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Treatment Myths

Achilles Tendon Treatment Myths

Common Treatment Myths
    We clear up misinformation about commonly promoted mistakes:

  • The truth about Achilles treatment versus healing myths.

  • Find out why cortisone, stretching and surgery are not the best methods.

  • We dispel myths about night splints, heating pads and painkillers.

  • Many more important facts about Achilles Tendonitis

One Super Important Fact:

One Super Important Fact

During each step, when your heel is off the ground, your Achilles Tendon bears the whole weight of your body. It carries a tremendous load. Resting the injury is essential. Do not push through the pain.

When it comes to treating an Achilles injury, there's a lot of bad advice on the internet. Stretching, Surgery and Cortisone injections are not the solutions!

MYTH: Cortisone Shots Will Heal Me

REALITY: Cortisone Shots Can Cause Serious Damage

Steroid Injections are Dangerous

Cortisone injections are designed to temporarily relieve pain and swelling, however, they come with a variety of risks and side effects. These include skin discoloration, allergic reaction, infection and nerve damage. They're also associated with tendon rupture. That's why patients are advised against getting more than 3-4 cortisone shots into an area over the course of a year. Cortisone shots are not designed to heal the injury. They simply mask the pain and can cause you to feel a false sense of ability, leading to a higher likelihood of re-injury. If the cortisone shot is not administered properly, there's a chance that it won't have any effect. Some people are also unable to metabolize cortisone, meaning it would not provide them with any relief.

Cortisone contributes to the thinning of tissue and an increase in the likelihood of an Achilles rupture as a result!

Please visit our Cortisone Shots page for more information on the potential dangers of cortisone.

MYTH: Surgery Can Fix the Problem

REALITY: Surgery Should Always Be the LAST RESORT


Surgery is not actually required in order to heal most soft tissue injuries. A partial tear can be healed without surgery in the majority of cases. Most of the time Achilles Tendonitis is an inflamed tendon and not a tear at all. Surgery should only be considered if your tissue is completely ruptured (in two separate pieces). There are many risks and complications associated with surgery, including nerve damage, infection, tendon rupture, and more. There is also no guarantee that it will get rid of the problem for good.

If you do undergo surgery, you can still use our BFST® and ColdCure® products beforehand to help prepare your body, and after the procedure to accelerate your recovery. Always get a second opinion before signing up for Achilles surgery.

MYTH: TENS Machines Stimulate Blood Flow and Help Heal

REALITY: TENS Machines Can Cause Serious Damage

Steroid Injections are Dangerous

A TENS machine does not stimulate blood flow. TENS is an acronym that means Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. What a TENS machine is designed to do, is overstimulate the nerves to relieve pain - it deadens the nerves. While it's desirable to reduce pain with an injury, using a TENS machine over an injury is not recommended. Having your muscles pulse and flex uncontrolled will cause further tissue damage and slow down healing. It is an important part of injury recovery, to feel the pain, and respect the pain. Pain is going to tell you when you're potentially causing further damage. Never mask the pain.

MYTH: PRP Injections Help with Healing

REALITY: PRP Injections are not FDA Approved

Injury Treatment Without Drugs

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is becoming a more promoted way to treat injuries and chronic conditions. But, does it work? No. There are no clear studies found that proves that PRP injections have any positive effect at all. This is why PRP injections are not approved by FDA. Some doctors are offering PRP injections - for a significant fee - where they will inject your own plasma directly into the injured tissue. There's no proof it will help. It's just a lot of money for a simple injection and that's the motivation for the doctor, $2000 for a needle. PRP will not help your Achilles. Save your money. In fact, it is very dangerous to insert a needle into the injury site. This puts you at a high risk of further damage to your injury, as well as a potential for infection.

MYTH: Stem Cell Injections Heal Injuries

REALITY: Unproven stem cell treatments can be unsafe

Steroid Injections are Dangerous

The FDA is increasing its oversight and enforcement to protect people from dishonest and unscrupulous stem cell clinics, while continuing to encourage innovation so that the medical industry can properly harness the potential of stem cell products. The only approved Stem Cell treatments by FDA are for patients with blood disorders. Stem Cell treatments are sold on the idea that stem cells can turn into any cell and the sellers want you to believe they will turn into Achilles cells. But that's pure hogwash. The cells don't know what to turn into. Why not fat or bone or cancer cells? You can't just inject stem cells and pretend they will turn into tendon. Really, they are just swept away by the lymphatic system. Unproven stem cell therapies are unsafe, and not effective.

MYTH: Stretching and Physiotherapy Helps Heal your Injury

REALITY: You Need To Advocate For Yourself. Pain = Re-Injury

Injury Treatment Without Drugs

The purpose of physiotherapy is to help with strengthening the muscles surrounding your injury once the healing process is underway.. Starting physiotherapy before your injury has had a chance to start healing and stabilize, will only cause further damage and more pain. Your physiotherapist cannot feel what you feel. If you feel pain during physio or afterwards advocate for yourself. Physio should not hurt. You need to work within your pain limits. If an exercise hurts, you need to stop that exercise because you're not ready yet. As you heal you will be able to do more, but do not push yourself because this will only cause re-injury. This is true throughout your entire Achilles recovery. Always respect the pain.

MYTH: Exercising, Despite the Pain, Will Help Me Heal Faster

REALITY: Working Through the Pain is Dangerous

DON'T Work Through the Pain

Rest is very important when recovering from an injury. Of course, too much rest can cause stiffness, but resting when you can will help you avoid further injury. While it is true that moving promotes blood flow, and in turn blood flow promotes healing, too much movement too soon in the healing process is a bad thing, as it only results in re-injury and a much longer recovery time. Certain exercises and stretches can be beneficial, but these should not be done until you are further along in the healing process. Also, you cannot keep doing the same level of activity you were doing before becoming injured. You need to let your Achilles rest. This can't be stressed enough about Achilles Tendonitis because your injury is an overuse injury. Rest is critical. Give your Achilles a break. You can gradually work your way back up to your regular activities, but this will take some time. You may want to consider activity modification. This means trading in high impact activities like running for low impact activities like swimming.

