight shipping. During checkout, please select the UPS Next Day Air option at an additional charge. If your order has been placed too late in the day in order to provide Next Day Air service, a Treatment Advisor will call you.

How long will my order take to reach me?

On average, 70% of our Express delivery orders are delivered within 1-2 business days, with 25% being delivered within 3 business days, and 5% taking longer.

On average, 45% of our Standard delivery orders are delivered within 1-2 business days, with 50% being delivered within 3 business days, and 5% taking longer.

All orders are shipped the same day (or the next business day for orders placed on a holiday, over the weekend, or after 2:30 pm local time on weekdays). We have several distribution centers in strategic locations throughout the United States, to ensure your order reaches you as quickly as possible.

What address should I provide for shipping? What about for billing?

Your billing address should be the address that is associated with your chosen method of payment, such as your credit card.

Your shipping address should be the address you would usually provide for any USPS or Canada Post shipments you receive. This should include your PO Box number and your Rural Route (RR) number, if applicable. The more information you can provide for your address, the better.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Our BFST® and ColdCure® medical devices come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of receipt. The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to KB Support Tape as it is a final sale product. For more information, please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Do my products come with a warranty?

Yes. Our BFST® and ColdCure® products come with a 1 Year Product Quality Warranty for purchases with any defects. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding your warranty.

How do I add something to my order or change something about my order?

You can add more items to your order by visiting the King Brand® Shop or by calling us toll free at 1-844-672-9440. Please also call us to discuss any order changes you'd like to make.

Can I exchange my product for a different product?

There are 2 different options to choose from if you want to exchange product. Please call us toll free at
1-844-672-9440 so we can discuss these options with you.

Why didn't I receive an order confirmation?

If you supplied us with your email address upon checkout, you should have received an email order confirmation. Please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you don't find the confirmation in your Spam/Junk folder, please call us toll free at 1-844-672-9440 and we will check to make sure we have the correct email address on file so we can re-send the confirmation.

How do I receive tracking information relating to my order?

If you supplied your email address when you placed your order, you will receive an email with your tracking information once the order has been processed. If you are expecting a tracking information email but haven't received it yet, please call us toll free at 1-844-672-9440.

Do I need to contact King Brand® before returning product(s) I ordered?

No, you do not need to contact King Brand® before returning product(s). Please bear in mind that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so any returns postmarked outside of those 30 Days will not be accepted. Please see our Contact Us page for full return instructions.

Why can't I return the products to a shipping warehouse?

Our shipping warehouses are outbound only distribution centers in order to get products to you as quickly as possible. In order to receive a refund for your return, you must send it back to King Brand®. King Brand® is located in Bellingham Washington. For full return instructions, please visit our Contact Us page.

Do I need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to return the product(s) I purchased?

No, you do not need an RMA number if you placed your order via the King Brand website or a King Brand Advisor. Please send your return via regular mail and mark the outside of the shipping box "RETURNED GOODS". Also include your contact information and KB Order Number with the returned product(s). Please see our Contact Us page for full return instructions.


I don't know which product I need. What should I do?

Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-844-672-9440 and talk to one of our knowledgeable King Brand® Advisors. Our Advisors can help you select the right product(s) for your injury/condition, and can even help you plan a treatment regimen that is specific to your needs.

Are King Brand® products available in retail stores?

No. King Brand® products are only available on

Can I receive reimbursement for the cost of King Brand® products through my health insurance plan?

You may be able to receive reimbursement for part or all of the cost of our products through your health insurance provider. Please see our Health Insurance Claim Information page for details.

How long has King Brand® been in business?

King Brand® has been the proud manufacturer of high quality medical devices since 2007.