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Some Ways to Recover From Your Injury Faster
Ways You Can Heal Faster
Cold Therapy Slows the Blood Flow Whereas Hot Therapy Brings it to the Surface.
Cold Therapy Slows Blood Flow and Hot Therapy Brings it to the Surface
NSAIDs Deal with Inflammation as well as Pain, Unlike Analgesics.
NSAIDs are Better than Analgesics
Doing a BFST Treatment Before Physical Activity Provides a Warm-Up for Your Circulatory System.
Don't Stop Doing BFST as Soon as the Pain Stops
All King Brand Products Come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
King Brand Provides Guaranteed Results
Shopping SMART with King Brand Provides the Best Shopping Experience Online.
King Brand Provides a SMART Shopping Experience
King Brand Uses Only the Best Legal Services to Protect it's Products.
King Brand Protects it's Products
King Brand Has Many Warehouses for Optimal Shipping.
King Brand Ships From the Closest Warehouse Available
King Brand has Only the Best Manufacturers Manufacture it's Products.
King Brand uses the best Factories Available
King Brand Spends a Lot on Research and Development.
King Brand Does it's Research
King Brand Follows Strict Regulations.
King Brand Follows Strict Regulations
King Brand Customer Service Representatives are Attentive and Very Helpful.
King Brand Customer Service is Fantastic
King Brand has Top-Quality Customer Service Staff.
King Brand has Great Customer Service
King Brand has a Physical Store in Burnaby, British Columbia.
King Brand's Store in Burnaby, B.C.
King Brand's Cold Cure Products Provide Effective Pain Relief During the Healing Process.
Cold Cure Products Provide Great Pain Relief
Enthesopathy can be Effectively Treated with King Brand Products.

Enthesopathy is Effectively Treated with King Brand® Products

Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>Images about miscellaneous King Brand topics & products. King Brand<sup>&reg;</sup> can treat soft tissue injuries with BFST® (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™) and Coldcure® Wraps. Use Coldcure® to help eliminate inflammation and reduce pain and swelling. Unlike most other wraps, BFST® stimulates the blood flow in the dermal layer, deep below the skin. Coldcure® is not a ice pack and BFST® is not a heating pad. The wraps are safe, easy to use and offer a comfortable treatment. Use the KB Basics™ for a cheaper alternative, but also a slower treatment. Some common injuries treated by the King Brand® BFST® and Coldcure® foot wraps are: heel spurs, plantar faciitis, gout, foot tendonitis, plantar tendonitis and many other foor and plantar soft tissue injuies.