MYTH: Painkillers Are a Quick & Easy Solution at Any Time

REALITY: Only Take Painkillers During Times of Rest

Injury Treatment Without Drugs

Painkillers should never be used during times of physical activity. This is because painkillers completely block the pain signal, making you totally unaware that you're doing more damage to the injured area. Painkillers mask the pain, tricking you into thinking you're better and able to push yourself physically, when this will only result in further injury. Make sure you restrict painkillers to times when your body is at rest. An ideal time to take painkillers is before bed. Using painkillers when you're active means risking complete rupture of your tissue, and this means surgery and an even longer recovery.

While painkillers are effective at relieving pain and inflammation, they are not designed to address the root cause. You need more than painkillers if you really want to heal.

MYTH: Heating Pads Can Help My Injury Heal

REALITY: Heating Pads Don't Heal Soft Tissue Injuries

BFST vs Heating Pad

While using a heating pad on an injury can feel good due to the warmth, they do not provide any healing benefits. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking the BFST® device is an "overpriced heating pad", but the reality is that BFST® can heal soft tissue injuries, and heating pads can't. BFST® stimulates healthy blood flow in the area of your injury, deep below the skin. This increase in blood flow works to speed up the healing process. Heating pads can't do this. They simply bring blood to the surface of your skin, making it hot to the touch. BFST® technology far surpasses the heating pad in terms of therapeutic benefits.

MYTH: Wearing a Splint During the Day or Night Will Promote Faster Healing

REALITY: Wearing a Splint When Needed Will Protect the Injury But Will Not Promote Faster Healing


Stabilizing an injury while you're active is very important in reducing the risk of re-injury, but rigid splints reduce movement so this means they also restrict the blood flow required for healing. Wearing a splint should ideally be limited to times when you're active and if you need to restrict unconscious movement while you're asleep. Remove the splint when you're not active, rest your injury and allow your blood flow to circulate freely. An alternative to wearing a splint during activity is KB Support Tape -- this will stabilize your injury and will provide compression, but won't restrict movement and blood flow.

MYTH: Once the Pain Stops, Treatment is No Longer Necessary

Continue Treatment

REALITY: Treatment Should Continue Long After the Pain Stops

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during recovery is stopping treatment before your injury has finished healing. The healing process does not end once the pain stops. The healing process takes much longer than most people realize. (You can click here for the full story on how your body heals.) The key thing to remember is that long after the pain stops, your tissue is still healing. This means you need to continue doing BFST® treatments in order to complete the healing process. Doing regular BFST® treatments for several months after the pain is gone is extremely beneficial. Do a BFST® treatment prior to any physical activity to warm up your circulatory system and to help avoid re-injury.

MYTH: Inflammation Is Only External

Internal Inflammation

REALITY: Pain Means You Probably Also Have Internal Inflammation

We usually think of inflammation as presenting a certain way: red, tender and swollen; however, inflammation isn't always external. Internal inflammation is not visible to the naked eye. It affects the soft tissues (ligaments, muscles and tendons) deep below the skin and fat. Internal inflammation can be reduced the same way that external inflammation is: with cold and compression. So even if you don't have visible swelling, your pain could be a sign of internal inflammation, which is why cold and compression should be applied after recent activity and whenever you have an increase in pain.

MYTH: RICE is the Best Formula to Follow

REALITY: RCCE® is the Best Formula to Follow

Rest, Cold, Compression, Elevation

Most people think that RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation - is the formula to follow when treating inflammation, swelling and pain. The truth is that ice can actually freeze your skin and numb your nerves, causing 'cold burns' and even permanent damage to your underlying tissue. The proper solution is RCCE® - Rest, Cold, Compression & Elevation. We don't want to apply ice - we want to apply cold that is just above freezing. Yes, you want cold - and lots of it - but not so cold that it is below the freezing point of water.

ColdCure® technology was developed specifically to address the need for a cold compression device that does not freeze the skin and underlying tissue. ColdCure® gel packs pose no threat of cold burns. This makes them much safer to use than other products that use ice, which can cause the skin to freeze, leading to permanent damage. Our gel packs are completely safe to use for extended treatment durations, meaning faster relief of pain and swelling. Our ColdCure® technology is a huge improvement on regular ice packs.

MYTH: I Need To Elevate My Injury Higher Than My Heart When I Rest

REALITY: Any Injury That Isn't Bleeding Does Not Need To Be Raised Above The Heart

Raise Injured Area

Bleeding should slow down if you raise an injury higher than your heart; however, this isn't necessary for any other kind of injury. Simply resting the injury is sufficient. You want to reduce any pressure or strain being placed on the injury, and elevating the injury might be one of the ways you do this. For example, if you have an injured leg, knee or foot you might want to use a footstool when you're sitting down, or may want to use a pillow under the injury when you're sleeping.

How to Treat Your Achilles Tendon Properly

BFST Achilles Wrap

The safest and most effective treatment solution for Achilles injuries is rest along with regular BFST® treatments. ColdCure® is incredibly helpful to reduce pain and stabilize your injury after activity.

Try to rest your affected foot as much as possible. Consider using crutches to keep the weight off your injured foot. Stimulate the healing with BFST® throughout the day.

As needed, use the ColdCure® Achilles Wrap to relieve your pain and internal inflammation. ColdCure® can also be used to treat any flare ups of pain that occur during the healing process. If you're going to take painkillers, avoid using them when you're active, as this can lead to further injury. You can take them to help you sleep at night. Ask us for proper guidance on pain killers.

Use the BFST® Achilles Wrap 3x per day to promote blood flow to your injured ankle. This increase in blood flow works to heal your damaged tissue, accelerating the recovery process. Keep doing BFST® treatments for several months after the pain is gone. The healing process takes much longer than most people think. Even once the pain has disappeared, your Achilles may only be 20% or 30% healed.

The Ultimate Solution:

If you really want to get better, here's exactly what you need to do.

  • Do a BFST® treatment first thing every morning. Do 2 or 3 more BFST® treatments throughout the day. This will help you heal quickly.
  • Wear a ColdCure® Wrap as much as possible to relieve your pain and swelling and protect your Achilles Tendon from further damage.
  • Avoid re-straining the injury as much as possible. KB Support Tape will help with this. Giving your ankle a rest is hard, but it is very important in the early stages of healing.

