Pit of Bones 350PC Lottery


Players Summon a Pit of Bones. When I engage it I 1-hit it to put it in my queue. I record each one these in a spreadsheet. At that point you have a ticket in the lottery. There will be no more than 999 tickets and there may be far less.

At some point a winner will be announced and I will make a 4PG purchase to them for 350PC

I haven't entirely decided the method to pick the winner but it will be fair and transparent. The tickets will be assigned numbers from 1 to n, where n is the number of tickets. Right now I am thinking I will summon a Pit myself at the end and do a 1-hit. I think I will use the last 3 digits of the damage of that 1-hit to select the ticket number. If no ticket exists for that number I will hit again until a winner is chosen.

I am using the 4th last digit (the thousands digit) to give even better odds for people who summon lots. In this scenario you will have to have both the correct ticket number plus a valid thousands digit. If I do this, people who have summoned only 1 pit will have to have the numbeer 1 in the thousands position to win. People who have summoned 2 will have to have the number 1 or 2 in the thousands position to win. Peoople who have summoned 3 will have to have the number 1, 2, or 3 in the thousands position to win. 9 summons, numbers 1 through 9. 10 or more and any number in the thousands position plus the ticket number wins the prize.

I am doing this for the fun of it and because Pits help me harvest SP faster than any other raid right now. I have an underlying goal to be as strong as possible going into the next magic Gauntlet in hopes of coming back at least with BoM in the < Lvl 2500 category. If I get that, it will rain BoM on our server until 5PG takes it back (It will be hard to match Saint's performance with Smite but I'll try). Since I started, a lot of people have expressed that they like the concept so that is a reason to keep up the lottery. It is bit of work to keep track of all the raids, so if I get tired or if there are so many that I approach lvl 2500 too quickly I will end it early. At this point, I won't end it before Christmas - I think.

As Conan once mentioned, magic matters. The better the magic, the more I can complete without going over my lvl, so if you could try to only cast the strongest magics for me, I'd really appreciate that. After I hit it, I don't care what you do with the magic.

I think I have calculated the best magic for me as follows: Smite 85%,BoM 85%,TK 80%,DS 60%,Shrink 45%,DE 40%,guster 38%,GG 35%,VD 35%,RD 30%,VR 30%,ES 30%. Many large players like the new WV magic, but since I'm new and only own 2 of the boosting magics it kinda sucks for me. I still see it a lot and I still hit it if the other magics are good. If there are 2 magics not on the list I tend to avoid it and ask for a change. The two newer magics that increast crit chance also don't add much benefit and I usually avoid those raids altogether. Web is fantastic at the beginning, but again, I don't have it so by the end it is really weak for me. If you can leave a hole for Smite, that's nice because Saint is great about casting it everywhere. These raids usually last for 48hrs or so, so there's lots of time to hit it later if you want to wait too.

I hit OS (5T) on each one. To do the most damage I use buffs, and to preserve those buffs I try to wait as long as possible between Pit sessions. I do almost nothing else so I can keep my leveling to a min. If I am lucky I can go almost 2 days and then hit all the pits that are live. So, I might hit yours at the end of it's life or right at the beginning. Most days I hit between 11pm and 3am 5PG time (GMT-5, Pacific)

People ask about my stats/gear/why pit? Pit has 10 magic slots, a low OS, low cool down, is well owned, and a low Max Health. It pays pretty well for everyone. One day I got lucky and hit Enigmatic Enigma's 1000PC reward. After a ton of research I used a large portion of that to get 2 full sets of Giant Tracker gear, plus the legion and armament etc. After that Pit returned twice the SP per level that I was getting from my best deadly. Right now (11/21), my a/d/p is 541k/150k/216k. My BSI is 330. S-bar is 6510. I can do OS on 4-5 Pits in a level with the help of some s-pots which seem to be endless.

Summon pits like crazy and help me bring back some nice magic for the server. In the mean time you can hit these raids with (magic that is almost always perfect now and) a great payout for you too (5T pays about 290k SP). With all the magic, the rewards per hit on these raids are still the best you can get in the game. And someone is going to get 350PC, it might as well be you!

Current list of tickets

presto phantom sebo deiron scottcmu cantrip nico reaper maag tt Tema s capt_haddock Hellraiser Mark Cabbar AfroBear NPC eri cereal killer biscuits isa abraxas ahlyis guy warric noth magicbear udo kylereese Sidriel_RG Trelanna TelCardan_RG Draco ToxiBear Than Achievements Azhali Diebels Euri Nico Ryoko s Phantom UltBeastmars Malaccus LeoBear jeop96_RG Aber CARBAR rare Capt_Haddock AfroBear Isa NPC Balth0r Saint CerealKiller littleG Riot Abraxas FreshMilk Frambuaz Boss Sidriel_RG Ginettus Noth MagicBear BlackRose Biscuits winson s Than BigJohn Chorizo W1zArD Phantom Trelanna NPC Reaper* Udo Isa* rare Vinny Capt_Haddock qqq saint Lala Mangled kylereese gypsyKing Bagan TT dd slayer SEBO Aber Mackelor Malaccus Abraxas Parigol Noth Sidriel_RG fred George MagicBear Eclipse Kolyana CABBAR Nico Varrys BBZ Than CerealKiller Biscuits Saki00 AfroBear Riot s skate Trelanna Mungo Madrik OMordha BigJohn Phantom UltBeastmars NPC ToxiBear Isa* Udo Cantrip Bagan rare slayer Balth0r Ahlys Mango Sidriel_RG Taxman69 saint Xenos Nico eshar Ryoko NPC WildDragon Defiron Lala Abraxas kylereese OptOut SEBO BBZ Kanco MagicBear Noth Phantom TT Eclipse orphee CABBAR Mangled Cthulhu fred Mark Capt_Haddock Parigol Udo KD skate Trelanna s VvV Porigon30 Aber Sidriel_RG Bagan Biscuits rare Isa* AfroBear Hlamina Kolyana LeoBear dildicus Draco Bruno ucan_tekme Boss Saki00 slayer saint Xenos Taxman69 Than ganzuk Rider siebe Abraxas Nugls NPC Lala Riot ToxiBear Nico Toto Phantom MagicBear slayer Ginettus CABBAR Noth SEBO Kanco Capt_Haddock WildDragon eshar kylereese Balth0r Ddd Hipp Parigol OptOut Scottcmu Isa* rare s TT Custard Aber Erui Sidriel_RG Bagan Biscuits NPC Karol eri Mestev Trelanna saint Mackelor Udo Korlana qqq Warric* BigJohn Abraxas Ryoko Kanco Mark winson Saki00 fred AfroBear ToxiBear Xenos KD Capt_Haddock Boss Phantom rare s Lala MagicBear Parigol CABBAR Noth slayer Nichodemus Defiron Isa Sidriel_RG Kylereese NPC Bagan eshar TraT9 Korlana Trelanna TT

I do my best to hit them all. I issue a ticket for each one I hit. If I missed your Pit, I am very sorry, but I do think I'm getting everyone's