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BFST® Battery Pack
Additional Information

BFST® Battery Pack : For Mobile Treatments

Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Low, Medium & High Treatment Levels
  • Full Charge Lasts for 3-20 Treatments
  • Lights Indicate Charge Level
  • Do Treatments On-the-Go
  • Attaches to Your Wrap
  • Easily Rechargeable

Rechargeable Battery Pack
Rechargeable BFST® Battery Pack

The Rechargeable Battery Pack is designed to make your BFST® Wrap completely mobile. Simply attach it to your wrap and do treatments wherever you go. You're no longer limited to the length of the cord.

The Battery Pack is easily charged using your BFST® Wrap's power supply cord. The indicator lights on the Battery let you know when it needs to be charged again.

The Battery Pack makes it so much simpler to get in your 3-4 treatments per day, because you don't have to wait around while you're plugged into the outlet anymore.

Wearing the Battery Pack
Wearing the Battery Pack

Treatments Anywhere, Any Time

If you want freedom of movement during your BFST® treatments, the Battery Pack is a must have. Now you can do your treatments while you're doing things around the house, while you're driving, while you're at work or while you're running errands around town. No more being stuck in one place during treatments because of the cord. The Battery Pack is perfect for people who lead busy lives and want to multitask. You can go about all of your daily activities as usual while doing treatments at the same time. The Battery Pack is ideal for travelling as well. It's light and compact and easy to store.

How It Works

Battery Pack Hooked Up
Battery Pack Hooked Up

To use your Battery Pack, plug your Power Controller into it, and press the red button on the Battery Pack. Then press the button on the Power Controller and adjust it to the desired level. The Battery Pack comes with a strip of Velcro® you can use to attach it anywhere on your wrap. A fully charged Battery Pack will last for a minimum of
3-20 treatments, depending on which BFST® Wrap you're using and the level you're using it at. For example, the BFST® Achilles Wrap will last for up to 10 treatments on Medium when fully charged. Recharging a completely drained battery back to 100% takes approximately 4 hours. While you can use the Battery Pack and charge it at the same time, this means it will take longer for it to reach a full charge.

*Battery Pack is specifically designed to work with all King Brand® BFST® devices. Your BFST® device comes with the components you need for treatments and to charge the Battery Pack.

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Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>The BFST Battery Pack or Rechargeable Battery Pack can also be called a Wireless Power Pack. The Battery Pack is designed to work with all BFST Wraps. The Battery Pack makes your wrap completely mobile. This means you can do treatments anywhere and at any time. Do your BFST treatments at work, in the car, while you're running errands or while you're doing chores around the house. The Battery Pack is easy to use and attaches anywhere on your wrap. Recharge your Battery using the BFST power supply cord. The Battery Pack is ideal for people who want to do treatments on-the-go. No more being plugged in all the time. A fully charged battery lasts for 3-20 treatments depending on which type of wrap you're using and what level you're using it on. The lights on the Battery Pack indicate your charge level.