Do this and your Achilles tendon can truly heal - finally.

Blood Flow Is Essential For Healing

You don't have to wait. You can heal much more quickly with the right treatment. For an Achilles Injury, blood flow is the most critical element in rapid recovery. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy® (BFST®) gives your injured Achilles the blood flow it needs to heal quickly and completely.

Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injured area - a requirement for the body to heal itself. Unfortunately, an injured Achilles at rest often has restricted blood flow, which in turn limits the body's ability to heal. Physical activity will promote blood flow but all too often it also results in small but frequent re-injury, which extends your healing time and greatly increases the amount of scar tissue that develops. With a King Brand® BFST® Achilles Wrap, blood flow can be stimulated in the injured area while you are at rest. With improved blood flow and without physical activity and the risk of re-injury, you can recover from your Achilles Injury at a surprisingly rapid rate.

Cold Compression is Essential for Managing Pain

To minimize pain and swelling, complete a ColdCure® treatment any time your pain level increases, or if you have been active. The ColdCure® Achilles Wrap provides superior relief of the swelling and pain that comes with Achilles Tendonitis. ColdCure® Achilles Wraps use cold and compression together, because cold and compression are the two things you need to eliminate pain and swelling as quickly and effectively as possible. The application of cold compression must be uniform and complete if it's going to work the best, and this is why the ColdCure® Achilles Wrap has been custom designed to perfectly fit the back of the Ankle, to ensure that your injury receives an even distribution of cooling power.

Protect Your Achilles Between Treatments

King Brand Support Tape

When you're not doing treatments with your BFST® or ColdCure® Wrap, your injured tissue becomes vulnerable to further damage. You don't want to re-injure your already fragile tissue and make your Achilles Tendonitis worse. Apply KB Support Tape between your BFST® and ColdCure® treatments to provide your Achilles Tendon with additional support and protection.

Your ankle moves a lot through the day, and when you're injured with an Achilles Tendon Injury, you feel every little movement. You can't stop and wait for your Achilles Tendonitis to go away, so lets provide some support for your ankle, without taking away your range of motion. KB Support Tape is designed to protect your tendons, ligaments and muscles and help prevent further damage as you go through your day. It does this all without restricting your range of motion.

Our skin is soft and elastic and can stretch much more than the tissue underneath. When you apply KB Support Tape to your skin, it becomes a much more rigid surface than before; serving to limit how much the skin can stretch. KB Support Tape makes your skin a source of outside support to hold your tissue in place, helping you avoid re-injury. That's why we call it armor for your injury.

What I am learning in this, there are times in life when you have to be very proactive, because the medical establishment will let you slip through the cracks. You guys are extraordinary with this follow up, thank you. I never recommend anything - but I'm recommending you!

Customer: Sheila from CaliforniaBFST Achilles Knee & Precut TapeMay 05, 2023

Re-Inventing Customer Service - We're Here to Support You

No one wants to sit on hold for hours, just to have a simple question answered. Now you don't have to wait! King Brand Treatment Advisors are available 7 days a week to take your calls. At King Brand, we put a lot of focus into our Customer Service and support for our customers. After all, whoever answers the phone, is the face of the company. You will always be met by kind and compassionate Treatment Advisors, who are thoroughly trained on how the products work, and help to guide you through the entire recovery process. Not sure if you're suffering from an Achilles Tendon Injury? As Treatment Advisors, we can recommend what products will best suit your injury. Our team of Treatment Advisors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Achilles Tendon Injuries and would like to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We can even help you create a treatment plan that is specific to your schedule. The free professional consulting services of our King Brand® Treatment advisors comes because we care about you. We spend all day helping people just like you recover from their Achilles Tendon Injury.

Why do we care? We're an American company helping Americans in need. A little kindness can go a long way. You're injured and in pain, and we want to help you get better. As a customer, feel confident that you're ordering from a US company, that ships all of our products from within the US. Shipping is quick and you'll be receiving a high quality medical device that will continue to work for years to come.

You're Ready To Go - Pick Your Package

Medical Recovery Packages

The King Brand Recovery Packs listed below include everything you need to heal as quickly as possible from your Achilles Injury. As an added bonus, the Recovery Packs include a discount that's been built into the package price.

Three Piece Recovery Pack - Save BIG on the Essentials

The Three Piece Recovery Package deal includes the Achilles BFST®, Achilles ColdCure® and KB Support Tape.

    This bundle helps to:

  • reduce pain and swelling with the ColdCure® Achilles Wrap.
  • provide a faster healing time with the BFST® Achilles Wrap.
  • provide protection for your Achilles using the KB Support Tape

  • These are the three most important tools for your Achilles injury. They work together to heal you, protect you, and reduce the pain.

    Four Piece "On The Go" Pack - The Biggest Savings Including Battery

    Save THE MOST when you buy all 4 items!
    The Four Piece Recovery Pack is designed for people who are always on the go, and want the convenience of treatments anywhere and at any time. This bundle includes everything mentioned in our Three Piece Recovery Pack, and also includes our BFST® Battery Pack. With the BFST® Battery Pack, you don't need an outlet. You can take your treatments in the car, on the plane, or wherever your day takes you. With a full charge on your BFST® Battery Pack, you will have more than enough power to complete all of your treatments for 2 or 3 days between charges.

    Individual Medical Items

    Looking for a custom solution? Build your own treatment package. Add individual items to the cart that work for your lifestyle to treat your injury.

    BFST® Achilles Wrap - Heal the Fastest

    If you're wanting to just stick with the most essential piece, the BFST® Achilles Wrap is your best choice. This Class II medical device actively stimulates healing in your Achilles to get you on the mend ASAP! As is, this device plugs into a wall outlet for 20 minute sessions of comfortable soothing Blood Flow Stimulation. To Stimulate Healing it is really all you need. Treat yourself in the morning and at night and before any strenuous activity and your healing process will happen as fast as possible.

