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BFST® - Instructions for Effective Results
Additional Information
BFST instructions

Instructions for BFST®

BFST® Function - The Key Benefits

  • Deliver Oxygen and Nutrient-Rich Blood to the Injury
  • Speed Up The Natural Healing Process
  • Reduce Chance of Re-Injury
  • Promote Blood Flow

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You and Your BFST® Device

Congratulations on your purchase of the BFST® device. In doing so, you have taken the first step to a full and speedy recovery. Below you will find information on the BFST® device, along with detailed instructions and recommended treatment protocols. Please carefully read through the instructions for the recommended settings related to your injury. If you have further questions, please call our Customer Service Team for additional treatment advice.

BFST® Wraps stimulate blood flow to promote faster healing, and are designed to treat damaged tissue and returning injuries. BFST® Wraps should not be used in the first 48 hours after a fresh trauma or substantial re-injury to the area, as there may still be bleeding in the sub-dermal tissue. Instead, a ColdCure® Wrap is more effective during this first 48 hour period. The BFST® wrap is to be worn both during treatment (when power is connected) and after treatment (when power is not connected). During treatment, the BFST® wrap should fit loosely on your body. The user should easily be able to slip one or two fingers between the wrap and the treatment area, without squeezing or pulling the skin of the finger. After treatment, the straps can be gently tightened to provide support to the injury and reduce swelling from building up in the area. Remember, you should always be at rest during treatment.

Treatment Protocols - Get the Most from Your BFST® Device

Improved bloodflow leads to better healing

For the best results, use the BFST® Wrap 4-6 times per day. It's best to get your first treatment done first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This will help kick-start your blood flow right away, setting you up for improved circulation all day long. BFST® treatments throughout the day will be very beneficial for the healing process. Blood flow will stay stimulated for 3-4 hours, so spacing the treatments out throughout the day will give the best results. Before going to bed, it's advised that you give yourself one last treatment, as this will aid in keeping your healing process stimulated during sleep. The 3-level controller automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of use. It is more effective to space out your treatments than to cycle treatments back-to-back, though it is safe. While it is suggested that you give yourself 4-6 treatments a day, there is no point where the number of treatments becomes unsafe.

A treatment first thing in the morning will help relax damaged tissue and increase blood flow. As we sleep the blood flow will slow down and muscles tend to stiffen in injured areas. When we first wake up the injured body part is usually at its most stiff, because the blood flow circulation to the area has decreased significantly overnight. As we get on with our day the blood rushes back into the injury, loosening up tight tissue and improving circulation - which in turn helps reduce this stiffness. BFST® acts to counter stiffness right away, by sending blood flow circulation directly to the injury, helping you function better first thing in the morning. The first BFST® treatment of the day is the most important; it sets your body up to boost the healing process for the entire day, giving you the best possible healing results.

During Treatment - What to Expect from BFST®

During optimal operation, the user should feel a slight warming sensation beneath the treatment area. This sensation should subside after 5 to 10 minutes of use, but could remain for longer. The body will need time to get used to the treatments. Tissue that is damaged will feel the effects of BFST® more than the surrounding undamaged tissue. A prolonged warming sensation indicates that the BFST® Wrap is being run too high for the body tissue to handle.

When treating injuries with significantly impaired blood flow, a heating sensation may also be felt, as a result of the impaired blood flow itself. This is the body attempting to respond to the stimulation of the Energy Web®. As the injury heals and blood flow is restored this sensation will lessen.

If the sensation becomes uncomfortable or hot, set the controller to a lower setting. It is recommended that the first few treatments be started at the lowest setting. A higher setting can be used after several more BFST® treatments.

A thin layer of clothing can be put between your back and the shell if the warmth causes discomfort. If the unit is at the lowest setting and the warming sensation remains significant for more than 10 minutes, treatment should be ceased. BFST® Wraps are intended for dry use only and cannot be used in water.

3 Level Controller - What Level is the Right Level

Choose your level

The BFST® device comes with a 3 level power setting controller. It's best to start on level 1 and work your way up to the higher settings. The body will begin to adjust to the increased blood flow from level 1 after 7-10 days. At that point move up to level 2, which will give off more power and improve blood flow even more. Level 3 should be used after 5-7 days of level 2 treatments. Level 3 is the highest output for blood flow stimulation the BFST® will produce. It's important not to start treatment on level 3 right away, the body needs time to adapt to the increase in blood flow. It's like going jogging - you start off slow and build up your lungs so you can go for longer the next time. This concept applies to improving blood flow circulation.

Tips for the Healing Process

Heal faster by using your BFST every day

It's key to have patience when healing your injury. Within a few weeks of BFST® treatments your injury will have completed the first couple stages of the healing process. At this point, most of the pain should have diminished. However, it's important to understand you're not fully healed yet.

Many people will successfully go through the first couple stages of the healing process using BFST®. At this point most of the pain has gone, so people tend stop using BFST® and go about their regular activities. Unfortunately, the injured area has only around 30% of its original strength after a couple weeks of healing. This is when people re-injure themselves most often.

It's important to continue BFST® treatments, even after the pain has gone. In order to get back to full strength, you need to treat yourself with BFST® until you're fully healed.

Healed Tissue - Maintainence With BFST®

BFST® Wraps also provide you with benefits after the injury has fully healed. Professional athletes use BFST® to help stimulate muscles before physical activity. BFST® will provide you with better circulation, which will deliver more oxygen to muscles, helping you perform better come game time.

BFST® Treatments and ColdCure® Treatments

Proper usage of the BFST and ColdCure wraps

When using both BFST® and ColdCure® treatments to heal an injury and control pain, it is often up to the experience of the user what combination provides the best results. Typically, if the user is cycling through successive treatments of BFST® it is best not to alternate ColdCure® treatments in between BFST® treatments. The cryogenic effects on blood flow counteract the desired intent of BFST® treatments. It is recommended that you use ColdCure® until the pain and swelling are under control, then begin BFST® treatments. Try to keep BFST® and ColdCure® treatments 1 hour apart from each other, as they can counteract each other when alternated in a short space of time. If BFST® treatments become uncomfortable, try lowering the setting. If the discomfort persists and you are at the lowest setting, discontinue usage of the wrap.

Cleaning Instructions - The BFST® wrap is machine washable. Disconnect all electrical components before washing. Remove the Energy Web® from the pocket of the Wrap and wash the cloth part of the wrap.