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This is not a 'one size fits all soltuion'. Magic on raids seriously affects your damage, as do procs. % chance of a Critical hit is also dependant on several factors that may not be the same across all raids. Enter Critical chance % and Bonus Multiplier for a given scenario. By changing Bonus percentage you can get an idea of the impact with a variety of different magics applied. For example if you run with 2 Asterion sets and spend most of your time doing Elites the mount alone gives you 15% x 1467% = 220% of Bonus power and the set increases critical hit chance by 20%. DE and DS magics and another 40% each or 100% combined (10% x 400% or 5% x 400%) if you don't own them. All together the Bonus power adds up and then so does your Perception effect. The Asterion set discussed gives a 30% crit chance. Aterion plus DE, DS, GG, and ES Magics give over 375% Bonus power. A lot of people run with Starbolt which gives close to 100% crit chance but I don't know the multipliers. The calculator still does not consider Raids with A/D/P multipliers but you can work that into the numbers by adding 80% Bonus for each 1xA multiplier and 20% more Bonus for each 1xD multiplier. I don't know if the P multipliers work against you if the multiplied P takes you over 500K P and reduces the relative impact on critical damage.

Your chance for a critical hit changes depending on what raid you are hitting. The total relationship is not linear so as your level and stats change the calculation changes too. Typically I pick the raid type I hit the most with the gear I hit the most and the magics I look for the most.

Bonus Multiplier (%)
Critical hit chance (%)
Attack with buffs
Defence with buffs
Perception with buffs
SP to buy 1 attack
SP to buy 1 defence
SP to buy 1 perception
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For each SP you might spend on attack you would average 0.0% as much damage (0.0x as much damage) if you spent it on defence.
For each SP you might spend on attack you would average 0.0% as much damage (0.0x as much damage) if you spent it on perception.

Note I have not updated this for Perception above 500K at which point I think the relationship changes. If I can find the link to the formula I'll update the calculator.