    ColdCure® Achilles Wrap - Stop the Pain

    If your biggest issue is the pain, then you definitely want the ColdCure® wrap. The ColdCure® Achilles Wrap comes with 3 swappable cold packs that contain our unique XC RigiGel® formula. This isn't that 'blue goo' that you get from the drug store, now way. This is super gel. It holds tons more cold and stays cold much longer. Its ice that bends like rubber. It's amazing. The elasticized wrap holds the cold firmly in place against your injury sucking away the pain while it gently reduces swelling. If pain is your #1 concern, this is your #1 solution. With extra gel packs included you can treat the pain over and over again, never running out of ice.

    KB Support Tape - Protection from Re-Injury

    KB Tape
    Add to Cart

    Too busy to be injured? Have to keep going? Then KB Support Tape is your "must have". Constant re-injury is often the biggest reason the Achilles doesn't heal. It heals when at rest but when you get back on your feet the injury gets worse. Athletes are always taped up. That's to prevent against re-injury while they are active. And KB Support tape is the best for that purpose. Taping is very underappreciated and very effective. If you have to keep moving, you have to tape.

    The color is purely your sense of style.
    The Pre-Cut Strips are super convenient; they're really the right length for Achilles taping.
    The Continuous Roll gives you more control over how you tape your Achilles and you get them most use out of a single roll.

    BFST® Battery Pack - Treat Yourself Anywhere

    You will never miss a treatment if you have the Rechargeable Battery Pack. The more BFST® you get, the faster you heal. This optional add-on makes you completely mobile. The battery actually attaches anywhere on your wrap by using the Velcro patch included, and you can do 10-20 treatments between charges! This means you can do your treatments wherever you go! You can do treatments in the car, at work, or while you're doing chores around the house, all without being plugged in. Use it wherever the day takes you. Being injured is already inconvenient. Treatment shouldn't be too. This valuable accessory makes Treatment possible anywhere and anytime.

    Optional Non Medical Items

    Are Other Parts Starting to Ache? - Our Vibe Massagers Relieve Stiff Muscle Pain

    Vibe Mini
    Add to Cart

    Achilles injuries often lead to other parts of your body aching as you attempt to compensate for your sore ankle. King Brand Vibe massagers are professional grade units that can unknot tense tissue and free you from the pain and stiffness.

    There's no doubt you know the pain of muscle tension. Lots of people feel it in their back, their hips, their calves. Muscle pain can ruin your day and it can ruin your sleep. If you haven't used a professional massager before, it's time you try one.
    You'll love it. 20 minutes of targeted massage on any part of your body leaves you feeling so relaxed. You can really feel the difference. Long after your injury is forgotten you'll still be using your massager. It will become your new best friend.

    The Vibe Mini shown here is a compact and effective hand held massager that gives excellent results at an affordable price.

    For more options on massage devices, click here for our massagers page!

    KB Basics Achilles Heating Pad - An Economical Alternative to BFST

    We've already discussed the limitations of heating pads to help healing. Still, some people do find that they provide symptomatic relief in the short term. Heating pads can also be quite pleasant on arthritic joints. So, if you want a high quality heating pad for your Achilles, this is a great unit at a great price.

    KB Basics wrap are elasticized and fit on like a slipper so it fits most people except maybe people with really tiny ankles or really big ones! Because it is made by King Brand, while it is not a medical device, it is built by a company that specializes in medical devices so it benefits from our commitment to quality and safety that is built into our business.

    KB Basics Achilles Cold Pack - An Economical Alternative to ColdCure

    This little gem is our low cost alternative to the ColdCure wrap. The ColdCure wrap fully opens and straps in place with Velcro closures. By comparison, this economical wrap is made of stretchy material and it slips on like a sock without adjustable straps. It fits most feet except for really big or really small ones. Where the ColdCure has 3 replaceable gel packs that you insert into the wrap, this basics version has just one gel pack that is sewn right into the wrap. In between uses you will put the entire wrap in the freezer, no just the gel pack like you do with the ColdCure version. For the price, though, this is a super high quality and effective little wrap for your Achilles. It's not quite ColdCure quality, but it sure is good!

    BFST® Devices are Electrical Medical Appliances that
    actively stimulate blood flow in injured tissue.

    BFST® devices help heal soft tissue.

    BFST® stimulates blood flow through the Achilles while you are at rest. This is very important because while at rest, an unaided and inflamed Achilles can otherwise have seriously impeded blood flow. It is the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that enables the healing process, so adequate blood flow is required for your Achilles to heal properly and quickly.

    BFST Achilles Wrap

    BFST® treatments feel great. They don't vibrate or pulse, so they're very pleasant and relaxing. People often notice a slight warming sensation and some people experience a slight tingling sensation from the increase in blood flow. For optimal results, do 3-4 BFST® treatments per day. You should notice a very slight warming sensation on each level. The treatments should never feel hot or uncomfortable. The effects of each 20 minute BFST treatment will last for up to four hours, it's best for you to spread your treatments out over the course of the day. The goal isn't to move up on the levels as quickly as possible, but to condition your circulation for increased blood flow. Staying on the lowest level possible where you feel warmth is the best way to speed up the healing process. An ideal treatment regimen would be one treatment first thing in the morning, another treatment in the afternoon, a treatment in the evening, and the last treatment of the day right before bed.

    When your BFST® treatment is over, simply unplug the controller, remove the Achilles Wrap and enjoy the benefit of increased circulation to speed up your healing for the next four hours.

    Fast Response Time

    ColdCure® Wraps Works In Minutes!

    Avoid the dangers of pain killers. King Brand ColdCure® Wraps are much safer and more effective than pain killers. ColdCure® Wraps start relieving the pain caused from Achilles Injuries within minutes. There's no need to wait for 20 minutes for your pain killers to start working. There's no need to wait 4 hours between treatments! ColdCure® Wraps are specifically designed for your ankle. It doesn't matter what size your ankle is, this is a custom wrap specifically designed to reduce the swelling in your ankle, and you can use them as much as you like. If there's pain, apply your ColdCure® Wrap!

    Dealing With Pain:

    Dealing With Pain - Consult with us for Free!

    Treatment Without Drugs

    Achilles Injuries can be so painful and debilitating that it causes us to rely heavily on pain killers. But honestly, pain killers are not your friend. It is understandable that you are looking for the relief from pain. Remember, though, the pain is there to stop us from hurting the area further. The pain is your body saying, "please stop doing that!" While pain killers are a welcome relief, they can be dangerous to take when you're active. Pain killers can completely block the pain signal, making you unaware of any further damage you could be doing to your Achilles Tendon. Pain killers should be restricted to times of rest.

    When it comes to pain killers, some products are much more effective than others. Some can actually help your injury when used correctly and others will only make it worse. According to the National Institute of Health, our own government body tells us that Acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause for calls to Poison Control Centers (>100,000/year) and accounts for more than 56,000 emergency room visits. And acetaminophen (Tylenol) won't help you get better one bit. It only puts you at risk of more injury. If you want help choosing the right pain killer and want advice on how to use it more safely and correctly, give us a call at 1-844-672-9440. We will give you excellent guidance. No charge. No purchase necessary.

    To maximize healing and minimize pain and swelling, complete a BFST® treatment right before bed. We can give you advice on medication you can take to reduce the pain and help you heal while you sleep. The BFST® treatment will work towards healing while you sleep, and the medication will work to relieve the pain and inflammation so that you can experience restful sleep. During the day, ColdCure® treatments are the best choice to continue to reduce inflammation while you are active. Our medical grade injury tape, KB Support Tape, is excellent for reducing re-injury and pain when you need to be active as well. If you're in pain, give us a call now for free advice 1-844-672-9440.

    I've had your products for a few months and I've used them and the ice pack definitely helps, it's a great invention.

    Customer: EdwardColdCure Ankle | BFST Ankle | Pre-Cut TapeJul 07, 2022

    ColdCure® Devices Reduce Pain and Swelling

    ColdCure® Devices are NOT typical cold or ice packs.

    For dealing with the swelling and pain associated with an Achilles Injury, nothing works better than cold compression.

    ColdCure® technology was developed specifically to address the need for a cold compression device that does not freeze the skin or underlying tissue. ColdCure® gel packs pose no threat of cold burns or permanent tissue damage caused by freezing of the skin. This makes them much safer to use than other products that use ice. ColdCure® gel packs are completely safe to use for extended treatment durations, meaning faster relief of pain and swelling. Our ColdCure® technology is a huge improvement on regular ice packs.

    The ColdCure® Achilles Wrap comes with 3 swappable cold packs that contain our unique XC RigiGel® formula. XC RigiGel® is firm yet flexible, unlike other gel formulas that are mushy and watery. This means the gel holds its form and doesn't move around to other areas of the pack. It stays in place over your injury, right where you need it. The gel won't move, even when put under heavy pressure for long periods of time. The gel packs are inserted inside the wrap one at a time so you can always have two charging in the freezer to keep your therapy going. Do your ColdCure® treatments in 20 minute intervals throughout the day, or as long as you need the relief.

    The cold ankle wrap is working really well. I sprained my ankle really badly so that's helping a lot. I'm pretty happy with my wrap. I wish I'd had it when I first did it, but it seems to be helping a lot.

    Customer: AnnmarieColdCure Ankle | Roll TapeJan 07, 2022

    KB Support Tape - Use All Day During Work & Play

    KB Support Tape provides your injury with lightweight, comfortable compression to relieve your swelling throughout the day. It also prevents re-injury by providing support and protection for your injured tissue.

    KB Support Tape comes in 2 different styles: Pre-Cut Strips and a Continuous Roll. These 2 styles come in 3 different colors: Blue, Black & Beige. There's no functional difference between the colors, they just allow you to express your personal style.

    Achilles Tape Application

    The Pre-Cut Strips of KB Support Tape are perfect for people who want to use their tape on-the-go. On your Achilles, a single strip could be applied from the bottom of your foot and up the back of your leg like the large piece shown in the image. Using just that piece of tape can give pretty decent achilles support and it's easy to do. Since they're already cut into ready-to-use strips, you can apply and go! Each roll of Pre-Cut KB Support Tape contains 20 individual strips. Each Pre-Cut Strip is 2 inches wide and 10 inches long.

    The Continuous Rolls of KB Support Tape are ideal for you if you're looking for a more customizable Tape solution. You can cut the Tape into a variety of different shapes and sizes to achieve a completely unique application for your Achilles Injury. Each box contains 1 Continuous Roll of KB Support Tape that is 2 inches wide and 16 feet long.

    For the best taping support you want to put an 'X' or a 'T' right over the most painful spot. The image shown shows the long vertical piece and two cross pieces. The cross pieces shown give examples of how high up or low down your ankle you might put the cross piece. Not everyone injures their Achilles tendon in the same spot. The best taping solution for you is to put the cross piece right over the most painful spot on your ankle because that's where you're hurt and that's where you need the protection. Often you can just cut two small pieces (perhaps 5" each) from a roll and put them in a cross over the painful spot. Sometimes people take a precut strip and just cut it in half and use the two pieces to make the 'X'. As long as you are taping over the post painful spot then you're going to get the benefit. We encourage you to try different applications for your Achilles to find the one that works best for you. Also, remember to listen to what your body is telling you. Use the pain as a guide. If you feel the pain in a specific area of your ankle, apply the tape there. The first couple attempts may be a learning experience, but before long, you will be an expert at taping your Achilles.

    The Medical Tape Advantage

    What sets KB Support Tape apart from the rest? It's not athletic tape, it's medical tape. This means our Tape is manufactured to ISO 10993 standards, which ensures that our Tape is made from extremely safe, biocompatible materials. Our Tape is actually made from materials that are safer than most baby products, including diapers, toys and clothes. Don't let the big brand tapes fool you. Most of them are made from toxic materials, because there are no standards for athletic tape. Some big brand tape glues even contain carcinogenic ingredients. At King Brand®, your health and safety is of utmost importance, which is why KB Support Tape is manufactured to such high standards.

    Make Your Treatments Mobile

    With the BFST® Battery Pack

    This Rechargeable Battery Pack is designed to make your BFST® Wrap completely mobile. It attaches anywhere on your wrap by using the Velcro patch included, and lasts 10-20 treatments, depending on what level you're on. This means you can do your treatments wherever you go! You can do treatments in the car, at work, or while you're doing chores around the house, all without being plugged in. Use it wherever the day takes you.

    The BFST® Battery Pack is easily charged using the Power Supply from your Achilles BFST® Wrap. The indicator lights on the Battery let you know when it needs to be charged again. It takes approximately 4 hours to achieve a full charge when the Battery is at 0%.

    The Battery Pack makes it so much simpler to get in your 3-4 BFST® treatments per day, because you don't have to wait around while you're plugged into an outlet anymore.

    *The Rechargeable Battery Pack is specifically designed to work with your BFST® Achilles Wrap. Your BFST® Wrap comes with the components you need for treatments and to charge the Battery. For further information on whether a Battery Pack is suitable for your treatment schedule, please contact our Treatment Advisors by email or phone.

    About two weeks ago, I injured the Achillies tendon on the right leg. For the next week I experienced a pain in that heel and foot that felt like a nail in the bottom of the heel. Being in pain, on a cane, nearly immobilized, I was looking for relief on the internet. Then stumbled on a site, explaining therapy involved to heal the injury. Included on the site was info about a product called King Brand, including Cold Cure wraps and BFST wraps. On calling the number, I spoke with an advisor (Adrienne) who was more than helpful. She was actually knowledgeable about the injury, and made recommendations. Two days later I was using these devices, which are designed to fit the area of pain. The ColdCure wrap is more than an ice pack because of the gel - longer lasting, more effective. The BFST is therapy I don't understand but it works. I'm a week into therapy and I've experienced substantial pain relief and regained 90% mobility. Today I received a follow-up call from King Brands (Payton) - was advised how to proceed with therapy. I am totally satisfied with this product, and impressed by the company. Thank You, Mark

    Customer: Mark LubeckeColdCure Ankle | BFST AnkleApr 18, 2018

    Track Your Symptoms and Treatments

    Do you want to find out how well you are recovering from your Achilles Tendonitis? Track your Symptoms and Treatments using our Symptom Tracker. The Symptom Tracker allows you to track your symptoms associated with your Achilles Tendonitis as well as the performance of your BFST® and ColdCure® treatments. Have questions? Our trained Treatment Advisors can provide expert guidance on the products and treatments to help you relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively.

    Download your reports! Not only is the Symptom Tracker useful when it comes to keeping a log of your symptoms including pain, swelling and mobility, you can download and print your reports so you can take it with you to your medical appointments. This will help your doctors understand how your recovery is going, how you are feeling and how the BFST® and ColdCure® treatments are working for you.

    You don't need to wait until you receive your products. You can start tracking your symptoms now, and then compare your results after you start your treatments. This will allow you to see how much our products have helped you and how well you're improving.

    Click here for more information on King Brand® Symptom Tracker

    Combination Therapy
    Combination Therapy BFST® + ColdCure® + KB Tape

    Complete TreatmentBFST® for Rapid Healing
    Relieve PainColdCure® for Pain & Swelling
    Heal QuicklyKB Tape to Prevent Re-Injury

    Combination Therapy means using ColdCure® and BFST® in combination by alternating treatments, as well as using KB Support Tape throughout your treatments. Combination Therapy is much more effective than using just one product or the other. This is because you're getting the pain and swelling relief of ColdCure®, the healing benefits of BFST®, and the protection and re-injury prevention of KB Support Tape, resulting in the absolute best treatment for your Achilles Tendonitis.

    Step 1: Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

    A very important part of treating your Achilles Tendonitis is to use the ColdCure® Wrap to help reduce not only the visible swelling you may see on the surface, but also the inflammation you may have and cannot see, deep down in the soft tissue. You can use it several times a day. Use it anytime you want pain relief and after any significant exercise of your ankle if it doesn't hurt afterward.

    You should rely more heavily on ColdCure® treatments immediately after exercise because the inflammation will continue to re-develop when you are active. Being aggressive with back to back cold treatments after exercise will give your body a chance to get ahead of the inflammation, and prepare your Achilles Tendon for the blood flow that's needed to help heal quickly.

    Step 2: Heal Your Injury

    Introduce your BFST® treatments at your less active times of day and before significant exercise. Keep your swelling and inflammation under control with ColdCure® but do not use ColdCure® and BFST® close together. Use BFST® in the morning, before bed, and after longer periods of resting your injury. When doing your treatments, you should only feel a slight warming sensation. At any time if it feels HOT or uncomfortable, discontinue use as you still have too much inflammation and swelling to complete a treatment.

    Each BFST® Treatment will last only 20 minutes, but the increase in blood flow will last up to four hours. Ideally your treatments should be spaced out throughout the day, so you can promote good blood flow all day long. If you can't do 3-4 treatments a day, your two most important treatments are first thing in the morning, and right before you go to bed. This will ensure that you have a great start to your day and you can rest well at night.

    If you are planning on being active throughout the day, complete a BFST® treatment before any type of physical activity. It can be as simple as going for a walk. Always assess how you are feeling after your activity, as there's a chance you may need to apply your ColdCure® to treat any new inflammation generated during your activities.

    The goal with your BFST® Treatments is not to increase on the levels as quickly as possible, but to condition your circulatory system to allow for the much needed increased blood flow. Staying on the lowest level to where you feel any warmth - remember it's just a slight warmth - will be the most effective way to start healing your Achilles Tendonitis. When can you move up to the next level? You can move up in levels when you feel barely any warmth from the wrap at all. This means that you've successfully conditioned your circulation and you're ready to move up. Some people can move up in a few weeks, some people it takes a lot longer. It just depends on how well your body adjusts to the increase in blood flow.

    Step 3: Treat Flare-Ups - Timing is Important

    Combination Therapy

    Do a ColdCure® treatment any time you experience a pain flare-up or after any physical activity to prevent further injury and reduce swelling and inflammation. Remember, staying on top of your inflammation will allow you to complete more BFST® treatments throughout the day.

    Wait 30-45 minutes after your ColdCure® treatment before doing another BFST® treatment. This time will allow the blood flow and body temperature to regulate again. Refrain from using ColdCure® within the 4 hours following your 20 minute BFST® treatment, unless you notice an increase in pain during your BFST® Treatment.

    ColdCure® treatments will slow down the blood flow, which isn't ideal, but sometimes necessary to relieve the swelling and inflammation generated. The BFST® will increase your blood flow which is important for faster healing.

    Step 4: Use KB Support Tape

    KB Support Tape is very important to help with your injury recovery. As you move throughout the day, your skin and your tendons move with you. Using the KB Support Tape over your injury will make your skin less flexible - therefore protecting your injury - without restricting your range of motion. KB Support Tape can be used at the same time as your BFST® and ColdCure® Treatments without any issues, but try to have your first BFST® treatment of the day without the KB Support Tape applied. After your BFST® treatment has been completed, then apply the tape. Removing the tape before the last BFST® treatment of the day will provide the best results.

    Step 5: Complete The Healing Process

    When you're recovering from Achilles Tendonitis, the pain ends long before you've finished healing. In fact, the pain is usually gone once your tissue is about 20-30% healed. The entire healing process is very complex, and takes much longer than most people realize. (You can click here for the full story on how your body heals). The key thing to remember is that long after the pain stops, your Achilles Tendon is still healing. This means you need to keep doing BFST® treatments in order to complete the healing process. Doing regular BFST® treatments for several months after the pain is gone is extremely beneficial. Do a BFST® treatment prior to any physical activity. This will act as a warm up for your circulatory system. You should also continue to use KB Support Tape to help protect your ankle from re-injury.

    Click here for more information on Combination Therapy

    Everything seems to be working much better, I don't have much, if any, pain left, my motion is good... I'm really happy with the results. I'm surprised by them quite honestly but very happy.

    Customer: RonaldColdCure Ankle | BFST AnkleNov 20, 2021

    Medical Function - BFST® Wrap - Accelerated Healing

    BFST® Wraps are FDA Registered Class II medical devices. Class II medical devices are designed, manufactured and tested to very high standards of quality, safety and performance. They comply with hundreds of pages of regulations and standards that are in place to keep you safe and ensure effective treatments. Manufacturers of consumer grade products can't say the same.

    The Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy® (BFST®) Wrap is designed to promote blood flow in injured tissue below the dermal (fat and skin) layer. Utilizing our proprietary Energy Web®, specially controlled and incredibly safe EMR energy envelops the Achilles and stimulates blood flow in the soft tissue deep beneath the skin. The resulting blood flow brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injured area, accelerating the healing process.

    BFST Power Controller

    BFST® Wraps come with a 3 level power controller. Everyone should start their treatments on Level 1 and work their way through the levels gradually as they heal. Proceeding immediately to Level 2 or 3 will not speed up the healing process. You need to condition the body first.

    During your first treatments on Level 1, your Achilles area will feel quite warm. This is because at first, your circulation is poor. The more treatments you do, the less warming sensation you will feel. This is good. As the warmth lessens from treatment to treatment, this is an indication that the circulation in your Achilles is improving. Better circulation means blood flow all the time, not just during treatments. This is the goal. When you feel very little warmth during a treatment, it is time to move up to the next power level. Don't rush it though, more heat does not mean better treatment. In fact, less heat means better treatment, so take your time moving up in levels.

    There is a huge difference between BFST® Wraps and heating pads. BFST® Wraps stimulate blood flow to the area of your injury deep below the skin. This works to heal your damaged tissue. Heating pads can't do this. All heating pads do is bring blood to the surface of your skin, making it hot to the touch.

    The Energy Web® of the BFST® Achilles device is enclosed in a soft, comfortable neoprene wrap. The wrap shapes the Energy Web® to conform all the way up the length of your Achilles to ensure there is an even distribution of energy over your injury. The wrap is opened and closed using attached Velcro® straps that allow you to customize the fit. After your treatment, unplug the device from the outlet and continue wearing the wrap for support and comfort. This will also help you get rid of the inflammation more quickly.

    Just wanted to thank you for making this amazing product. I have a bone spur and grade 2 torn tendon in my right ankle. Can barely walk the last two years. Tried every cream, many braces, special shoes, compress socks, canes, walker and a boot to relieve pain. Could not stand more than 10 minutes and had to take baths since I could not stand long enough for a shower. I finally got physical therapy approved after a year of doctor visits for they said just a sprain until I got a MRI. Then Covid hit. With $65 a co pay and time off work, I just couldn't afford it. Not to mention all the time going after work when It is so hard to walk. I was tired, in pain and now gained 30 pounds from no movement in 2 years. I found your product and decided to try since I tried everything else. I'm amazed I can walk! I used it 6 weeks. I now can walk 45 minutes with no pain. Ankle sometimes swells after then I use my ice wrap and I'm all better! I wish more people knew about this. I tell everyone that has any pain what a life saver and true miracle this is. Thank you!!!

    Customer: KarynColdCure Ankle | BFST AnkleApr 16, 2021

    Medical Function - ColdCure® Wrap - Extreme Pain Relief

    ColdCure® Wraps are FDA Registered Class I medical devices. Cold and compression applied to an injured Achilles immediately reduces the risk of further damage from excessive swelling. Doctors and Therapists agree that controlling swelling is a fundamental part of reducing the long term, permanent damage that can result from soft tissue injuries. The ColdCure® Wrap exceeds all government and health agency regulatory requirements for cold therapy, specifically for use in treating soft tissue injuries.

    ColdCure® RigiGel® packs are much safer and more effective than ice and products that use mushy blue gel. Why? Because RigiGel® packs are like ice, but they stay at 0°C/32°F. While they may start at about -20°C/-4°F straight from the freezer, after a few minutes they will go to 0°C/32°F and stay at 0°C/32°F for a long time. ColdCure Stays at a Safe Temperature This is the ideal temperature for cold therapy, because it's cold enough to relieve your pain and swelling, but safe enough to not cause cold burns. Ice and blue gel packs will also start out at -20°C/4°F and rapidly go to 0°C/32°F, but then their temperature will keep rising quickly, instead of staying in the safe, effective zone of 0°C/32°F. The XC Gel® danger zone is very small, but the benefits are huge.

    While XC Gel® packs are designed to be stored in the freezer, you can store them in the fridge if you'd prefer them to be less cold. Not all freezers are the same. If you find that the gel is too stiff from the freezer, leave it out for several minutes before inserting it into the wrap. When the pack is soft enough to bend, it's ready to use for treatment.

    Rest, Cold, Compression, Elevation

    Most people think that RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation - is the formula to follow when treating a soft tissue injury, but the proper solution is actually RCCE® - Rest, Cold, Compression & Elevation. You don't want to apply ice, you want to apply cold that is just above freezing. Yes, you want cold - and lots of it - but not so cold that it is below the freezing point of water. The truth is that ice can actually freeze your skin and numb your nerves, causing 'cold burns' and even permanent damage to your underlying tissue.

    ColdCure® gel packs contain 3x more gel per lb than other products. This means complete coverage of your injured Achilles. When stored in the freezer, XC Gel® packs also have 10x more cooling power per lb than other products. This means longer treatments and less time spent swapping the gel packs. It also means faster relief of your pain and swelling. Bigger packs with more gel inside, plus superior cooling power, equals an overall better, more effective treatment.

    Achilles Coverage Zone

    The ColdCure® Achilles gel pack is custom designed for the shape of the Achilles. It conforms to the back of your ankle to ensure that there is an even distribution of cooling power over the entire injured area. All of our gel packs are designed for a specific part of the body. Each part of the body is uniquely shaped, which is why each one of our gel packs is uniquely shaped too. This product is 100% designed to treat Achilles Injuries.

    Gel packs are notorious for having hot and cold spots. Our XC RigiGel® formula helps to distribute the cold evenly throughout the pack. When cold pressure is applied to an Achilles Injury, the gel starts to warm up in that specific spot faster than the rest of the pack. The cold energy is transferred from the cold spots to the warm spots much more effectively. This is a valuable improvement as your hot, swollen ankle will receive the cooling power of the entire gel pack. The temperature-balancing power of this gel formula is unmatched.

    XC Gel® packs have 2 different colored sides: a white side and a gold side. Both sides will give you all the same benefits that our high performance XC RigiGel® has to offer. XC Gel® packs can be inserted inside the wrap with the white side facing towards your Achilles or away from your Achilles since they're not side specific.

    King Brand® Quality

    Quality Guaranteed

    King Brand® soft tissue rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice of top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. We provide guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. Like all King Brand® products, there simply isn't a better performing option. All King Brand® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products and if you're not completely impressed, you can send them back for a full refund. We know you will love them though because hundreds of thousands of people already use them and rave about the results.

    FDA Guaranteed

    The King Brand® products shown are FDA Registered medical devices. That is not all. They have also been registered with Health Canada which means they received twice as much review.

    HealthCanada Guaranteed

    FDA and Health Canada Registration does not mean that we filled out a form to become Registered. Our medical claims are significant, and because of these claims the various agencies have looked deep into our technology.

    We have submitted to FDA our proprietary research and technology to back up the claims that we make.

    King Brand has participated in far more than a basic registration process. All the agencies have come to our facilities for week-long inspections to ensure that the end user is always receiving the safest, most effective medical devices we can offer. With two different countries of regulators this means our products have twice the oversight, ensuring exceptional quality and performance.

    ISO13485 Guaranteed

    It is not required by the government agencies, but we are also ISO-13485 compliant and registered. This enforces medical standards that are established by the International Standards Organization for global manufacturers of medical devices. This means more on-site, week long, audits every year, ensuring our quality and products meet strict international standards.

    IEC Guaranteed

    Beyond what is required by any regulator, we use only the safest materials in our products. ISO-10993 regulation ensures that our products are made from higher quality materials than most baby products, including diapers. This is the highest bio-compatibility safety standard in the world. This is the highest hospital grade - think Intensive Care and Operating Rooms. Our materials go through ISO-10993 testing to ensure they are safe for you. No consumer products are produced to this high standard.

    IEC Guaranteed

    King Brand products are, in fact, hospital grade through and through. IEC-60601 is the International Standard for Medical Device safety from an electrical standpoint. In spite of the BFST® being an electrical device, BFST® can be used in hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms without affecting other equipment. You can use any medical device with a BFST® and neither device will know the other one is there. This is a very tough standard to meet, but we do it and you benefit.

    King Brand products meet over 20 different safety and quality standards that are not required even for medical devices and FDA registration. If we think there is anything that can be done to make our products safer and more effective, we have done it. That is the approach to everything we do and that is why our company and products are so highly regarded.

    Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.
    There are many myths surrounding the treatment and healing of soft tissues injuries. Working through the pain of an injury is not a good idea. This can lead to further tissue damage. It's best to rest while you can and slowly get back to being active when you're further along in the healing process. If your injury isn't bleeding profusely, you don't actually need to elevate it higher than your heart. Rest alone is good enough. However, it doesn't hurt to elevate lower body injuries while at rest. You should not stop using the BFST Wrap once your pain is gone. The pain stops long before you've finished healing. You need to continue doing BFST treatments for several months after the pain is gone to complete the healing process. Contrary to popular belief, cortisone shots come with many risks and side effects. They're not designed to heal, only to provide temporary relief. Painkillers should not be taken when you're being physically active, as they only mask the pain, making you feel more physically able than you actually are, which can lead to re-injury. Night splints will not promote faster healing. They actually restrict blood flow, which does not help the healing process move along any faster. BFST Wraps are not heating pads. While BFST Wraps promote blood flow to accelerate the healing process, heating pads simply make your skin hot to the touch. While BFST Wraps may not be known by every doctor or medical professional, they are based on diathermy, which is a well-recognized medical and therapeutic technique designed to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries and health conditions. Pain is a sign that you probably also have internal inflammation. This can be treated with cold and compression, just like external inflammation. RCCE is better than RICE because you don't run the risk of cold burns that can cause serious damage. Surgery should be a last resort when it comes to healing an injury. It's not required in most cases and comes with various risks and complications. These wraps are incredible. They feel comfortable. They work.

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